Handicapping the Election

by Ed Meyer

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I’ve been following the debates as much of the nation, and yesterday I was contacted by a friend. – She works in the industry but isn’t much of a handicapper. – That’s just fine, and I’m always glad to help. But her questions were a little different than I expected. – ” Ed, can you use your handicapping skills to help me find who I should be backing in the election ?” – I have to admit it was a new kinda’ question, but after giving it some thought I found out my handicapping process may be applied to other aspects of life.

For all that it’s worth, and for the many who are undecided. I came up with a handicapping idea or plan to help keep the process manageable. – Keep these in mind and see if they help in any way:

1. – You must go back and watch the replays = In racing this would be the past races, but for her inquiry it would have been the past debates and town hall meetings. – See where they started and how they are progressing or stagnating. Just like in racing, going back and having a refresher is a good thing. We may see things a little different after time.

2. – Who fits your needs = If it’s a 20-1 shot you need in a contest, or the leader who will embody what you hold important. – Go with what fits your needs.

3. – Watch with an unbiased eye = Just like when we watch racing, we need to keep an open mind about what we’re really seeing and not what we want to see. – This may be the hardest part of handicapping, but in the end may be the most important.

4.- You are all alone when betting at the windows or pushing the button in the booth = No matter how many people try and sway you this is your time. – You make the call. I like the 10-1 shot and you think the chalk looks like a lock. – Either way make your decision on what you feel is your best move. – There is only room for one person at a time at the betting windows, and only one in the voting booth at a time.


Checking in with the British Bookmakers, I used Ladbrokes and Betfair:

Clinton is 2/11, and Trump is 4-1 for Ladbrokes -

Clinton is 2/11 and Trump is 5-1 for Betfair – 


Now, as a betting man I can see the swing in Secretary Clinton’s favor. Across the board the odds all read about the same. – I must admit, the Brits are locked on like a dog with a steak bone. But the wagering numbers don’t lie. – People wager on what they see the outcome, and in every movie that has had a financial motive they claim that “following the money” is the way. – But this handicapper sees a bigger payday if a wager was to be made later. To make $2 on every $11 wagered makes her the odds-on choice, but getting 4 or 5-1 is a much sweeter deal.

In the end she asked who I liked. – I told her the golden rule of handicapping is that all punters worth their salt always keep their feelings to themselves.  – The odds are reflective of the early money and every handicapper looks for that late shift to grab up the best odds. That’s where  I would be standing, waiting for the best price and watching for odds-fluctuations. – In her best Sherlock Holmes moment she said; “You must favor Mr. Trump.” – ” If the odds hang in that direction, you can bet dollars to donuts the late money will be on the bigger price.” Or, that’s what the odds-makers are hoping. Even at paying $2 for every $11, they stand to lose if there is a big plunge. – But don’t feel sorry for the Bookies, they’ll just drop the payoff for Clinton and make the Trump wager more attractive. -She was taken quite a bit that I used horse racing handicapping methods to deduce my election prediction. – Not much of a trick as racing has taught me to seek the better price. In the long run, you’ll be better served taking the better odds. Even if the event takes place once every four years. – Keep your eye on the ball whether your at the track or watching from the sidelines. – I’ll sure be glad when the election has concluded. I can’t wait to collect my (5-1) and be thankful for the square price.


Breeders’ Cup – First Glimpse – Day #1

The Breeders’ Cup is to be held at Santa Anita November 4-5, 2016. – Friday will have four Breeders’ Cup races on tap and the fields should be chock-full of world-class contenders. Here is a first glimpse of some runners that are on my radar screen with 15 days until the big weekend. – Be sure to check back with Winning Ponies for the one-of-a-kind data that is sure to bring the racing action into full view. The E-Z Win Forms have made the handicapping process a lucrative weekend, and we’re looking forward to bigger and better payoffs this year. - Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies !


