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Good, Bad, And Other Observations…

by Ed Meyer

posted on June 6, 2010 in General Discussion, Other Events | 4 Comments >>

Belmont 142 is in the books… I have a few observations, and overall my grade was a B . If you get that without a Triple Crown hopeful, that is good shooting…. First, why change the song? Sinatra would roll over in his grave… Jay-Z, who is a genius, has his song performed by Jasmine Villegas. […]

Final Thoughts [Free Selections]

by Ed Meyer

posted on June 3, 2010 in Free Picks and Tips, Other Events | 2 Comments >>

OK… The time has come, and I am not going to waver. Good or bad, you can come back and gander at this blog… Either way, it is not for lack of doing homework and being prepared. I watch New York daily, I read all about track changes and listen to what on-track handicappers have to […]

Monday To Remember [Free Selections]

by Ed Meyer

posted on May 31, 2010 in Free Picks and Tips | No Comments >>

Memorial Day has always been a big time for my family to go to the races. As a kid, we used to go the cemetery and clean up the graves of loved ones, and make it to the track for a great day of racing. I used to hate one part of the day, and […]