What’s Your Magic Weapon?

by Ed Meyer

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What we have influence over and what we do not is an important skill. – Focus on what we can control and what we cannot. – Keep your eyes and ears open to learn from everything.

We need to look for places to constantly improve. – Someone once asked me; “How will you know when you know everything about handicapping and are ready to do battle.” – “Never, if you do not find something new each and every time, go ahead and take up golf. There’s never a day I don’t learn something new.”

Instead of suffering through learning, embrace it as a test to build your abilities. – “Fire is the test of gold, so adversity is the test of strong men.” – It’s adversity that builds us into being stronger, better, and prepared.

This is my daily preparation. I’m sure it sounds serious, but it can be used in many facets of daily life. I try to learn as much as I can daily, and use it with the years of past work. – In the end, hopefully, it will challenge me to be a better handicapper. – Pulling the handle of a slot machine is easy and mindless. Lose a bunch or win a fortune with one pull. – Handicapping has been part of art and science over the years. I’ve had many great teachers and they come in many forms. The student just has to ready to put in the time.

I’m sorry to say you can toss out your rabbit’s foot, four-leaf clover, or lucky coin. – If you put the time into being a better handicapper the world is your oyster. “Fortune is fickle and take it while you can.”

For a gauge of how you’re doing. Take a look at the five people around you who you’re handicapping with. – If you don’t see growth and improvement, take a hold of your goals and change your crew while gambling. Cut out the distractions, bullshit talk, and you’ll see better results. – It’s a daily attempt, and many times I’m in charge of seeing where I can change. Do the work and good things will appear. – Preparation is hard, but the reward is very well worth it.


Best of luck today, and every day.

A Good Day at the Races

by Ed Meyer

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I was in for a doctor’s visit a week ago. – I hate going there and would rather cut the grass with a pair of scissors. But, this visit was different. One where I sat back and got to know my doctor much better. Yeah, this one was time well spent.

We started the visit as we usually do, and then a right-hand curve hit me. – ” Hey, I heard you at the track last month. You’re pretty good. A smooth voice and very accurate.” – Thanks, Doc. Greatly appreciated. I was going to tell him the corny one-liner about the check being in the mail when he told me much more about his special day.

We were there for my Dad. He had late-stage pancreatic cancer and he wanted to go to the races. – Many of his friends from work had made the trek from his many years as an insurance adjuster. It was a day to remember seeing his smile from ear to ear.” – Dad has always visited the local tracks on days off and enjoyed the camaraderie with work associates and friends over a long life sharing the day.

Hey dad, hear the announcer? He’s a patient of mine.” – His father smiled like a proud dad, just knowing his son had made many friends along the way of life just he did. – A day in the sun filled with memories and friends. Just the way a lifelong racing fan would have wanted it to be. He loved the ponies, dollar beer, and hot dog nights. He canvased the world solving problems for people that needed insurance to pick up where life them off. His son followed in his footsteps taking care of others in a different field. But both had the caring touch. – His father passed away a short time after his day at the races.

As much as I bitch about going to the Doctor, this was the best visit in a long time. He has held my hand during tough times and enthralled me with the story of his own journey. I left feeling lighter in spirit. The inner-horseplayer in me has another person to think about as I begin my day calling races and sharing the love of racing. – Thank you, Doc. I wish you the best moving forward, and I hope all of your photos are winners.


Belterra Park – Free Selections – Tuesday

by Ed Meyer

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Tuesday looks like one of the only days of the week where the gloomy skies will be filled with bright sunshine in the Cincinnati area. But, that’s ok. We’ll make hay while the sun shines and pick a few winners for tomorrow.


Belterra Park


Race#1 – #2 – Company’s Coming = Trainer Larry Smith named one of his horses after my race call when a closer is starting to bear down on the leaders! – Beaten favorite last time out and reunites with Perry Ouzts today. The barn wins 25% with beaten chalk turning the tables next out and Ouzts gets his picture taken at a 24% clip with Larry Smith. Look for a blast of speed and leading wire-to-wire.

Race#2 – #3 – Fangirl = She’s been off for 55 days and takes a big drop in class today. Trainer Eric Reed has a speedy gal who goes right to the front and does not look back with new rider Sonny Leon in the irons.

Race#3 – Counting Coup = Fast closing gelding for Lilia Gonzalez who has a 28% win rate for claiming races. – Look for an improvement of that last effort and a score in the 3rd.