The Juvenile Turf – 1 mile on the turf – 2:25 pm PST


Big Score - Trained by Tim Yakteen and Flavien Pratt has been in the saddle as of late. 2/3 ITM all races on turf. Here is his latest race in the $100,000 Zuma Beach


Good Samaritan – Bill Mott trainee and Joel Rosario has been aboard both of his wins. – 2/2 wins on the turf. – Take a look at his impressive win at Woodbine in the (G-2) Summer Stakes


Ticonderoga – Chad Brown trainee with Javier Castellano aboard all three of his trips. This son of Tapit is 3/3 ITM all on the turf. Here is his last effort in the (G-2) Bourbon at Keeneland



The Las Vegas Dirt Mile – 1 mile (two turns) – 3:05 pm PST


Gun Runner – Steve Asmussen trainee and this son of Candy Ride has been looking for a little shorter race against some company more to his liking. He is 1/1 going 1 mile when he broke his maiden at CD. – Take a look at his latest in the (G-2) Pennsylvania Derby


Bradester - Eddie Kenneally trainee who exits the Lukas Classic at CD. This race looked like a perfect tune-up to the Dirt Mile.


Tom’s Ready - Dallas Stewart trainee by More Than Ready. Take a good look at his last effort in the (G-3) Tapit.







Problem Ponies – Horses to Watch – 10/18/16

by Ed Meyer

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I can feel the last of the summer breeze turning into the crispness of autumn. Keeneland is calling my name this week, and on Wednesday I’ll be making my first trek of the year. For most, this is not a big deal and the argument of being able to catch the races at any OTB, track, or ADW is just a click away. – There is something magical about walking in under the historic sycamore, the crowds dressed in the finery of the day to the casual fan in shorts and sunglasses. – I’ll most probably be in the latter crowd, but that’s what I love. Just being that fan where I started so long ago, and the excitement builds like a young kid at Christmas. – But I digress, and there is a little something more you’re going to want to keep your eyes peeled. Here are some runners that not only deserve a good hard look before heading to the windows, but a nice slice of your bankroll. They have an excuse and that translates to finding a bumper payday for you. - Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies !































Race #2 – #9 – Special Selection = He made a huge five-wide move at the top of the lane. Maybe a bump in distance from 6f on the turf may help the cause.

Race #3 – #5 – Star Empire = Wesley Ward sent out a colt who caught a bear in Theory but he’ll get better with every trip to the track. Very nice late kick down the lane showing good interest.

Race #4 – #11 – Argronomy = Steve Asmussen trainee who checked at the 1/4 pole going 7f on the turf. You can bet dollars to donuts he’ll be much better next time out for this barn.

Race #6 – #4 – Dowse’s Beach = Beaten favorite for the Clement barn and looked like a winner in hand only to be bested nearing the wire.





Race  #1 – #5 – Singleton = Jostled around at the start and Jose Ortiz had to swing five wide to get into full swing.

Race #2 – #2 – Prudence = Corey Lanerie split runners and finished with good late kick for the “Rusty” Arnold barn.

Race #3 – #5 – Serious Talk = Kentucky Downs shipped was heavily backed at the windows and Jose Ortiz never looked comfortable in the saddle. – Give this guy a pass on this race and he’ll pay dividends next out.

Race #4 – #2 – Lord Commander = Velasquez and Pletcher had a very game runner who ran a bang-up race setting the pace to get nailed on the wire. – Pletcher gets his runners to learn and rebound off efforts like this.

Race #5 – #10 Mighty Souper = Beaten favorite from the Mark Casse barn was four wide and out in a tight squeeze late in the lane.



Santa Anita


Race #1 – #5 – Evicted = Forced to steady into the first turn and was heavily backed at the windows. Tim Yakteen will have his runner ready to bring the heat next out.

Race #4 – #6 – Perfect Set = Hollendorfer trainee looked washy and excessively hot on the track prior to the race. This beaten favorite finished with very good interest down the lane.

Race #5 – #4 – Annie’s Candy = Beaten chalk who set the pace and got a little leg weary down the lane. Trainer Peter Miller will have all systems go next up.

Race #7 – #9 – Reflected Star  = Mike Smith got this guy running late in the race for James Cassidy and maybe the one mile turf distance may be examined for more ground, or maybe they were a victim of a red-hot pace making the long distanced closing effort tough.

