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Four Ways to Make More Money at the Races

If it sounds like a pitch from Better Call Saul, relax it’s not. – No fast gimmicks, magic mojo or secret handshake required. This is about you and what you’re doing when making a bet. Some feel they have it all together, and right about now you can stop reading. There’s no pitch, just a […]

Handicappers Tool Box

  If you’re doing a job around the house or looking on-line how to fix it yourself. You’re going to need the right tools. – Try tightening the faucet with your good looks. You need the right tools or ammo to hit the target. As we are days away from the 142nd running of the […]

Chasing The Dream

by Ed Meyer

posted on March 28, 2013 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Horse Racing, | No Comments >>

Thoroughbred racing can make the toughest race tracker tear at the eyes. The beauty and pageantry are only complemented by the incredible stories that bring the game to life. I have always believed it is the special players that keep us coming back: The ones who have fought the odds and overcome the hurdles of their path. […]

10,000 Reasons to go to the Breeders’ Cup

by Ed Meyer

posted on October 26, 2012 in Blogroll, Breeders Cup, General Discussion, Horse Racing, | No Comments >>

I once heard a great story about gambling. “Never gamble with someone who is not happy to see you win.” Not only can it make for a long day, but you can feel alone as you sit just a few feet from someone who is rooting against you. For me, this has never been the case. […]