Chasing Yourself in Circles

by Ed Meyer

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It was a cold Sunday at Turfway Park and my buddy was hell-bent on taking down the final pick-four no matter what. – He had drawn up a ticket and made his wager. He was flipping between a bevy of gridiron glory and red-hot racing action. He quietly waited until the wager began and then focused on his big wager.

He bet a total of $150 and had a single in the third leg. – Gutsy move to say the least, and if he had a single there should have been no reason to go so deep in the water.

The first leg paid a solid $8.80 to win and looked like a good start. (3-1) is not a bad beginning, but, you’ll have to nail down a sweet double-digit price. – The 2nd leg, his two short prices ran 1-2 with the $2.90 – 1 shot winning to pay $7.80. Not bad if you had $10 to win on him, but for a P-4 it was not much. – Leg three was his single and he ran like a scalded dog paying $4.00 to win. He got the single, but there was no real price to offset the chalk. Even if he nailed the wager in the final leg he was looking at a small payoff. He loved the chalk but tossed in two prices as well. – The final leg crossed the wire with the favorite drawing clear to pay $3.40 to win.

Now, when we spoke on the phone he was dejected. He put up $150 to have a 50-cent return of $58.00 – We spoke for a while and he couldn’t figure where he went wrong. – Now, I’m not the Professor of Ponies but I’ll hang in there until he arrives for class.

“If you liked a single and he had to win for you to score. Why not just bet the entire amount to win on him? He paid even money and your $150 win bet would have yielded $300.” -You make a $150 profit and don’t worry about the other three legs. – He agreed.

In trying to win a wager he lost track of what really matters. – Turning a profit. – I think he had a few winners coming in and wanted to take down a wager where it normally pays pretty well. I can’t say it was the worst bet I’ve ever seen, but it was one where you win but you lose. Nothing like a $100 loss while having the winning ticket to re-adjust your sails. – He said he’ll start looking at the ticket to see if the payout is worth the wager, and I think he’ll move forward with the right plan.

He had his bet in his account and called me today. – “Anything running on MLK Day today? – Yes, there is a fun card at Santa Anita with five races on the turf from nine races.” – He’s ready to do battle with a fresh perspective. – Best of luck!


By the Numbers

by Ed Meyer

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Watching the college championship in my recliner. Had my faded Alabama t-shirt on, and all was well with the world at kickoff. – Now, even though football was holding my attention, I was stuck on horse racing. The game set my thinking in motion of how Bama beat Georgia and how tough it would be to beat a powerhouse twice in the same season. – About three hours later the truth was told, but my thoughts about racing were still going in circles.

Even though the favorite won the football game, how often do favorites win at the races? I’ve heard it a million times over the years, but have you? – Public betting favorites win approximately 33% of all races and finish second 53% of the time. Second choices win approximately 21% of all races and finish second 42% of the time. So the top two choices win 54% of the races and finish second 74% of the time. You might even want to consider the fact that third choices win approximately 14% of all races run over the course of a year.

Now, according to, these numbers would drive people to bet the favorite more than they would usually tell you. – I’m not saying I won’t bet the chalk, but looking at the numbers it is hard to toss them out. – I guess Georgia is looking better and better after the game is over.

Additional percentage facts to consider are that public favorites in 6-horse fields win approximately 40% of the time at an average win price of just over even money, while public favorites in 12-horse fields win approximately 27% of their races at an average win price of almost 2-1. Basically, public favorites in larger fields win a lower percentage of the time but pay better.

Ok, I’m starting to remember. But how much does a jockey play into your winning wagers? – Jockeys who win at a clip of less than 10% are poor investments. Those that win at a clip of 10-15% are a little better. Jockeys who win at a clip of 15-20% are worth a second look, but jockeys who win at a clip of 20% or better can be like money in the bank in the right situation. Jockeys who win a high percentage of the races they ride in not only have their choice of the best mounts, they also generally have skill sets that are much better than their fellow riders.

Ok, the clouds are parting and the sun is shining through. But, how do the riders do with particular trainers? – If you see a 24% jockey riding one of the top three choices for a 15% trainer the horse probably has a decent chance, but what you’re really looking for is one of these top jockeys on a horse trained by someone with a 20% clip or better. These trainers win at a 20% clip for numerous reasons; brains, talent, the ability to attract the best jockeys, medication, and numerous other factors; but they win consistently more races than their competition.