Friends You Meet Along the Way -

by Ed Meyer

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Catching up with old friends can be enjoyable, informative, and sometimes down right sad. – I bet you never heard that one before, huh ? – In the course of one week I had a little taste of all three. – Being a member of the elite fraternity of horse players I have some of the most interesting acquaintances in the world. No, really I do. -I’m sure many would doubt the words above and dismiss this to old age, losing my mind, or just plain dumb. Maybe all three fit, but in seven days I’ve had the treat of having a little sample of all three and they all happened at my frat house; the race track. – As I’ve always said the track is the best melting pot of humanity. You’ll never see people gather around a slot machine, or just hang out at the lottery stand talking. – Being a member of this group of interesting folks has been a pleasure, and one that I hope to keep up for quite sometime.


Last Saturday, I was doing a short handicapping seminar.  – I was filling in for my good friend John Engelhardt as he was attending a family reunion of sorts at Keeneland on Fall Stars Saturday. John has taught me many things over the years, and next time you can bet I’ll be wanting to do the same with my family. I think he is definitely onto something, and come to think of it I’ll bet dollars to donuts I won’t be dreading spending time with Aunt Sadie or Uncle Bill if we’re at Keeneland on a Saturday. Plain and simple, John is a genius. – But I digress. As I was finishing up, I started up the stairs back to my booth. It was at this time I had the most enjoyable conversation I’ve had all year.

His name is Elmo, and he’s read some of my stories over the years. – A friendly gent with a kind face who asked if I would like to sample some of his homemade hot sauces ? – Well, the answer was yes; as Elmo ventured out to his car to bring me back two bottles of his home-made goodness. One was sweet with my kind of flavor, and the other set my hair on fire. Both very good, but I guess getting older has it’s pitfalls. – Elmo said he has followed some of my writing on Winning Ponies and wanted to say hello as I had mentioned I call the races at Belterra Park. – His kind face and sweet demeanor is the exact recipe I have been talking about for years. Five minutes earlier we didn’t know one another, and now I have two bottles of home-made sauce from a new friend. – We passed the time with a friendly banter as he introduced me to a sweet young lady sitting next to him. They looked like they might have made this trek a few times in their travels, and once again a new friendship was born. – I’ll bet you a Diet Coke you’ve never had this kind of encounter at the casino. -For me this is the best part. Good people in a place we both enjoy. – I shook Elmo’s hand as I ventured up and thanked him once again. – The hot sauce was incredible my friend, and we shared it in the crow’s nest on chips, cheese coneys, and everything in between. My chance meeting with one of the good guys was enjoyable, and as I made my walk to my car and drove home. I smiled that one-of-a-kind smile that only comes when your heart is full of happiness. I met a new friend, and started thinking about the next time I run into Elmo. – Best of luck my friend, and your home-made gift was surely appreciated. I’ll borrow a line from my mother; “the best gifts in the world are the ones people make with their own hands of love.” – I think she hit that one right on the head, and meeting Elmo made my day.


I was telling a story about a friend who did me a dirty deed at the track years ago. Well, maybe not a dirty deed, but one that got my goat back in the day. – Funny how time eases something that made you mad; to something you laugh about now. – But as the story unfurled, the gal who works in the placing judges booth next to me said “Hey, Ed. I know that guy, He’s a jockey’s agent.” – From that moment I knew it would be a matter of time until Maquitta brought up Jeff to the booth. – It happened to be yesterday as I was preparing for my day.

Long ago, I was running the parking lot at Turfway. I was a much younger man then, and that meant a 12-13 hour day driving around, getting people to work in many areas, and collecting heaps of money to be taken to the counting room. – Lunch was a dream, and taking a break meant you better hurry up and go now ! – I had an all-access pass on a lanyard. I gave it to my good pal with whom I owned a cheap claimer. He was at my wedding, and we met in college. He was one-of-a-kind and a guy I had more fun with than the law allows. But, I digress. – He enjoyed the all-access pass and ventured into the VIP Tent and watched the horses saddle up. – He was a bit of a loner and that was just fine in his world. – As he was leaving he ran into his good pal from high school. The kind of guy who never met a party he didn’t like and usually had a cocktail or three before hitting the races. Rough and tumble back in the day, and where he’d end up was anyone’s guess. – This day had him in the winner’s circle for a $500,000 race drunk as Cooter Brown. He was giving the big thumbs up as they took the picture that would stand the test of time. – Unknown to me, I didn’t see the winner’s circle picture until our meeting the following week. – I have to say I was a little hot under the collar as he was smiling the biggest grin 90 proof with D. Wayne Lukas. When security hauled him in he said he found the pass in the parking lot on the way in. – That little part saved my skin as that’s where I was all day. – As “Q” brought him into the booth we laughed and hugged immediately. We talked about everything under the sun and how he had embarked on a new position working as a jockey’s agent. He told me of his longtime sobriety and how he didn’t even smoke anymore. – The guy I knew from days gone by had changed in a big way and we laughed for quite a spell. – That was the most informative moment of the week and it was good to see Jeff. – Before he left, I asked him about my old horse owning pal, and did he know how he was doing ?