Race#4 – #2 – Shippingport = 2nd off the layoff effort for Denis Roberson and he wins 33% on this move. – Goes from turf to dirt and just missed at this level last out. The early speed in here may set him up nicely.

Race#5 – #7 – Crockett’s Bluff = Fresh off the claim for Jamie Grubbs who is winning at a 48% clip. – Going from turf to dirt Grubbs is 25% a winner and John McKee staying aboard is a plus.

Race #6 – #1 – Ride on Comanche = Dropping down in class and going from a route to a sprint with Santiago Gonzalez in the saddle. 3/4 ITM at BtP.

Race#7 – #6 – Aunt Bee = She is 2/2 and ships back from Cleveland. – Ouzts in the saddle and he’ll have her forwardly placed. Larry Smith wins 24% off the last race win and she’ll show them they’re not in Mayberry anymore.

Race#8 – #6 – In Speight of Sara = She ships back from Ellis Park for Aaron West and the barn wins 28% with claimers and sprinters. – She has Perry Ouzts in the irons and look for a gate to wire ride from the 6th all-time leading rider.

Even if the weatherman is wrong which they have a bad percentage going in, there may be sun all week long! – No matter, we’ll start your week off right with some free selections to get your bankroll moving. – Best of luck from Winning Ponies!


Ode to the Gambler

by Ed Meyer

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Just like fishermen; you can always bet that gamblers will have a say. It’s not about the one you caught, but the one that got away.” – Ed Meyer


Why can’t we recall the day we caught the big score, but can describe in precise detail how we got beat for the big one? – In my humble opinion and roads most traveled. Gamblers are ultra-competitive. If you survey 100 players in the grandstands, most were competitive ball players, professionals in their chosen field, or a puncher who always gets off the canvas. – Being a gambler is a noble pursuit and a great way to remain active. Father Time has not won many rounds against gamblers. No matter what their age, they always are ready to climb back in the ring.

I have had a few good scores in my days as a punter. – My best was a huge place ticket at Saratoga that to this day my Dad says; “I ruined gambling for him forever.” It was a pretty big wager that won. 18 years later I can recall the day, but couldn’t tell you how much it paid.

But, on the flip side, I can recall my worst day in gambling history. – It was at Arlington Park for the Million card. Incredible racing, and on my favorite surface the greensward. – I got there the night before and played the 2nd half of the card in the Chicago sunshine. I won about $300. – Afterward, it was off to the OTB across the track backside for a wonderful meal and $500 more from the Mountaineer card. I don’t even bet the mountain. But, in the words of Let It Ride;” I’m having a really good day.” 

My day continued after a night of devouring the racing form. – I was ready to do battle with the best turf races of the year. It was Arlington Million Day.- I began slow and the winners mounted. As the day progressed I was all-in on a runner in the big race with stacks of multi-race wagers and a huge win and place bet. He was (9-2).

As they turned for home in the 2003 Arlington Million my favorite rider Gary Stevens fanned out and drove for the wire like the champions of the past. – His powerful effort gave me chills that still run up my arm. That was until two feet from the wire. – He was spooked by something in the infield and a 20-minute inquiry blinked on the infield board. – I was pretty sure he crossed, but with each slow motion shot on the big board I started wondering. Stevens was still on the turf and the spill about killed him. – My favorite rider I was hoping would get up as the EMTs scooped him up to the hospital quickly. – After forever waiting for the decision, his number came down and my life-changing score was gone. This was the toughest beat of my life and I can recall the weather, watching the replay 100 times and hoping for the best. But, sometimes stories have a bitter ending.

It was a bad day, and one I’ll never forget. – Funny how we can recall with precise detail the bad beats. That one will always be my story tattooed on my wallet.

But, since then I have won major handicapping tournaments, finished in the money multiple times in the Horseplayer World Series, and had an incredible ride as a career in racing. – Overall, at the end of the day this gambler has had an incredible journey. I would call that winning run I’ll remember forever.



Stephen Foster Day – Free Selections – 6/26/21

by Ed Meyer

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The end of the Churchill meet ushers in the end of spring racing and the time of year when the dog days of summer take the game to Ellis Park in Henderson, Ky. – Below are ticket selections for the pick-five and pick-four at Churchill. – The season’s change and the horses move on. It’s time to step up to the windows and make some money! – Best of luck!