Long story short. The better overall percentage riders win and do well with trainers who have a higher win and ITM percentage. – If only I would have worn my Georgia t-shirt and rooted for the chalk it would have been a winning night. Oh well, there’s always next year…


Pigs Get Fatter and Hogs Get Slaughtered

by Ed Meyer

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Everyone has a list, and it grows by the day. For me, I try and remember what I’d like to get rid of to be a better gambler, but it would make more sense to write them down to keep close at hand.


Stop trying to win it all in one day. – I have been a hog at times and find myself going all-in when a medium-size wager would do just fine. As my Dad has said; “The pigs get fatter and the hogs get slaughtered.”- Now, I don’t know if Hallmark is going to make a card with these words, but they are as good as gold. Try and keep your head up especially when playing with house money. This is the time to ratchet up a bit and take a little bigger shot with the track’s money. Just don’t go all-in on an impulse play because you think you’re walking around lucky.

Quit listening to every single tout, talking head, or person in line. Stick to your knitting and play who you like. In the long run, it will be more profitable and you’ll thank yourself later. – I’ve been the victim of my own stupidity many times. The game is much more enjoyable to do your own homework and find your plays.

If you are in doubt and want to play another track you are not familiar with. – You are in the right place. Winning Ponies is proven over the years to be the handicapping tool to take your game to the next level. It does not tell you to only play the #1, but it reveals who fits into the race and why. – Most sheets just give you a few numbers and think the work is finished. Winning Ponies digs deep and shows you the E-Z Win Form facts that will allow you to eliminate runners that just don’t fit. If it sounds easy, well it is. The Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms can be used by a player who is trying their hand for the first time or the hardcore gambler making the big play.

It is color-coded to highlight important handicapping methods and will make you a better handicapper in a matter of minutes. The more you use the E-Z Win Forms you’ll be taking your game to the next level and beyond. – When you see free handicapping selections provided, be sure and download the economical handicapping information that is leading the pack. Think of the free selections as an appetizer, and the E-Z Win Forms as a fine buffet of winners.

Most data providers charge you the same price for one race or the entire card. Winning Ponies only charges for the races you will be using. Pretty good bonus if you are starting the day late or want to focus on the marquee races later in the card.

I’ve been writing and working with Winning Ponies since 2008. I haven’t seen anything that comes close to providing handicappers with solid data to take your game to the next level. – Why wait? You’re already here so you might as well jump on in. No better time than now for building your bankroll and making your day a winner. – Trust me, I’ve been playing for a long time and I’m very happy with the results.

Winning Ponies offers up free daily selections, blogs, stories, and the WP Internet Show bringing you the very best guests in Thoroughbred racing. You can catch it live at 8pm on Thursday evenings, or go back and listen at your leisure on the podcast. Then you can download your Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms to make your day more profitable. – What are you waiting for? It’s almost post-time! – Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies! – May your winners be many and your photos be few…

Wintertime Watching and Wagering

by Ed Meyer

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If you’re waiting to start changing your game. Don’t wait. Go ahead and jump in the pool, the water is fine…

Many are waiting for a particular oval to open or a meet to watch and wager. The time we’ve waited for the “Big Easy” and the long stretch at Fair Grounds, or the sunny days of winter racing at Gulfstream. Yeah, I’ve been waiting too. – For me, winter racing didn’t officially kick off until I watched the Holy Bull Stakes at GP. But, if you look closer there is plenty of incredible value to be had.

Tampa Bay offers turf, big fields, and solid payoffs. What more could a bettor ask for? – Fair Grounds has been ruled by the same four trainers and riders for the past few years. – Gulfstream will evolve into the wintertime king as the weeks progress. But don’t forget some races will be on the synthetic track located between the turf course and the main course. – California kicked off the day after Christmas and will be enjoyable for punters from all walks. – Talk about what to watch and wager?

This should be the time where you can focus on a few tracks and watch and wager with spot plays. – Now, our friends at Oaklawn would be mad as hell if I left them out, but I’ve never had any luck at the meet. Watch the stakes action on weekends and stay in touch with what will be happening down the road.

Ok, now you have your homework assignment. – Watch more races, but stick to your plan of making very few selected spot wagers. You’ll keep up on the circuits, and stick to your knitting by keeping a tight hold on your bankroll. – An old friend used to call these “scouting reports” as a longtime high school and college coach, and he would keep copious notes on horses to watch. They were horses to go to the windows on!

