It’s All About the Journey….

by Ed Meyer

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Many moons ago I was a kid in the parking lot at River Downs. A nice summer job with friends I still have today. Hard to believe it’s been that long ago. But on a hot summer day, my thoughts drift back to sweating in the sun with kids who were just starting life.

All of the fellas were good folk. Pitching quarters and talking about horses we liked in the double. – It was at this time I met a small red-haired young man. He was quiet and mainly listened more than talk. He would chime in from time to time mainly reading the Daily Racing Form passing time sitting in a mail jeep we used to peruse the lots. A ballplayer who had graduated that year working a summer job attending college. Not a bad job for a young man from Cincinnati. His dad used to sell tickets in the clubhouse when he retired from teaching and coaching. Good place for fellas who enjoyed the races and talking sports. This is when I met Mick and Hep Cronin.

As I watched with sports fans from around the globe watching UCLA play a white-knuckle-down-to-wire game. – I kept thinking about that young man who would quietly read the DRF keeping to himself.- Over the summer we got to know each other and our conversations got better over time. I finally had him chattering with me about everything. No better way to stay cool in the heat.

As college and working became the majority of our time. You tend to lose touch with people you met long ago. – One of the first places I heard Mick traveled was a local high school breaking down films and cutting his teeth to be a coach. As time flew past he was a college coach in the blink of an eye. The rest is in the sports pages.

Mick was destined to be in the game. As a young man, he carried himself with an older man’s confident swagger. Not cocky, just sure of himself and the path he chose. – Hep was a well-respected coach from the Cincinnati area. He has stories upon stories of the incredible young men he brought along. Like Mick, a man of few words who did his talking where it counted.

As time expired I watched an old friend thank his players and how they believed in him as their coach. – Most of all he thanked his father. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. Love you, Dad.” – In all the years I knew these fellas this may have been the only time he didn’t refer to him as Hep.

As UCLA stamped their ticket to the Final Four; I will be watching with sports fans from around the nation. – From those far away days of talking horse in the sun at River Downs to watching him take his team to the Final Four. I’m still a fan. I was long ago as he embarked on his life’s journey, and will be when they tip-off this weekend.


3 Rules to Handicapping the Road to the Derby

by Ed Meyer

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As we swing into the next bend of the Triple Crown journey, start your real handicapping now. The real running has begun and the time to get serious is upon. – Here are three handicapping tools to make your work more productive.


1. As much as we’ve studied, there is still more to do. – About this time every year we start seeing new runners beginning to peak, and top runners we’ve been following have a hitch in their plans. But, not to fear. – This can all be eliminated with some extra reading. If the marquee prep races are on a Saturday, check back on Sunday or Monday for a solid weekend recap. Stories that cover the races, winner’s plans, and behind-the-scenes excuses for a poor effort. You can’t do enough reading this time of year.


2. Trip handicapping by watching replays and taking notes has been a secret of every professional handicapper. Look at the race with open eyes, and don’t try to make an excuse for a runner you may have had a bet on. – Be honest and open-minded. Pay attention to the fractions, track bias, breaking from the gate, or getting trapped at points in the race. – Once you have a few horses to follow, keep your eyes open for fresh works, new equipment changes, or if the barn has opted for a higher percentage riders. These are the fine-tuning efforts to get their runners performing at top speed.


3. As the weeks draw closer, begin a sheet of contenders, and runners who you feel are heading the wrong way. Also, keep track of defectors from the Triple Crown trail so you won’t be wasting time waiting for a horse who will need additional time. – This homework will pay off greatly down the road as final prep races are taking place now as connections are looking to stamp their dance card for the first Saturday in May.


Being on the Winning Ponies site is your one-stop-shop for all of your racing needs. – We offer up the most comprehensive data in examining each race and how it will take shape. There are easy-to-use color-coded tier levels that can be used from new players to the most seasoned handicappers with the E-Z Win Forms. – There is the Winning Ponies Internet Show with John Engelhardt each and every Thursday talking horses and chatting with the best racing minds breaking down the road to the Derby. If you miss the show, you can catch it on the podcast to get caught up on everything racing. – We offer up blogs, stories, and free selections to build your bankroll as the real racing is ready to begin! – Stay right where you are and think of Winning as your one-stop-place for everything racing. – Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies. 