Ed, I would love to tell you he is doing fine, but Tim passed away about 6 years ago. – He was going through some bad times and we all kinda’ lost touch.” – It didn’t really sink in until he left. – We met in college, and he was a bit older coming back to school. – He was injured in a work related accident and ended up back in college. – We met by chance at the gym, and used to meet for lunch, or just hang out. When I would walk back to my car after my 11:00 am class, there would be a Daily Racing Form on my dash board and a note that said “let’s skip the noon class and head to Keeneland.” – Our friendship was forged, and we made that trek more than the law allows over the years. The same note and a new DRF on my dashboard. – I guess there’s a bonus to not having working door locks. – I introduced him to his wife, and they lived in a nice home with a large pool. I must have swam in that pool a hundred times. – Over the years we drifted as we all do. But the memories of my old pal were always with me. – I’m sitting under a winner’s circle picture at Hoosier Park when they still ran Thoroughbreds, and what a night that was for sure. There we are captured in time smiling the big grin and pockets full of winning tickets. We got so drunk on the ride home, and the three hour drive took much less time when you spend it with a friend. - Time and tide wait for no man. – Geoffrey Chaucer.  – Tim was not doing well health wise and he battled as far as he could go. I guess we lose hope sometimes, and in our wake we leave friends who will always wonder why ? – State Budget was our runner, and the many times we went to the track will be cherished for my life. – I’ll never be able to repay my old friend, and I’ll just be grateful for the many times we enjoyed together. Thanks for passing my way, Tim….

The track is a melting pot. You’ll never see it come around again, as we allow time to move us whirling in many directions all at once. – In a matter of days I met a new friend, re-connected with an old one, and started missing one whose been gone for quite sometime. – The same place I took most of my first dates, the place I always went with my dad, and the sport that has kept me employed over the years. The track has been a big part of my life. I guess it’s fair to say as long as they run, racing will be in my blood.

Problem Ponies – Horses to Watch – 10/10/16

With only 25 days until Breeders’ Cup, race fans from around the world had all eyes on Super Saturday. – This is the time when I find myself hunkered over every article about how runners are doing and what their next plan will be. I know I’m not alone and in this handicapper’s opinion you can’t do enough homework. – There are replays to watch, articles to read, and workouts to note. These next weeks are going to the best of the year, and in the meantime here are some runners you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled as they may offer up some value next up. - Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies !





Race #2 – #3 – Sugarsugarsugar

Broke slow leaving the gate and it doesn’t take much to have a two-year-old toss in the towel early.

Race #3 – #5 – Whateverybodywants

Katie Clawson in the irons as the beaten favorite and was bumped soundly. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a rider change next out.

Race #4 – #4 – Foul Play

First timer for the Rusty Arnold barn. She made up a heap of ground going 5 wide to finish a game 5th. Arnold loves to run his horses back at the meet and has scored with a good clip on this angle.

Race #5 – #9 Undrafted

The Woodford Stakes was deep in talent and this guy was caught wide wheeling 8 wide finishing up with good interest.

Race #8 – #3 Singing Bullet

Steadied into the first turn and was forced to shift wide getting leg weary down the lane.


Belmont Park


Race #2 – #1 – American Defense

In tight and clipped heels almost going down. – He just never recovered and was backed at the windows by the public. This is always a good play back as the old saying goes; “follow the money.”

Race #7 – #10 – Green Mask

Stumbled badly and finished up with good interest.

Race #9 – #9 Strike Midnight

Tracked in a very good spot but was cut off for clear sailing. He lacked room and finished up 5th this day. – I think we’ll see some improvement next time to the races.