Use the selections as an idea of what looks good and why, and let it stimulate you into making a good wager taking a shot at the big payday!


Churchill Downs

Race#8 – **** Start of the Pick-Five ****

#6 – Ontheonesandtwos = Solid stalker who won at first asking. High percentage rider in the saddle.

#6 – Molly Kate = Speedy filly for the John Ennis barn. – She worked red-hot bullets after this race. – Looks good on the step-up.

#1 – Wicked Halo = Lone Star shipper who was impressive at first asking in Texas. – Draws the rail and can be dangerous for Jose Ortiz.


Race#9 – **** Start of the Pick-Four****

#4 – Glacial = Son of Frosted and is 1/1 at CD – He was off slow and turned on the gas down the lane.

#9 – Double Thunder =Son of Super Saver who won at Monmouth. He has the look of a mid-flight stalker.

#2 – Lansdowne = Speedy son of Super Saver broke his maiden at CD.



#1 – Set Piece = Solid closer from the Brad Cox barn and has three wins from 4 starts at CD.

#3 – Somelikeithotbrown = 3rd off the layoff for Mike Maker and has good early speed. Jose Ortiz is a big plus going to post.



#8 – Maxfield = Has a perfect 3/3 record at CD and is hitting on all cylinders. Jose Ortiz has the call and should give them all they want turning for home.



#1 – Invincible Gal = Late runner from the Graham Motion barn and goes from a sprint to a route.

#4 – Town Avenger = Closer coming off a late-running maiden win at CD.

#7 – Adventuring = She’s a stalker and goes from dirt to turf where the barn wins 24%.


Ticket cost

50-cent Pick-Five = 3x3x2x1x3 = $27

50-cent Pick-Four = 3x2x1x3 = $9

You can use these and add runners, or wager a dollar base ticket versus 50-cents. – Either way, it is good food for thought and you don’t want to miss out on a great way to end the meet.





Free Selections – Saturday, 6/26/2021

by Ed Meyer

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Who said there is no such thing as a free lunch? – Here are some selections from around the country, and I’m using them as my “Power Plays” for the weekend. – Best of luck and enjoy this great day of racing!




Race#1 = #6 = Ghostmon = Been knocking at the door at this level and was a beaten chalk last out. Irad Ortiz picks up the mount.

Race#8 – #3 – Clairiere = Been off for 57 days and exits the Kentucky Oaks – She will come running late under the red-hot talented Irad Ortiz.


Churchill Downs


Race#4 – #6 -Trade Secret = Speedy daughter of Goldenscents and was a beaten favorite last out – She gets added distance and her speed should carry better making her 2nd career start.



Gulfstream Park


Race#8 – #3 – Kartano = Drops down in class and comes off a 49 day layoff. – Late runner in the hands of Edgard Zayas and his mount is 4/4 ITM at GP.

Race#9 – #9 – Calabash = Late runner who fits the conditions and too was fresh off the claim. – Beaten chalk last out and is worth the playback today.

Race#12 – #6 – Kick in the Gas = Drops down in class and trainer Joseph Saffie wins 29% dropping down two class levels. – Adds blinkers where they score at 24% on the equipment change.




Race#1 – #2 – The Falcon = 3rd off the layoff and is 3/4 ITM at the track. – They score 23% 3rd off and win 20% as a team.

Race#4 – #1 – Esplanade = Speedy filly who is a perfect 2/2 in Cleveland. – Catch her if you can with new rider Luis Saez.



Whatcha’ Reading Today?

by Ed Meyer

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Wipe off your spectacles. Really take time to examine what you’re looking at. Not just a cursory glance, but a deep breath of what you’re reading. – I found a little gem while tossing out a plethora of old books and articles. The things that keep clutter your life and make your workspace difficult to see over. That was until I looked a little closer.

Many moons ago, I had a gent who worked for me. A retired longtime truck driver who traveled the country from coast to coast. His wife had passed away, and the peace he found behind the wheel allowed him to meet many wonderful people. In addition to new friends, he visited race tracks from fair circuits to the marquee ovals. “The hardest part of going to the races was finding a place to park a semi.”

It was his 30-years on the road that led him to start a memoir book. Not about shifting gears, or his favorite truck stops to eat, but a reflection on his favorite tracks and his methods of handicapping.