Top 10 Best Natural Supplements For Weight Losslatest Diet Pills12 Popular Weight Loss Pills And Supplements Reviewed

by Horstradamus

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Top 10 Best Natural Supplements For Weight Losslatest Diet Pills12 Popular Weight Loss Pills And Supplements Reviewed

Then the gods and the people reached an agreement in an instant what is victoza made of, The three of us, surround and kill the Emperor The dragon and the phoenix surround and kill the Ming Underworld emperor, you take people intersperse in the past and prevent the emperor s physical body from joining together At this moment, several powerful men reached an agreement in an instant Must take the initiative to prevent him from being united On weekdays, the Human Sovereign would not take the initiative to take the initiative, but today, when they learned that the Human Race was really destroyed, then this battle was unavoidable With a loud shout, the next moment, on the mainland, a strong man quickly rushed out At this moment, Ten Thousand Clan also knows that they cannot avoid the war, so they will preemptively At the same time, the emperor s side can t hide it Behind the Changhe, a huge mountain suddenly appeared, the mountain began to crack, and a golden light shot at the Changhe In that huge mountain, a strong man in a golden robe suddenly appeared. New weight loss drug 2019 Once this physical body came out, the long river stayed However, there are many wounds on this physical body, which still cannot be healed for countless years.
How can it be manipulated The knife is there depression medicines that cause weight loss, and the knife is dead Jokes, who can control my knife If you really want to be able to control it, it doesn t matter if you have a knife or not, because such a strong person can definitely kill him He felt that the messenger had asked an idiot question. What is the best tea to drink for weight loss Su Yu knew it, knelt down, sighed, and touched the big knife Good knife, very good.I feel that this knife is much stronger than the one I have seen in the past Of course The sword owner slandered in his heart, my sword, but the one that accompanied me all the way to the 16th, could it not be strong A strength, this knife at least blessed by 30 Without this knife, it would have to slide a lot.The sword owner was thinking, suddenly his heart shook, and he was a little angry Messenger, don t rush He wanted to say, don t use a knife repairer s weapon rashly.This is a rule.Don t understand the rules This messenger is too young As a result, he didn t finish his words, his face changed drastically, and the sword suddenly got a little out of control And at this moment, Su Yu s laughter sounded in his ears Without the knife, my strength has declined a lot, thank you, there are such silly people, I have played with your knife, you are still pretending Thirteen The sword owner s face changed wildly, with a violent roar, the sword surged into the sky However, his long sword was out of control, and he was too close to Su Yu.
Nonsense natural water pills, a little thing. Weight loss help from doctor Let the sun and the moon eternity.We only need to know about this.Do we have to report to you We are not your subordinates The complexion of the Skymaster condensed, and he quickly said The matter of the ten thousand races gathering the ten thousand races mountain, put it on the agenda immediately The three demon gods, the Tao Tianzhen, and the Ming Tianzun block the periphery of the Chaos Mountain.Several of us moved the ten thousand races here to move.Over, a few of us, plus 10 quasi kings, clean up the dangerous places in the upper realm one by one Six thousand years ago, I proposed to clean up those dangerous places, but everyone didn t agree with it.People have a chance to take advantage of them, and they are too late.It s been a long time since they were able to wipe out, and now so many powerful people have died, I think you should be sober At that time, I felt that the human race was not threatening, and the biggest danger was each other.Haven t you threatened yet At this time, San Yue was in a hurry, and the sound transmission Su Yu What should I do now Move the human mountain here, the three heavenly veterans will block the Chaos Mountain, and the others will start sweeping away from the land of Daoyuan That That s a big trouble.
