The Happy Horseplayer – February

by Ed Meyer

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“Sometimes we get the bear and sometimes the bear gets us.” - The Big Lebowski – Over the past year I have spoken of illness, rehab, and wellness. – Well, the sweet taste of being whole has taken a detour again. – There is no winning day that could ever compare with the feeling of good health. But, as the “Happy Horseplayer” always says; this too shall pass. – In keeping up with every gambler worth their salt. I’m looking forward to the next marquee race.


Winter Time Racing

As with every passing season, you need to attack winter with a vengeance. – Just because it’s not sunny and 70 doesn’t mean there’s no brass ring to be had. – If you like Polytrack, play the synthetic ovals. They typically have a more speed favoring slant and unless you get a good and dampened oval you’ll be playing a winner who is no more than four lengths off the leader. – They kinda’ just gallop and bounce off the synthetic like turf. But unlike turf not many come from the back of the pack. – Once you start your mindset there you’ll be more effective in the long run even though there is that rare “Silky Sullivan” who comes rolling late.

I personally love Aqueduct and Gulfstream. – The “Big A” has a special charm and a longtime name of trainers who target the meet. There have been a handful of riders who hold all the cards and overall the track can play mild to closers. Speed can wire them if left alone soft and for me that offers up a wide array of betting opportunities. – Gulfstream has the lush deep greensward and with every passing race, the action just gets hotter. – GP has my heart every weekend and Aqueduct gets some power spot plays. – California is great and for me offers up some incredible turf wagering. – But with each passing weekend, the runners get tougher and showcase us the big timers who will be there the first Saturday in May.


Skip Days

Just like back in school, it’s good to have a “skip” day due to weather. – Don’t force yourself to bet just to have a wager. – Impulse never really helped any bankroll, and you’ll find yourself fighting to get it back by the end of the day. – How many players did their homework, started the day, and plotted their wagers only to try and break even? Nobody. – You don’t need the minus temps, skip a day. You really don’t care that California has a rainy muddy ooze. Skip a day – There will be plenty of others to play and this goes for Oaklawn, Fair Grounds, Aqueduct, and Gulfstream. – Just because they are running doesn’t mean we have to play. – Wait your turn to get in the game. It will pay off in the long run.


Remember this last article quote? 


After leaving money on the table I lost my desire to play any more. – I had a dream of rolling up a little bankroll and sending it flying on the New England Patriots at minus 2.5. – Go ahead and jump on board as I’m still steaming for my lack of follow through with the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms. – I’ll watch the game, but there will be no betting on the big game. – Why should I ? – I didn’t use my handicapping weapon of choice to make my day. – Just keep it in mind when you see Tom Brady hoisting the trophy there was a horseplayer who should have used the day as a bankroll builder.”

This was from my last entry where I was sent to the sidelines forced to watch after not using my Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms. – I had a couple of very nice plays but opted not to follow through with my full plans. – I was even going to make a wager on New England as you’ll see, and we all know how that turned out by now. – Just a seasoned gambler who did not follow his own plans.

But, it’s not too late to start off this new year with your E-Z Win Forms. They are incredible for spot plays, finding price payoffs, or having a solid day at the races. – If you like to “speculate” a little and bounce around a few tracks outside of your normal bounds the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms can be worth their weight in gold. – They showcase how the race will take shape and where runners really belong in the event. – If I would have had just followed through from my last entry you would be reading about a sweet weekend payout. But instead, a gambler who steams on the sideline. – It’s never too late to get right back on the train and start chugging down the tracks to prosperity. Feels good, builds your bankroll and makes playing the races more fun.


As I find myself on the mend you will be seeing more free daily selections and sweet pick four plans for the weekends ahead. – Time can be a great ally when using it to your best advantage. – You’ll be seeing them pop up and hopefully pull off a big score. – Use the free selections as an appetizer and the E-Z Win Forms as the entree. – As we push through the cold and the damp it is only 81 days and two hours until the Kentucky Derby. So what do you say? – You feel like an early start to a huge bankroll builder? – Best of luck from the Happy Horseplayer.

If I were a betting man….

by Ed Meyer

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Yeah, if only I made a wager of two I would’ve had a great weekend. – Not only that, I would parlay some of my winnings into a Super Bowl bet to start February off in fine fashion. – But, the crying is over and there is nothing to do except look forward. – Here are a couple of my “scared money” non-plays that took a good weekend into nothing.- As the gambling adage goes; ” God hates a coward.”


Aqueduct – Race #7 – Saturday


I had $200 to put into play and try my hand at a few power plays. – I love the #1 – Big Muddy. He switched riders from Eric Cancel to Manny Franco winning 24% and showed the dropping in class icon. – He was off for 45 days and came back to score $4.10  I was only going to bet $50 to win, and that would have been a $102.50 payoff for a $52.50 profit. – The top tier runner did not disappoint.


Gulfstream Park  – Race #7 – The Hurricane Bertie Stakes

I didn’t think the big race would offer the value I was looking for and was seeking another top tier selection a little earlier in the card. – In Race #7 / The Hurricane Bertie Stakes. The top tier selection was #2 – Dream Pauline and she sported the “Monster Workout” icon and had the services of Javier Castellano in the saddle winning at a 21% win clip. – The Last Race Rating and Composite were the field best and I loved Castellano in the irons when the big money is on the table. – It was going to be a $50 win bet and she won easily to pay $7.80. – That would have been a score for $195 and $145 profit.


