What’s Next?

by Ed Meyer

posted on May 11, 2023 in General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, WinningPonies.com | Comments Off on What’s Next?

Keeneland flew by like a warm spring day and the Kentucky Derby 149 is in the books. Now, we have two weeks until the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown takes the track, and the waiting can be the hardest part. So, what’s a horseplayer to do??

First, I played for two days at Keeneland and made a total of five place wagers. – I wasn’t trying to win the Irish Sweepstakes, but we still turned a $51.50 profit for playing five races to place. Not bad, for a couple of days enjoying the action in historic Lexington, Kentucky.

Now, after the incredible Derby weekend, there was a ton of great racing action we hope you watched, wagered, and won! – Winning Ponies had $10,744.77 of “Big-Un” winners on Derby Day alone. Not too shabby as they always bring their “A” game for the big days. Keep this in mind as we head to the 2nd jewel in the Triple Crown to build your bankroll in advance and turn it loose on the Preakness card.  Never too late to jump on board. For the year to date, they have $6,990,588 E-Z Win scores and we are only in the month of May!

Things to look for as we head to Maryland. – There will be new shooters stepping up fresh and ready as they may have ducked the Derby or lacked the points for the starting gate. Fresh legs always have to be given a close look and pay attention to workouts leading up to the big race.

Look for runners who made a close effort in the Derby. – I’m hoping Two Phil’s has a shot at coming back after pressing a blistering pace where we thought it would be an average-paced race. He was in a perfect spot and made a tight rail move and opened up turning for home. As trainers for decades have been saying; “the stretch run at CD sometimes feels like it is an uphill battle.” – He ran a huge race with a tremendous ride. The fractions set up closers and he still hung on for a game second-place finish. – They shouldn’t run as fast in the Preakness, and if they decide to set blistering fractions “Phil” will just lay back a bit farther. I sure hope he makes the gate for the middle jewel.

Look closely to heavily bet horses that turned in a lackluster race. Facing a field of 18 can be a tough journey and I’ll be glad to toss out a poor effort for one race. Maybe a nice solid work and good press team reports will have you looking at the runner with fresh eyes. Don’t dismiss. You may get a better price this time around.

Now, if you haven’t downloaded your Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms you may be leaving money on the table. Derby Day yielded $10,744.77 in payoffs for their selections. Not bad if I say so myself, and I would get in on the action by downloading your E-Z Win Forms now and build a nice bankroll for the Preakness card.

I liked the great week of action and I’m back in the game. I’m pretty excited about the 2nd jewel, and just like you, I’ll be looking to make some bankroll moves to get everything rolling. – We’ll be talking about horses to watch, notes for the upcoming races, and hot horses who need a good play. Until then, best of luck from Winning Ponies!