The wagering plans would be considered simple by today’s standards, but the talk about his love for the races was pure gold. – He started visiting tracks when most offered a single daily double, and maybe an exacta or quinella on the card. He loved the fair circuits of California and the beauty of the Bluegrass state of Kentucky. Both were special, and each had a place in his heart. Joe loved to talk about betting, and his $5 wagers were a well-thought-out plan.

His notes included stories of big wins and not having enough gas money to get to the next stop. But, somehow he made it. – “I learned to keep copious notes which helped me see how I was doing to make plans. With time and the open road I learned discipline.” 

I read about him using the daily double as a springboard for the day, and how important it was to start off strong. – How a place and show parlay would carry him to the next track on his list hours away. – I guess it wouldn’t be found on the best sellers list, but this rugged hard-bound book where he kept notes and betting strategies was timeless.

Here are a few notes that stayed with me to this day:

Keeneland is the most beautiful place on the planet. – You have to go at least twice a year. Once in the spring, and the other in the fall. 

Betting the double is important. There is only one on the card (at the time) and you had to start off strong to have a shot at the big day.

Great Barrington Fair was a trip back in time. I stumbled across it after being lost for over an hour. – I stayed for two days. 

Using the place parlay can protect your bankroll, and give you one heckuva’ shot at piling on the cash for the day. 

Only bet to show if the price is 15-1 or better. I have found out I’ve never got the best price chasing a 5-1 shot hoping for more.

Joe retired and became a security guard. We worked together and he was a wealth of info and entertainment. – He took the gig to help out his adult daughter who was recently divorced with a child. – He talked about his granddaughter as much as the race card the next day. – Where we worked was right next to River Downs outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. I used to catch a ride on his golf cart over to the clubhouse where we could catch the late double. – He still kept to his task of using the wager and had more stories than winners.

After looking at this old faded book of memories and stories, I decided to keep it. – Back it went on the shelf, and there it will stay. – Makes me feel good just knowing it’s there. On a Sunday morning, I found a memory that made me take a trip back in time. I think I’ll keep the book looking for the perfect person to pass it on with the stories that brought it to me. – Thanks, Joe…


Three Things to Break a Slump

by Ed Meyer

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No need for a four-leaf clover or looking for a pretty stone. You don’t have to turn three times and hop on one leg. – We sometimes think it needs a magic trick. You know; When you couldn’t cash a place ticket in a match race? Those days. But not to worry, help is here!

When you find yourself in a downward spiral; just stop. Yes, stop. I know it sounds easy, and it is. Just take a break for a few minutes, and allow yourself to watch what’s around you. You’ll start immediately slowing down just by taking these needed few moments to collect your thoughts. – As in life, if we just take a short break we can reboot ourselves into a better frame of mind.  Sometimes these few moments allow us to back off for a bit and examine how we’re betting. I’ve used this a million times. Sometimes I came back stronger, and other times just took a needed break.

Cut out the distractions. No more talking on the phone with work while trying to make wagers. – Don’t get caught up in someone’s drama of losing while you try to push forward. This is a sure-fire way to lose your bankroll quick. Keep your mind on the task and stick to your knitting. It’s the little things like fiddling with your phone checking Facebook that have you thinking about everything but the task at hand. Eliminate the distractions for a shot at a good day.

Start small. If you usually bet $10 bucks, make it a $5 wager. – 8 out of 10 times you’ll win betting smaller. Don’t think of it as not winning as much, but rather keeping in the game for the next wager. – The only time I kick it up a notch is when I’m winning and using house money. Many times I had good money tied up in bets, but when I made a smaller ticket I did pretty well. We tend to put unneeded pressure on ourselves and by dropping back a bit we can get a clearer view.


I know everyone has an answer or a remedy. – I’ve been playing horses for over 30-years, and these are some of the ideas from my playbook. Most are just common sense, and if you take an introspective moment you’ll find yourself making better decisions on your way to a winning afternoon. – Best of luck, and leave the rabbit’s foot at home…




Free Selections – Memorial Day – 5/31/2021

by Ed Meyer

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No photo description available.














As we gather and give thanks for the sacrifices of so many that we may enjoy our freedom; reflect on those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. This is a day to gather and celebrate together. So, let’s kick off the day with some free selections on the races where many will gather and enjoy the day.


Churchill Downs


Race#5 – #6- Jazzy Lady = 3rd off the layoff for Greg Foley and Tyler Gaffalione. She takes a huge plunge in class and cuts back in distance. Tyler G wins 20% with late-running grass horses and teams up well with Greg Foley.

