DESTROYED Fort Erie: Four Triactors, Four Pick 3s and Win 4

by Horstradamus

posted on October 16, 2007 in Handicapping, News and Announcements | No Comments >>

We ROCKED Fort Erie again.  We started with an easy $785.90 Triactor in the 3rd race.  We also hit the $93.40 Triactor in the 4th race, all in the top tier.  We picked the Pick 3 from races 2-4, which paid a WHOPPING $766.90.  We also hit the next Pick 3 (races 3-5) which paid an impressive $537.40.  We hit the small $37.00 Triactor in the 6th race.  We then picked the Win 4 (races 4-7) which paid $204.40.  In the 8th race, our 2nd pick paid $36.90 to win which gave us a $200.00 Exactor and $809.30 Triactor.  We also had the $130.60 Pick 3 in races 6-8 and the $272.30 Pick 3 in races 7-9.