I will alarm Emperor Wu later. Safe diet pills for teens If the Eastern Heavenly King and the others are seriously injured forskolin information, kill them.If they are not injured then give up I turn back to myself.Come again, Tianmie, you don t have to come with me again When Tianmie heard this, he suddenly sneered Who do you look down on Are you worried that we are dying here Su Yu said with a smile on his face I am worried about Hongmeng.The adults can t suppress so many ancient cities.You are really dead here.Other guards are in trouble I haven t arranged someone to take over your guard duties.After that, Su Yu raised his hand Okay, it s so decided My idea is very good, but I didn t expect that the eighth floor door would close by itself People are not as good as the sky The portal actually disappeared last time, Su Yu didn t care, didn t see it, this time I knew that Tongtianhou could close the portal by himself.I can only say that luck is very ethereal, and I haven t always been on my side And at this moment, the entrance of the seventh floor, a breath fluctuated Su Yu took a deep breath and shouted Taishan Little bug At this moment, there was no violent anger as imagined.In the ear, the voice of Emperor Wu came You use it again and again.
It s a bit miserable herbs for losing weight fast, it s almost that the human environment will be completely breached soon Bo sympathy is good too If it really doesn t work, take the little white dog, the book spirit, and the tea tree to go out, it should be comparable to the three eternal, right That s not bad too The little white dog listened very seriously. Is herbal tea good for weight loss After listening for a while, he said Yeah, it s so miserable Do you even have to beat the human race The two races were very behaving in the past, and the little master killed a lot of them and brought them back.I vomited after eating Eatingvomited up The corners of Su Yu s mouth twitched.How many times did the Time Master kill Su Yu thought that the time master was eating and vomiting.The next moment, the little white dog said again I don t want to eat dragon and phoenix anymore.I have vomited many times.If you eat more, you can grow up and give her a ride.In fact, I can grow bigger.She has to grow up naturally You vomit when you are co authoring Not a time division Su Yu can imagine that the time master killed a lot of dragons and phoenixes and brought them back to the little white dog to eat.The little white dog didn t like to eat.If he ate too much, he vomited.
It is considered a new life in death With a ray of life Seniors can do more research on this. Hydroxycut for men The Necromancer nodded thoughtfully.Indeed trans4orm results, there is indeed a territory filled with life in the realm of the undead today, and this may also be a new birth in death.Su Yu did not delay, and soon walked out of the hall.Outside the hall, Liu Hong was still being beaten.Seeing Su Yu coming out, he said in agony Your Majesty, help Su Yu glanced at him, observed it, and laughed What life can I save Very good This is to give you the power of life and death, feel good Come on, the physical body is a bit weak, the shit luck is good, the work is not much, the advantage is not less.I don t want to take it Liu Hong wanted to cry without tears, very painful However, Su Yu ignored him.Old and death seemed to want to regard Liu Hong as a dividing line between life and death in his world.If it goes well, Liu Hong will gain a lot.As for pain, how normal is it As for the loss of face by being hangedwhat is it He Liu Hong is no one else.He wants face Su Yu walked a few steps, and saw Liu Hong still looking at him, and said with anger Okay, I will save you, follow me, and go to the Ten Thousand Realms Liu Hong was a little bit silly I offended the Lord of the Necropolis.