Watching TV

by Ed Meyer

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My son and I settled in after a long Sunday. We kicked back and watched the HBO series Westworld. As we watched with quiet eyes glued to the screen, I was taken back to the 1973 movie with Yul Brynner. – The flick is still good if you can get past the old techno-effects. But this version is slick and cool. The characters and towns are speck on, and even the horses looked perfection. – Oh, the horses. That’s where I started wondering off a bit when I saw them take off in a blistering pace aboard a big stud who looked like a million bucks.

The flesh looked perfect and they painstakingly used computer animation to show the glimmering flesh running like the wind. – That’s where I started wondering. – How far are we away from watching jockeys compete on computerized versions of the best runners in history ? –  I know it’s not coming to a track near you soon, but could it be in the days to come ? – The days where PETA and other agencies finally have their way to save the noble horse. No more PED’s, the only breakdowns would be mechanized, and the riders would have a safer trip aboard replicas of some of the best runners throughout time. – Before you turn the channel, give it a good think.

As I watched with amazement, I know the future of racing is uncertain. – For every thousand safe horses who compete, it is the unlucky breakdown that gets front page views. But that is the nature of the sport. Once It was just part of the game, but now it is under scrutiny for safety and transparency.  – Much of which I agree if there is to be a future for the sport. Could there be such a thing in the distance ? – Could we make the game safer and satisfy all of the naysayers in one swift blow ? – Maybe, but we’re not in Westworld.

The cost would be great and what would happen to the Thoroughbred breed ? – With the new mechanical Man o’ War runners, what would happen to a breed of animal that was bred and created for speed and stamina ? – Thoroughbreds are completely dependent on man to feed, water, and take care of them as a baby. Most wouldn’t even know to drink from a lake as they’ve drank their water from a bucket since they were weaned. – I guess that is one as a plus for the new mechanical breed. – There would be fewer breakdowns, no taking care of them 24/7, and they would be put in a holding area where maintenance and mechanics could take care of the new creations.

Would you have thought we’d be able to watch and wager on every race in the world 50 years ago ? – How about the decline of a sport that has lost it’s appeal to lightning quick slot machines. All you had to do was build it and fans would show by the ten thousands. – Baseball, boxing, and horse racing. The big three held all the interest of the sporting world and racing was special as it was the only one where you could make a legal wager. But time and tide waits for no man, and the gambling world has gone to the mechanized world of electronic games that move as quick as lightning. – People grew tired of waiting 20 minutes between posts, as they could bet their house payment in the video slots in the same time.

Back to the mechanized world of racing. – I think it could be a reality sooner rather than later. Oh, I may not get to see the best of the best do battle with flesh gleaming in the sunlight. But the sport of racing surely could. Maybe it could be bigger than ever as fans by the thousands watch Secretariat do battle with California Chrome every Saturday. Just think, no more intrusive agencies watching over the animals, and even the public may get behind the game again. Wouldn’t that be a neat idea ? – As I got back into my show and found myself riveted to the idea of the future. Maybe this could be the way of the future. Instead of buying million dollar babies through the ring, you’ll be ordering your own version of a 18-hand behemoth that had the speed of Housebuster and the closing kick of Silky Sullivan. All set to your specifications, and with every computer enhancement would come the big price tag making it the Sport of Kings once again.

Problem Ponies – Horses to Watch – 10/4/16




Keeneland is only days away and the foliage in my neck of the woods is beginning to show the slightest hint of color change. The humid air has been replaced by cool autumn breezes and the countdown to Breeders’ Cup is in full-stride. – Before you start digging out your hoodies and carving your jack-o-lanterns. Here are some horses that could bring out the best in your bankroll next time out. - Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies !




Churchill Downs


Race #1 – #2 – King Ptolemy

Beaten favorite on this day and was bumped around soundly down the backstretch. He still managed to finish a solid third.


Race #4 – #3 – Make Me

Gulfstream Park invader was forced to angle out sharply costing precious ground. After all the smoke cleared he managed a minor award for show.


Race #5 – #3 – Magnum Force

He was dead last and came rolling late in the race. In the final 1/8th he was bumped around and had to wait on a seam.


Race #8 – #5 – Bodes Well

First time starter who hopped at the start and finished up well to be 4th. – This should be an excellent teaching moment for next out.