College football is winding down and the NFL is starting the long process of sorting out playoff teams. Right before you start changing the channel to keep up on hoops, be sure and watch the premier ovals for horses to bet back, and for runners to follow on the road to the Derby. – This is the prime time to make a cold wintery day a profitable experience if not today but the next time out. – Keep to your playing of just a few tracks, but watch the big boy tracks and you’ll be right in the mix when the roses come into bloom.

I’ve caught many horses over the years by keeping up to speed on the marquee races for the weekend. – You’ll spot some runners that will return or improve off their last race. – Make a list of races and times they run. Take a peek at maiden special races at big tracks with runners who were purchased for Fort Knox. Keep notes! – They will return and some will move forward. This is where you’ll find your best prices to come back to play.

So, shovel the walkway, and hit the store for bread and milk. Then, when the weekend arrives keep an open mind and create your own scouting report. – It will pay dividends, and you’ll thank yourself that first Saturday in May.

As you are reading this. You are in the right place. Free selections, blogs, stories, and the Winning Ponies Internet Show bring you the best in Thoroughbred action. – The Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms have been tried and true and stood the test of time. – If you want to play some races and want the most definitive tool in helping you sort out how the races will take shape. You are in the one-stop shop for all things racing. – So bundle up and enjoy the red hot action coming your way. – It is only 123 days until you’ll hear “My Old Kentucky Home” at historic Churchill Downs!

Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies!



Free Selections – Turfway Park – Friday, January 7th

by Ed Meyer

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The weather in the Florence, Kentucky area is going to drop significantly as the week progresses. – Now, with that in mind, you can expect to see the Tapeta track tighten up quite a bit and possibly change the usual style of running. I’m guessing that speed will play quite a bit better and there may be a few nice plays that will get your bankroll heading in the right direction.


Turfway Park – Friday – High of 21 degrees, lows near 14


Race #1 – #5 Icecap = Drops down in class levels and sports a very sharp work. After speaking with the trainer he likes the way he’s moving and the barn wins 29% dropping down two class levels. – Use with #7 Crankshaft who has tons of early speed and rider E.T Baird who wins 31% with early runners. Ships in from Hawthorne and the deep track keep them “legged up” and ready to fire at first asking.

Race #2 – #2 Wile E. Peyote = Blistering speed for Brian Cook and E.T. Baird shipping in from Chicago. Going from a sprint to a route has a 19% win clip. Catch him if you can at a square price. #1 Happy Camper = Drops in class and cuts back from 1 1/4 miles, and should get a good trip along the rail under top rider Gerardo Corrales in the irons.

Race #3 – #10 My Brother Cam = is a son of Malibu Moon for Michael Dickinson and Albin Jimenez. Ships in from AQU and gets Lasix and blinkers added. 1st time Lasix yields a 33% win clip for the barn. Will come out moving quick.

Race #4 – #5 Mayapretty = She is 3/5 ITM at TP and was beaten chalk last out. Trainer Steve Asmussen wins coming back looking for payback. Rider switch to Bejarano is a plus today.

Race #5 – #10 Gus Gus = 2nd off the layoff for Ian Wilkes and son-in-law Chris Landeros. Gets first-time Lasix and should improve moving forward. The rider has been 5 /12 ITM the past week and should come out quickly from the break. Use with #1 American Hero = 3rd-lifetime effort for this son of Constitution and gets the first Lasix for trainer Brad Cox and Joe Talamo. He should grab a good seat-saving ground and looks to be tough in this event.

Race #6 – #4 Maxi Boy = 3rd effort in the states for Kentucky Oaks winning trainer Paulo Lobo. He was just off the pace last time closing in and ran out of real estate. With all of the speed in here, he should be right in the firing line turning for home. Use #5 PirateRick = Tons of speed for Norm Cash and his go-to rider John McKee. They are winning 17% as a team and Cash is doing good things winning a red-hot 27%. Don’t toss out of your exotics.

Race #7 – #10 Legendary Lore = Bejarano and Bill Morey team up and they have been winning 67% this past 60 days. Ships in from CD and gets Lasix and blinkers. Drops down in class and should be dangerous. #8 Tawney Port = Looking for a perfect 2/2 at TP and adds Lasix today since he is three years old. Son of Pioneer of the Nile will come rolling late in the lane. #5 Eli = (50-1) and goes to post for William Pribble and Villasana. They have won 2 straight as a team and will come rolling at a blockbuster price to complete your exotics.