Free Selections – Turfway Park – 2/24/2021

by Ed Meyer

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Mother Nature has mellowed out and live racing returns to Florence, Kentucky. – The nation was in her crushing grip and many tracks have canceled over the past few weeks, but the sun shines through and there are only 26 days until spring. – With this in mind, there are some quality races this week and they will be running Wednesday – Saturday with a first post of 6:15 pm.


Turfway Park


Race #2 – #9 – Big Sport = Been off for two months and this is his 2nd off the claim where they win 67%. – Training has been shut down at TP due to weather and this runner has been working at Hawthorne.


Race #4 – #12 – Hank the Tank = 2nd start for the year and missed as a beaten favorite last out. 2/2 ITM at TP and has top-jock Corrales in the irons.


Race #5 – #8 – Win d’ Oro = Ships in from FG and makes a 3rd off the layoff move, and they go dirt to all weather winning at a 27%. Add in the bullet work and I’m looking.


Race #6 – #7 – Las Ramblas = 3rd off the layoff and taking a drop down the class ladder. – Trainer Kim Hammond wins 39% dropping in class two levels.


Race #7 – #8 – Starightouttapopcorn = 3rd off the shelf and Contreras wins 25% on all weather. She is 7 for 8 ITM over the course.


Race #8 – #9 – Conoloway = 2nd off the layoff and dropping in class as a beaten favorite last out. Trainer Mike Maker wins 23% dropping down two class levels.


Use these as an appetizer for your handicapping and be sure to download the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms. – Easy to use for the first time user and the longtime player. The E-Z Win Forms break down the races to give you a complete picture of how the race will take shape. – Best of luck today!

Free Selections – Monday 2/22/21

by Ed Meyer

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Monday is a great day to start thinking about the weekend. You know, when the big races run and marquee events fill the card. No better time to start building that bankroll than right now. So, what are ya’ waiting for? It’s almost post time.


Delta Downs


Race#2#1 / #1A Reach the Circle and Madelyn’s Wild Max = They easily could run 1-2 and open at 7-5. This isn’t the best morning line profit but could be a free spot in multi-race wagers.

Race#3 – #3 – Dewey’s Little Joe = 3rd off the layoff, and facing state-bred’s. The trainer has had 4 starts in 14 days with 3 wins.

Race #4 – #5 – Frosted Prayer = 2nd start of the year for Steve Asmussen and shipping in from OP where the barn scores 20% in new surroundings.

Race#7 – #9 Social Misfit = comes in fresh off the claim and the barn scores 28% with new faces. Facing LA-breds may be the answer for this runner.




Race#1 – #3 – Grey Giant = ships in from Laurel and has been beaten chalk the past two races. He drops down in class for Jamie Ness and gets 2nd time Lasix.

Race#4 – #8 – Fine One Won = Exits a solid win and is fresh off the claim for Michael Pino. The barn wins 18% on this move and they score 28% for repeat claiming winners.

Race#11 – #4 – US Constitution = This son of Constitution makes his 2nd start of 2021 and Ness and Silvera team up to win 20%. – The drop in class should seal the deal.

Old Tricks / Old Dog

by Ed Meyer

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Who says we can’t learn something new? The usual theory is we have to embrace new ways of thinking. – But, what about the old school ways we were taught coming up? – Here is a couple of old school handicapping tips we use to know but may have forgotten along the way.

This past winter I have been watching every race at Turfway Park. – A brand new surface, quality runners, solid connections, and a tough rider colony. – So, what ‘old tricks’ have caught my eye?


  1. – I’ve been going back after each race and looking at the program to see if there was something handicappers could have missed. – There were a couple of nuggets we may have overlooked. – Look for horses cutting back in distance with a drop in class. This holds true for two-turn races. Pair these two old-school ways of thinking and you may see a few winners that escaped your grasp. Give extra points to a trainer going to a high percentage rider.

2. – Sprinters going the distance for the first time. – Even if the runner has been traveling 6f and now faces           a mile. – Once they take the lead they’ll relax. Going the added distance has not been a problem except for               the horses who turn blistering fractions. – Keep this in your arsenal when glancing over the race.

3. – Going back to the regular rider. – Many times we’ll see runners who have a new rider and the new pilot             may not be as familiar with the runner. – I’ve been seeing a trainer have his regular rider in past starts only to           lose him/her with a new person in the saddle. There may have been scheduling conflicts to ride another horse           in that race; maybe the rider was injured or was out of town. All good reasons, but when you see the barn               bring back the rider, pay close attention. Nothing like having your regular boot in the irons.


For the year, I have taken notice of just a few ‘old school’ rules we tend to forget. Just use them as a kind reminder and I think you’ll see some change. – There is so much information and we try to keep up with all changes. This can be a tall task, but going back to a few tried and true rules may make your day a winner! – Give Turfway Park a try this week, and see if any of these rules can be found. – Check back for Wednesday’s card for some free selections.


Free Selections / Turfway Park / Weds 3/17/2021

by Ed Meyer

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Florence, Kentucky is going to have some rain late on Wednesday and thunderstorms on Thursday. – But, the good thing about running on the synthetic it’s always FAAAAAAST! – Best of luck!


Race #1 – #4- One Lucky Girl = Tim Hamm trainee who is dropping down two class levels where he wins 25%. Ships in from Tampa Bay and owns solid work to prepare. The class drop and turn back are good signs for the opener.