Race#6 – #6 – In Sky We Trust = This son of Sky Kingdom drops down in class and rider Gabe Saez has been hot going 4/8 ITM the past week. The drop-in class looks good for trainer Michelle Lovell.

Race#7 – #3 – First Premio = is 3/6 ITM at CD and goes to post for Mark Casse and B.J. Hernandez. – He exits off a strong win and owns a solid late kick turning for home.

Race#9 – #7- Bakwana = A strong late runner for Darrin Miller and Tyler Gaffalione. – His dam Occuluna has 5 starters, 4 winners, and 2 turf winners. Look for a late effort picking up the pieces turning for home.


Gulfstream Park


Race #7  #8- Light Fury = is a speedster who was a beaten favorite last out.- The barn comes back to win next out at a 42% win clip getting payback. Edwin Gonzalez aboard and he wins 32% with speedy runners.

Race#9 – #2 – Renaissance Frolic = A speedy son of Paynter who comes off a 2 month layoff – He drops down in class and rider Edgard Zayas wins 30% for trainer Saffie Joseph.




How You Been Doing?

by Ed Meyer

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Everyone loves a winner. Sometimes we have days that you can do nothing wrong, and others you couldn’t hit the side of a barn with a cow. – I know, we’ve all been there both ways. I’ve been using Winning Ponies since 2008, and overall my game has stepped up big time. How you been doing?

This past week I had a small bankroll and needed to build for Belmont day. – There’s never a time too late to get on board and let the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms do the hard work of getting your bankroll in top shape. Here are a few spot plays I used from this past week.

As I said, I was coming in short-stacked and found myself having more seconds than ever; until I downloaded the E-Z Win Forms and made a couple of plays. I wrote down all of my bets to keep track of how I was doing and working at the track gave me good access to the betting window. – My buddy loves to play the races and when I told him about the E-Z Win Forms, and he wanted to see how they do and followed my bets. We were just looking to make a few bucks and hopefully carry it over to next weekend. Here’s a glimpse of our wagers:


Belterra Park



Race#5 – The top selection was #3 Omi Ten. She was (5-2) on the morning line and was dropping in class shipping in from Indiana Grand. I liked the way she looked and made my first wager of $20 to win on the top selection. She drew off and paid $3.80 to win. When it comes to winners take whatever you can get.= $38.00 bankroll.

Race #6 – The top pick caught my eye on the track and was making her 2nd start of 2021. – She was dropping in class and 1/1 at Belterra. It was time to make my plunge as time was short and I had to make the best of my plays. – $38.00 to win and she returned $7.20!- I was off to the races with the day, as my buddy and I have a bankroll of $136.80. 



I was pretty busy working this day and had time for one play. – When you find yourself too busy to do the work, why rush and start guessing? It was time to take my initial $20 wager back out and take a shot. Why not? I have nothing to lose.

Race#4 – I liked an Oaklawn shipper dropping class and coming off a 47-day layoff according to the E-Z Win Forms. – We decided to make a solid bet but empty the wallet. Well, about two minutes later I wish I would have gone all-in. My $50 win bet scored as she paid $4.80. – My bankroll for the day was $120, and for the two days, it was $236.80 after taking out my initial investment. – Not too shabby, and my buddy was loving it. I think he’ll be a new user of the E-Z Win Forms.


It was The Best of Ohio series and had five Ohio-bred races worth $500,000. – We were really busy, and this rainy day did not dampen the spirits of the packed house crowd who showed up. – I knew one bet was for sure as we both loved an Ohio-bred we had cashed many tickets on over the years. – $100 to win on Altissimo coming off a 5-month layoff. This gelding has been the sprint champ in Ohio, and always looks great on the track. When he went head-to-head and got up nearing the wire. The week was going to be a great start heading into next week for the Belmont. – Being the top selection on the E-Z Win Forms sealed the deal and made the walk to the window very short.

$100 to win – He paid $12.80 winning a Best of Ohio race! – $640 bucks is my reward for following the advice of Winning Ponies, and we’re going to make some plays this Monday on Memorial Day. – The total score for the week was $876.80; we can’t wait for Monday. Great races and a day off sounds like a super way to spend some time with friends. It’s not too late to jump on board and get in the game. The holiday holds some great races and your shot to start your week for the Belmont. – What do you have to lose? “You can’t win it unless you get in it.”

Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day from Winning Ponies!