Race #11 – #7 – Tiz a Course

Stumbled badly at the break and managed to get it all together to make a run for the 5th spot.




Santa Anita


Race #1 – #1 – Colonel Samsen

Veered out at the 1/8th pole and came flying late to be 4th.


Race #3 – #3 – Redeeming Quality

Steadied at the 3 furlong mark and weakened a bit down the lane. The public was behind the runner at the windows and deserves a good chance to redeem himself.


Race #4 – #5 – Black Tie n Tails

Bobbled and squeezed back at the start and finished with very good energy.


Race #5 – #1 – Cedar Rapids

Beaten chalk who was in tight at the top of the lane causing the runner to lose momentum.


Race #10 – #4 – Zapperkat

Bobbled at the start and finished up gamely.




Can You Remember the First Time ??

by Ed Meyer

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The best part was when they handed you the dirty dollar bills. If you were lucky, there were a few coins you’d grab up and shove into your pocket. – There was no sweeter feeling in the world. You were the big winner.  The gambling bug had bitten, and my love affair began.

I recall with vivid detail my first on many occasions. – My first win at the track was on a horse called One Lucky Devil. Marie Robertson rode this gal and it seemed every Saturday she would be entered. She would win or finish second. It was “The Devil” or Snappy Macree ridden by Marty Steigmeyer. – They made those cold afternoons  exciting by turning Latonia race course into the Kentucky Derby for this young man.

My first exotic was a daily double. – Carl Falconer a jockey / fireman / EMT rode both halves and it paid $12. – I know this for true fact as they cancelled the races. There was a small storm called the “Blizzard of 1978″ rolling into the area. – The track cancelled for weeks, and the money was burning a hole in my pocket. – This year I met Carl face-to-face. He stopped up to my announcer’s booth with trainer Eric Reed and I met the man who rode my first double. I told him the story and he chuckled and laughed about my first big win. Eric is a great guy, and Carl a class act. – It was a good day at the races that day.

Everyone has heard about betting with a bookie and we all get that mental picture of some big guy with a square jaw. – My first time betting with a “bookie” was with two old men my grandpa and my dad used to call. They took small bets on horses before the days of simulcasting was ever a thought. You would be cut on your odds if your horse paid XXX above a certain limit and no big time exotic bets. – My first winning wager was on Lt. Bert at Oaklawn Park. No program, Form, or anything. Just picking names from the paper with jockeys. – It paid a whopping $20 to win and I had $2 to win and place. My dad left the newspaper on the table for me to read when I was leaving for school.  – As I graduated up the ladder, I was put on a $20 week limit. My dad had arranged the deal and all I had to do was do good in school and not get in trouble. Pretty good deal for a kid who loved the horses. – I used to call and make a $2 win bet on the race on the radio from River Downs, Keeneland, Churchill, and Latonia. I can still recall all of the am radio stations to pick up the stretch call. These were the best of times and the beginning of a love affair that would last to this day.

Good days, bad days, and everything in between. – The races were always there for me, and never let me down. Kinda’ like that first love you’ll always remember no matter how it ended. The races put me through college, and gave me one of my first jobs in the parking lot. When I couldn’t find a job teaching school, the track allowed me to move up the ladder and do what my heart loved. The races were my first love, and to this day they still hold my heart. They employ me, excite, and never grow old. – When I pull in the parking lot I am excited for the day and when I pull out to go home I think about the next time I’ll be there. – It’s fair to say I’ll always remember my first.




Problem Ponies – Horses to Watch – 9/26/16



The weather should start acting more like fall and it can’t come soon enough. – The heat was welcome at the beginning of the summer but I’m ready for the cool crispness of the autumn racing season. – It won’t be long until we’ll start the Breeders’ Cup talk, and there is no better time of year to be a horse player. – At the time of this entry there are 39 days and three hours, But who’s counting ?? – Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies !





Arlington Park

Race #5 – #4 – Amanda the Actress – 1 1/16 on the turf

Five wide at the top of the lane and made a solid late run in average fractions.


Churchill Downs

Race #3 – #8 – Bud Fox – 1 mile on the dirt

Led all the way and won easily by 4 1/2. This is a definite playback for race fans.

Race #5 – #1 – Motown Man – 6f on the main

Calvin Borel split runners twice and made a game effort for 2nd on his first start. – He’ll only improve from here.