Race #2 – #3 – Master of War = 2nd time off the layoff dropping down two class levels. Switches to high % Chris Landeros winning 24% at the meet. 

Race #3 – #5 – Barton Hall = Retains Julie Burke and drops back a class level. – In this company, she came rolling late in the lane.

Race#5 – #8 – Extreme = 1st timer for Thom Drury who wins 23% with Mdn Sp Wt runners. His dam Extent has 6 starters and 6 winners to her credit. Malcolm Franklin and Drury win 31% as a team. (8-1) on the M/L may be a gift.

Race #6 – #1 – Nineeleventurbo = Play of the night – Beaten chalk last three efforts for Mike Maker who usually scores at a 22% clip on this angle. Sharp work and switches from Bejarano to Gerardo Corrales winning 26%.

Race #7 – #5 – First Deputy = 2nd start of 2021 and this New York-bred is in the hands of Jack Sisterson who wins 80% going to first time claiming.

Be sure and download your complete E-Z Win Forms for the definitive approach on how the race will take shape. Easy to use, and very effective in finding runners who will rise to the top. – Best of luck from Winning Ponies!



The Long Strange Trip to the Middle

by Ed Meyer

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Once upon a time, the big three games of chance were baseball, boxing, and horse racing. If you wanted to get a bet on you had to go to the track, Las Vegas, or have the number of a local bookie. – It may sound simple, but times were good and the action was constant.

Sports betting erupted and rolled like a downbound train. Betting was only getting bigger. Pari-mutuel wagers allowed the house to take a cut and keep the action funded. Betting with “your man” got your action down without having to leave the house. It seemed like betting was getting easier and the action was non-stop.

Enter the casinos. – If you wanted to play the one-arm bandits you had to travel to Vegas or Atlantic City. As the years rolled by, interest in the “big three” began to wane. – Racing was sold a bill of goods where casino companies could save racing. Sound too good to be true? It is…

Casinos would come in and buy up your old track and sell the plan of making a glitzy destination where the faded old track once stood. – The racing game became complacent and instead of investing back in the sport when the handle was good for decades, they just let them fall into disrepair while raking in the handle. – Casinos had an ace up their sleeve. They did buy up the tracks and plan to do little if anything to keep racing alive and flourishing. Funny thing, it was that old track with a gaming license that brought them there in the first place.

Gamblers thought they would have a rejuvenated racing product to play and could even venture over to the casino side to play some games. – From what I’ve seen. The racebooks are nothing more than a small room with a teller and a couple of self-bet machines. Three TVs showing various signals, and that is your state-of-the-art betting palace. – The rest was large areas of varied slot machines guised under many names. – Betting on the horses wasn’t as lucrative as watching grandpa drop his monthly check into the machines. Glitzy, fast, and mindless with a higher profit margin than racing.

We had come all this way thinking we were finishing the journey only to find out we were lingering in the middle. – Racing is being slowly and quietly pushed out, and it won’t be long until it’s gone. – I attended the grand opening of a new casino. It had all of the glamor advertised on the billboard and a new generation of guests had arrived. They enjoyed the rapid-fire action and didn’t know if they won until the wheels stopped spinning. – A marketing specialist came up to me and pushed the loyalty card and all of the wonderful rewards they had been trained to offer. It was after a few minutes of casual conversation that the truth came out of the mouth of the marketing guru. “We’ll get those horses out of here soon and we’ll start major expansion.” – Little did they know I worked in racing and cringed at the words being given to me on the down-low. – That is the plan, and if you doubt one word just take a look at the racing landscape.

For the folks that support the demise of racing, just wait until the same folks make their way into your favorite sports. Football is too brutal, baseball is dangerous, and basketball is tough on the athletes. Trust me, it’s coming, and the only televised sport will be kickball in a plastic bubble. Maybe. – Thoroughbred racing has been taking place since the 1700s and with all sports, there can be measures instituted to make the game safer for the horses, riders, and a host of others who are behind the scenes. Instead of ridding the gambling landscape of beauty and pageantry. What can we do to make it better, safer, and more interesting for new players? – Those are the questions that need to be addressed.