Race #8 – #9 Fabulous Philly = Ships in from Hawthrone and drops down in class for rider E.T. Baird who notched his 2,500 career win in December. Drops down in class for a rider who wins 28%  sprinting on speedy type runners. Joel Campbell conditions and the Chi-town crew looks ready to roll.



Three Ways to Make 2022 More Profitable

by Ed Meyer

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2021 is galloping to an end. – We can start our countdown of new resolutions soon enough. Do we keep the focus and drive, or just let it slip away like our new gym membership? – Anyone can knock it out of the park for a short time, but can you step up and do it every day? – It’s all up to you. If you want to take your gambling more seriously and turn a profit; You have started in the right place.


Stop over-betting when you are losing. – Simple. Just back off a bit. – We do our best work when we are up and playing with house money. Takes all the pressure off, and at the end of the day we have more “greens in our jeans.” Try this little tool to backup your wagers. Ladder wagers. – If you bet $2 to win, it will be $4 to place. – If the fields are larger and your odds are solid, go ahead and make the show wager plunge as well. For me, they have to be 12-1 or better before I even consider pulling the trigger. Ladder bets = $2 to win, $4 to place, etc…


“Stick to your knitting.” – A good friend told me this, and after years I have come not only to understand; I try and employ the tactics. – If you don’t bet a pick-six, don’t start now. Pick-3 your game, play them. – The magic is held playing in your comfort zone. The first tell-tale sign is when you start playing wagers you never bet. That is you standing on the edge of the cliff looking at the long dropdown. – Plain and simple, just stick to what you wager on. Give yourself the opportunity to win at your pace, and in time you can dabble with a small wager out of your comfort range. But, only when you are playing with house money. Think of it as an experiment of sorts as this is where horseplayers graduate into more complex bettors.


In 2022, I want you to start place parlays. Yep, you’ve been hearing it for years in my columns. But, the secret is making some nice wagers from a small beginning. – First, you look at the card and determine how many races you will play. Don’t bet the entire card as that is too tall of an order just starting out. – Let’s start with 4 races. – First race you wager $10 to place on your runner. You are looking for ($3.60 – $4.00.) Sounds easy, huh? – It hits and plays $3.80. You now have $19.00.- Next race you’ve selected. The entire $19 to place on your next pick. It scores and pays $4.00 to place. You have $38 on your 2nd leg. – Next up, you make your $38.00 bet and it hits paying $3.80. Now you have $72.20. – Before making your 4th bet as planned, take out your initial $10 bucks as to not show a loss no matter what. – $62 to place and he rolls paying $3.60, you now have $111.60. For a $10 starting bankroll which you pulled out before the 4th leg, you are up to $111.60 for the day. Not bad for a 10-spot. – Going up in amounts makes it more exciting, and I wouldn’t plan for more than four races. A good amount, and a fun day at the races while making you a sharper handicapper tuning in with playing the races you like. – The best time is when your group of four buddies tosses in a $20. – Gives you an $80 bankroll and each person gets to play their selected race. But don’t forget to take out your $80 bankroll after leg number three. -Protect your betting bankroll and have one heck of a time. – Trust me, it has kept me starting the next day with a bankroll more times than not.

Winning Ponies is an easy-to-use system. It doesn’t tell you who to play, it allows you to see a proven system eliminate runners and show you possibilities of why runners stand out and look good. – A color-coded tier system makes it easy to use from a new player to the hard-core gambler. – Free selections, blogs, and stories about racing. And don’t forget to tune into the Winning Ponies Internet Show with John Engelhardt each and every Thursday at 8pm EST. If you can’t catch it, just go back and listen as John brings the biggest names in racing to better understand what is going on in the world of Thoroughbred racing.

Best of luck as we enter 2022.- If you’re reading this you are on one of the best sites that offer a one-stop shop for everything racing. I’ve been a part of the team since 2008, and every moment has been a pleasure. – Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies!



The Saint

by Ed Meyer

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See the source image








He was the usual kid who lived down the street. Played ball, did pretty well in school and liked to gamble. Playing penny poker, pitching quarters and anything where you could win the other kid’s coin. But, as gambling goes along so does the graduation of betting more to chase the rush.