Race #7 – #6 – Learning Curve – 1 mile on the dirt

Loomed boldly and bumped around a bit down the lane. He got it together and finished a game third.





Belmont Park

Race #2 – #1 – Know Your Customer – 1 1/16 on the turf

Steadied and forced to check off heels in the final furlong.

Race #4 – #8 – Three Perfections – 1 mile on the turf

The colt settled and made a solid bid to grab the lead to weaken in the final strides.

Race #6 – #10 – Bellavis – 6f on the turf

Five wide at the top of the lane and came rolling to finish a strong second as the beaten chalk.

Race #7 – #9 – Slim Shadey – 1 1/16 on the turf

Bobbled and took up at the start. Three wide on the turn and eventually forced to be 5 wide in the final furlong to finish a strong second.



Be sure to check the above runners against the E-Z Win Forms to see where they stack up against the competition. – Nothing like a little glimpse into the weekend for runners who have an excuse and even better when they return to serve up some payback for their loyal backers at the windows. – Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies !




Three Ways to Tear Down Your Race Track

by Ed Meyer

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You got it, and let’s get rid of it. – Nothing like an old eyesore in the days of ADW madness and phone betting.  Let’s blow up the joint and build another shopping mall that will be empty in two years. Nothing like the smell of demolition in the morning.

But if you’d like to have your iconic oval around for the near future, here are a couple of things you’ll want to keep in mind when you venture out next time. – Trust me, the demo men are just a call away and we’ll have turn this place to mountain of rubble in no time flat.


#1 – How many times have you seen players sitting in the carrel seats at the track and they’ll pick up their phones or iPad to make an online wager? I’m guilty as sin on this little problem, and let me tell you what’s going on. – When you wager with an ADW the track does not get as much money. That percentage of money the track gets and what goes into purses shrinks. – This helps the horsemen run for better money; the racing office to write bigger purse races; and the bigger purses attract better horses and bigger fields. – Bet you didn’t think that little phone call could cause all this trouble, but it surely does. – If you bet from your computer four times a month, go out and support you local track with two of those four visits. They make money to keep the game alive, and the better product may allow growth and bigger field sizes. – The little convenient phone call costs the track money all the while your sitting in your free seats.  – Think about the next time you reach for your device to wager. Your cutting your track out of the profits. – Not a good idea….


#2 – Patrons sneak in coffee, lunch, and one gent used to bring in a large cooler with lunch, snacks and dinner. – Food options at most tracks have gotten better over the years. – No longer do you have to choose from an old hot dog spinning for hours or a hamburger that cost a second mortgage. –  Tracks have become savvy and present a whole new menu. Some have a light sports bar fare and others have an upgraded version of the tried and true. – Long story short – when you sneak in your goodies, you cost the track a great deal of money. Food and beverage accounts for many of the profits and sometimes can be the difference of keeping the doors open. – If you use the four visit formula, sneak in your coffee and donuts once, and the other three times purchase from the stands. – They make money and you don’t have to stash your donuts in your jacket pocket. – F&B has kept tracks alive in many districts and it is an important source of revenue.


#3 – Let’s meet at the track! – That was the mantra for years before ADW’s and off-track betting parlors. We need to replenish the track with fresh players, and why not ask the guys from the next cubicle to meet you this Friday night to have a couple beers, bet a few races, and catch the local popular band? – The track has plenty of folks looking for a cheap date night and the tracks have honed in on the idea quickly. Use the track as the meeting place and enjoy all it has to offer. By the time your done, it was time to go out and hit the town anyway. – Tracks have become entertainment destinations and it is our responsibility to take part. – What’s the rub? Your going out so why not meet at the place where many are starting their evenings. – Who knows, you may have a real good time and it will become part of your weekly plans to meet friends.


I won’t cry a river, but keeping money away from the tracks and not supporting your local oval is a sure-fire way to watch the place turn into a another Bed Bath and Beyond.  – Go on out and you may be surprised what you see. Nothing like the hubbub of humanity swirling around and your night is off to a great start. – Just like the signage that begs you to shop local. The same goes for the track. If you don’t come, they will sell it and tear it down. – Give it the old college try. I think you’ll fall in love all over again.