Just wait until your favorite team has a player who twists his ankle. They’ll start finding ways to sanitize the game until it’s all but gone. You have a voice, and it is your discretionary dollars that will fund the venture. Even if you’re not a fan, be aware there will be a new victim after demolishing another track, decoupling dog racing until it disappears, and expanding the machines until they are at every 7-11 on your drive home.

In the meantime, I’ll just sit here in the middle and wait for the next track to fall by the wayside. It has been happening for quite some time and it’s only the beginning.



Just Call Me by My Name

by Ed Meyer

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I’m not fond of being called a guest or a patron.- The first is when you invite me to your home for a wine dinner and great conversation.  The second is someone who sends checks to the Arts and supports your local symphony. Both good, but not for me. I’m a gambler, and I wear the moniker with pride.

Have you noticed the names have changed over the years? They have been sanitized for your protection. – We no longer use terms like making a bet, hammering a horse, or going for broke. We use terms like; playing, gaming, and entertainment. – Not for me.

I like being called a gambler, handicapper, or player. – I enjoy the process of breaking down a race and making a bet. I’m not looking to be on the cover of the casino digest wearing a tie and jacket holding a glass of Merlot. – I’m the guy in the back of the racebook close to the betting windows surrounded by a heap of handicapping material. That’s a gambler. No hi-fives over a $4.20 win on the penny slots. – If you hear me stand and raise my voice cheering you can bet I’m closing out a sweet pick-four.

Give me a smoke-filled racebook where gamblers are plotting their next bet or examining the big game. – There is something about being in the ‘pit’ with bettors like yourself. –  Matching wits and coming up with the answer with hard work, study, and luck. No pulling a handle or rapid-fire button pushing to watch reels spin making you dizzy not knowing if you’ve won until you hear the fake sound of coins hitting the tray.

Yeah, you can call me many things, but being a gambler is one of the sweetest sounds to this bettor’s ears. I’m there to win money and make my bankroll swell. Watching the horses or the big game is pure enjoyment especially after you hit the big score. Next time you pass the racebook on your way to play the “Big Buffalo” game. Stop in and give it a try. Bet you’ll love it.

Ranking The Best Weight Loss Pills Of 2021Best Working Diet Pillsare Diet Pills The Silver Bullet For Obesity?

by Horstradamus

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Ranking The Best Weight Loss Pills Of 2021Best Working Diet Pillsare Diet Pills The Silver Bullet For Obesity?