Youth is king. – There is only one time in your life where the eternal summer exists. Spending his time going to the track, drinking beer over midnight card games. He wasn’t going to be a degenerate gambler, this young man was going to be a saint.

Seminary was his calling. Devout in faith and the priesthood was his direction. He enjoyed school and got along with the others taking the path. Until one day when the clouds parted and the fates would drastically change his course.

The young man was summoned to see the Bishop. A little surprising to say the least as it was at 6:00 pm. – “Come in my son, let’s speak. I see you’ve been slacking on some of your weekend duties. What would be so important to miss out on daily chores? – Bishop, I will not lie. I was at the racetrack. – As the lecture went on and on, the young lad found himself looking at his watch. –  Son, what is so important to drift away from our conversation? – Bishop, first post is 7:00 pm, and I have a friend picking me up in five minutes.” – After being dismissed hastily, our friend left to catch his ride and eventually lost his calling.

Bookmaking is a lost art. Some get it, and others do not. – But, this young man found another calling more suited to his interests. – Taking wagers on the phone and in person at his bar spending time at the track was his life. Win a $1,000 tonight and lose $2,000 the next. Betting was the lifeblood that coursed through his veins. – That was until he and a host of others were pinched for bookmaking. The court was ready to gather information and met out punishments for everyone involved. – That was until the young man took the stand and didn’t name one person. He stayed as quiet as a statue and took it like a man. – He did some time in a faraway place for awhile and returned to his life pursuits. Much smaller of course, but still keeping the beat for action being taken.

I met him years ago. He would do my taxes and he would take my small football wagers. – The thing that drew me to him was being told he didn’t tell on anyone and took the fall. – That in my book was worth a thousand pardons.

One evening I was watching a mob-style movie and a character who lost his calling and was part of the group was named “Jimmy the Saint.” – Many coincidences, and you could see the similarities. – One day at the races I had to drop off an envelope. On the outside were the words; “The Saint.” – He’s loved it and for the past couple decades and known to many by this moniker.

Many people walk in and out of our lives and we really get to know them. I was glad I shook hands that day and we’ve grown to be good friends over the years. He can still be found at the local OTB and making road trips with younger acquaintances as his group has slowed down and disappeared. – When I call him on the phone there is only one name he enjoys. It takes him back to his days at the seminary and his adventurous life. – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to “The Saint.” – May you have many great finishes and plenty of fantastic starts.

Free Selections – Turfway Park – Thursday, December 9

by Ed Meyer

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The Kentucky circuit has shifted its tack to Florence; home of Turfway Park. Once upon a time, Latonia Race Course in 1959, to the newly built and under-construction Chruchill Downs owned Turfway. – The paddock is perfectly manicured ready to saddle, the new Tapeta track surface is getting rave reviews, but the new building won’t be ready until the summer of 2022. – Trust me, the wait will be worth it. – In the meantime, racing continues, and here are a few free selections to whet your whistle for more action!



#6 – Junior Bug = Shipping in from Hawthorne in Chicago and making a turf to synthetic switch. This is his 2nd off claim run and trainer Brittany Vanden Berg wins 52%. He makes a drop-in class and should skip right over the plush course with ease. Use with #7 – Randello and #10 – Illbootengotty.


Race #2

#5 – Taranta = She drops down three class levels for trainer Eric Reed and Sonny Leon who win 24% as a team and has plenty of back class facing tougher. Reed knows how to spot his horses well and Leon finishes off the deal.



#4 – Inthemidstofbiz = She has tons of speed and if left alone can turn out the lights. Ships in from CD as a beaten favorite and trainer Cipriano Contreras wins 19% looking for payback.


Race #4 

#12 – Factorire = Mark Casse and Chris Landeros team up as she makes the turf to synthetic move. The barn wins 21% with claimers and rolls back two races and you’ll see she enjoyed the synthetic surface in Cananda. Must overcome the post, but dangerous none the same.



#1 – Miss McBride = 2nd time off the layoff and draws the rail for Dale Romans. Joe Talamo gets the call and I’m looking for speed into the first turn calling the shots on the class drop.



#2 – Devilly = Takes a big plunge in class for Eddie Kenneally and Joe Talamo. Been off for 46 days and goes from mdn sp wt to mdn claiming where they score 18% a winner.


Red-hot action is on tap in Florence, Kentucky as the biggest names in racing will be stabled there all meet. So, sit back, grab your E-Z Win Forms, and prepare to watch and wager on the best of winter racing in Kentucky. – Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies!






Handicapping Hints for Turfway Park

by Ed Meyer

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The track is always fast, and the action plentiful. Playing winter racing in Kentucky shifts to Florence, and Turfway Park is ready to bring the heat. With that in mind, here are some tips to playing the races.


You’ll need to use Gerardo Corrales in most of your exotics this year. Talented reinsman and has ability to grab the lead or lay just off the pace. In my opinion, he is ready for the next level and take his game elsewhere, but we’ll be glad to have him this winter.

Alex Achard is a young rider who shows much improvement. He’s the kind of rider who gets better with every single mount and can be patient yet aggressive when called upon.

Pay close attention to Emmanuel Esquivel this meet. I like a rider who is on the improve and you’ll get better odds as the meet progresses. Keep your eyes peeled.

Joe Talamo and Rafael Bejarano can pull the trigger at any time making a great riders’ colony. Use Chris Landeros especially when riding for father-in-law Ian Wilkes. When they team together good things happen.



Wow! – There are all the big names you would see at CD or KEE. – Wesley Ward, Mark Casse, Paulo Lobo, Shug McGaughey, Mike Maker. – All dangerous and can strike at any time. This is a bettor’s paradise as the prices will be better than most tracks during the year. – Good luck, as they are all super loaded. Brad Cox had a few winners this past weekend and keep your eyes peeled for his runners anytime they take the track.



With only a handful of days racing, it’s hard to put your finger on any bias. That is a great item with synthetic. – I like runners who are around 3-4 lengths off and start moving on the far turn at the 3/8th’s. – Speed will have to be pretty tough to wire the field, and I like mid-pack stalkers. Overall, the times have been good, and it sets up perfect for runners just off the leaders. – Stay off the rail for the most part except when they turn for home and dropping over to save ground at the 1/8th pole is a plus.

There are no patrons on the grounds and fans will have to wager off property until next year. The new building grows every day and will be a sparkling gem for the Kentucky circuit in 2022. – For now, the paddock is ready to saddle, the track is perfect, and the action hot. The only thing missing is you! – Go ahead, get in the game as you’ll miss some heart-pounding Thoroughbred action and great value if you pass on Turfway Park. Best of luck from Winning ponies!


Free Selections – Saturday, November 27, 2021

by Ed Meyer

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As some meets will be closing the doors after today, others will be just getting ready to circle back and kick off racing as we prepare to follow the Kentucky Derby Trail for next season. – What better place than here, and what better time than now to start building your bankroll! – Best of luck from Winning Ponies!


Churchill Downs

*** 160 days until the Kentucky Derby ***


Race#10 – The G2 Golden Rod – 1 1/16 – 5:27 pm

#6 – Yuugiri = is a daughter of Shackleford and was a beaten favorite last out for Rudy Brisset and Tyler Gaffalione. She finished a game 2nd and adds blinkers today where the barn wins 22% with this equipment change. Going her 2nd route race the trainer wins 36%, and should be a major danger today. Use with: #7 – Dream Lith, and #4 – Sandstone. 


Del Mar

Race#7 – The G3 Jimmy Durante – 1 mile on the turf – 6:31 pm

#3 – Terraray = is a daughter of Bated Breath for Peter Miller and Irad Ortiz in the saddle. She broke her maiden impressively and is 1 for 1 at Del Mar. 2nd off the layoff the barn wins 22%, and Irad Ortiz have her in high gear flying late in the lane. Use with: #5 – Travel Smart, and #10 – Sparkle Blue.


Race#9 – The G1 Hollywood Derby – 1 1/8 on the turf – 7:29 pm

#6 – Public Sector = seeking his 4th straight win for Chad Brown and Irad Ortiz in the saddle. 2nd time off the layoff and ships in from New York where the barn wins 27% and 27% off a last race win. He is 8 for 9 ITM on the turf and Ortiz wins 27% with late running turfers. Use with: #5 – Hudson Ridge, and #3 – Cathkin Peak. 


For the most comprehensive look at how the card will play out, be sure to download the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms. Easy to use, and very effective for first time players and seasoned professionals. There is plenty of solid racing action to peruse, and you’ll want to arm yourself with the very best handicapping tool to make your day a winner!