What people explode is Ye Batian s divine writing fat loss nutrition, which is not true My grandson, I didn t explode the gods King Da Qin comforted himself for a while, it was okay, his grandson was not so wasteful, at least better than Dao Wang s grandson, he killed Sunyue Qizhong bullshit, it was Minghe who killed him At least my grandson didn t kill his teacher Human race no peace This sentence sounded in my heart. Best over the counter diet pills that work If you don t kill Su Yu, all races will not be at ease.Where did that kid go now Chapter 395 The change of the ancient city is over please subscribe to the monthly pass The ancient city is turbulent, and the sun and the moon fall.At the borders of all major war zones, large armies are gathered to prevent the sudden outbreak of a war of ten thousand realms.And the central theater, where the monster race is located, is not so tense because of the natural defensive front of the Star Sea, and the monster race has not been able to unify, the border is the most unorganized.The battlefield of the heavens, a place where the sky is round.The Quartet is occupied by the four major races of gods, immortals, humans, and demons.In the central area, because of the vast sea of stars, other races are troublesome to survive.
Then naturally you will be good looking thermo burn on shark tank, what anxious Liu Hong was unable to complain, and said helplessly Unfortunately, Su Yu is still too weak, otherwise, defeating Zheng Yunhui, it means that he is now confident of entering the top 100 list, creating some pressure on those guys, and it is better to kill those few. Live lean formula 1 The guys in the top 100 list, you will be valued again How fast Bai Feng said weakly He has made rapid progress He is far worse than Zheng Yunhui, so give him a little more time.He is also growing very fast, Liu Hong, I am not in a hurry, what are you in a hurry.Liu Hong scolded, can I not be in a hurry I finally got some benefits from the above, and now it s gone again, and it s back to the way it was before.Can I not be in a hurry Since the news that the teacher s deadline was coming out, his treatment has been worse than every day.The teacher closed the deadlock and couldn t come out.Now his faction doesn t have much right to speak.Good things are offered to other people first, such as Hu Wensheng, this trash, and then he will be considered Liu Hong.Otherwise, where would Hu Wensheng s qualifications ride on his head Bai Feng, you don t take it seriously anymore Forget it, just as you are, you are one line, you deserve to die of the inheritance, just your careless attitude, he, I m not an outsider to care about The fire is big Bai Feng is also very depressed.
For the remaining five people phentermine 15 mg capsule reviews, Zhu Tiandao and Qin Hao each blocked one person, General Manager Hu and General Zhao joined forces to resist one person. How long for contrave to work The five small world guards of the Xia family and the two Quasi Invincible fight each other, and they were suppressed everywhere.In the void, the remaining three quasi invincibles, you look at me, I look at you, are a little surprised and shocked.This was just the beginning, and one was killed They also did not sense the return of Niu Baidao, which had a great relationship with Hu Xiansheng s portal, and it was transmitted instantly.In the distance, Zhu Tiandao laughed and said Xia Xiaoer, the first quasi invincible person killed in Daming Mansion, we killed it Xia Houye just wanted to answer a few words with a loud noise Below, a dark guard commanded, was instantly blown up A demon god with seven layers of sun and moon, coldly looking at the four directions, this is not the first.At this moment, Xia Yunqi Hong Tan and the others are also fighting in blood, shaking in the void.Chen Yong has already advanced to the sun and the moon at this moment, and he has quickly shot out from the city, and he has no time to stabilize his realm As soon as Niu Baidao showed off, he was beaten by the three Quasi Invincibles and he vomited blood continuously, and he no longer had the bones of the fairy wind.
I am I don t really believe that he can perform this kind of perfect exerciseOf course best fat burner 2014, there are exceptions to everything. Best thing to take for weight loss What I care more about is his talent, even if he may have inherited it, you can take a look He shook his fan , Said with emotion It has been more than 4 months since enrollment, from Kaiyuan to now, 320 Kaiyuan Apertures Terrible On average, close to 3 Kaiyuan Apertures a day.Besides, you have to practice willpower.Look, willpower is not weaker than Tengkong., Seven or eight second order divine textsThis guy, in the search realm, that is unique These things, inheritance is not enough, they also need talent.Su Yu had the chance and talent, but lacked a bit of luck, in the Great Xia Mansion, he was very suppressed.Fifty years ago, the five generations were still there, and now they are probably the leaders of the young generation of Daxia Mansion, and even the young generation of the Human Environment Civilization Master.Zhu Tiandao disagreed and said It s just the fortunate generation, who have gained some inheritance, just like that, there may not be some geniuses in our Daming Mansion, the world likes to exaggerate He was talking, a middle aged gentleman.The sound transmission note lit up, the middle aged frowned slightly, and quickly picked it up and looked at it for a while.
The biggest casualties were not the frontal battlefield wellbutrin and weightloss, but were caused by the enemy s pursuit and killing when they collapsed. Over the counter colon cleanse at walmart So, when the human soldiers enter the battlefield of the heavens, the first lesson is not to collapse Those who charge on the front line are definitely veterans.The veterans over ten years, the most elite group, will not collapse even if they are killed or injured more than half of them If the recruits rush to the front line, once the casualties are severe, the entire legion will be destroyed.They were dragged down, and it was not one or two who were blown up by the army by their own people Su Yu nodded, and Liu Pingshan relieved him of his doubts.He had been thinking before, whether the Ten Thousand Clan Religious side was panicking, whether the Ten Thousand Stone was a bit stupid, why he wanted to hide, and simply kill him.Maybe he really hoped to run, and even turned defeat into victory.Now I understand, the key is fear of death.No one is not afraid of death, are they not afraid of Liu Pingshan Also afraid The main thing lies in the idea, persistence, belief, and dare to fight Uncle Liu, that human legion is the strongest in the battlefields of the heavens Ahem Liu Pingshan was a little embarrassed.