After leaving money on the table I lost my desire to play any more. – I had a dream of rolling up a little bankroll and sending it flying on the New England Patriots at minus 2.5. – Go ahead and jump on board as I’m still steaming for my lack of follow through with the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms. – I’ll watch the game, but there will be no betting on the big game. – Why should I ? – I didn’t use my handicapping weapon of choice to make my day. – Just keep it in mind when you see Tom Brady hoisting the trophy there was a horseplayer who should have used the day as a bankroll builder.

It’s not too late for you! – Just dial up the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms and make yourself a few solid spot plays. – I sure hope you have better horse sense than I employed. – Just download and go to the windows. Make yourself a sweet little bankroll to start off February in fine fashion. – Best of luck!




How’s the New Year Treating You ?

Have you’ve fallen off the bandwagon or full steam ahead? – 2019 has started off slow, and I’m getting back in the swing. Each weekend I find myself getting more involved with Gulfstream, and eventually, it will extend to Tampa Bay and the left coast. – I guess the New Year resolution is still in play. – I like to handicap a card, but I’m more into spot plays. Why play a race where I don’t really like a runner? – This weekend I had a few bucks in my account and didn’t do my homework. – So, I dialed up Winning Ponies and the spot play format came rolling home.

I had $100 in my bankroll and was going to use the top selection in target races. – I can’t say that I set the house on fire, but held my own with a turn of profit:




Race #2 – F&M on the turf 

I used the top tier selections and wagered $50 to place. – Irad Ortiz picked up the mount from his brother Jose and owned the best last race turf rating. – Ortiz did not disappoint for Maker and paid $4.00 to place = + $100 / $50 profit.


Race #4 – 5f on the turf

I used the top tier selection and he owned the top turf rating and showed a monster workout icon, and being laid off for 45 days. – I wagered $50 to place and scored for $5.20 to place = + $130 / $80 profit


I was up $130 and had about an hour before I had to get busy for work. – Two more races and I’m done.


Race #5 – Claiming 6f on the main

She showed a dropping in class icon and first time Lasix – She had the top Last Race Rating and Composite Rating. – Another $50 place bet and she paid $ 6.40! - + 160 / $110 profit


Race #6 – Optional claiming – 6f main

The top tier selection had the best Last Race Rating and had a rider switch. – My last $50 place wager came home and paid $8.60 to place. – That was a sweet + $215 / $165 profit. 


There were four spot plays with the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms and my day paid out a solid $405 profit! – I used the top tier selection only and had a short time to wager. – What a day and all I had to do was download the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms. – I stuffed the $100 deep in my wallet and made a $405 profit. – Not bad if I say so my self and I still stuck to my plan about making a few spot plays versus playing the entire card. – If you don’t believe, just download the easy-to-read E-Z Win Forms and put it to work for you! – The marquee races are coming and there is no better time to get the bankroll rolling! – Best of luck from your friends at Winning!



Faces in the Crowd

by Ed Meyer

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If you don’t believe in the “spooky” stories of gamblers let me be the first. – Gamblers are the most superstitious animals in the world. The lucky hat, favorite seat, or the pen that was given to you by your friend from Vegas. – Horseplayers have always caught my curiosity over the years. Unlike poker players who wear the shades or the bingo players who have their lucky cupie dolls. The gamblers who chase the ponies are a sort all to themselves. How many can you remember?


The Black Cat

The “Cat” was the unluckiest gambler. – He could bet two horses in a two horse race and still find a way to lose. – The Cat was one of the kinds of gamblers who would walk around and ask everyone who they liked. – He would make multiple bets per race and still find a way to lose. – He used to go with his brother who was a well-known bookie. Unlike the Cat, he was super lucky. – “Fats” was the kind of guy who could reach into a sewer pipe and come out with a handful of diamonds. There couldn’t have been two people more different if you lived three lifetimes.

When Fats passed away after a lengthy illness, The Cat said he was going to the track the night they laid him to rest. – The boys all went out and had a few drinks and bet the races as Fats would have wanted. – On this night, The Cat was on-fire. He couldn’t pick a loser if his life depended on it. – He attributed his lucky streak to his late-brother watching over him. – The last I had heard of the Cat was he won a pick-six for over $100,000.



Small in stature and round as a plum. – The kind Italian gent had a name as long as your leg. Hence, the nickname “Spaghetti” from his pals. – The table in front of the dining room had six seats and they were filled every day an hour before the first race. They played simulcast, had lunch and a few drinks. If all went well, they could be seen during the live racing card which kicked off at 7:00 pm. – Benny would be the first to leave at 4:00 pm to make the last ferry home. His wife needed tending and this gentleman would pick up the tab for the table.  Angie would get drunk and his big belly laugh could make a statue smile. – Bill was the “Chairman of the Board” and offer worldly wisdom or ruffle the cards for a good game of Gin. – The guys had been lifelong friends and held court in the dining room. – The quiet Spaghetti never made much of a splash and was along for the ride. He never had many big winning moves, but one day he had his 15 minutes of fame. – He played a small pick-six at Fair Grounds and started picking them off one-by-one. The prices were solid and with each passing winner, he became the man of the hour. – Into the last race where he had two solid prices. They were coming back in the six digit range. – The guys all cheered him on and waited til’ loaded into the starting gate. – He had the lead right from the break and the other runner tracked in 6th. They rounded the far turn and he still had the lead but he was starting to toss in the towel. But not to worry. The other horse started kicking in. – As they made their way into the long stretch. All of the friends were standing and screaming at the TV. – Not as if the horses could hear them in New Orleans, but they weren’t going to let any stone go unturned. – As they neared the wire his fortunes were going to be second best. – He still took down a nice consolation score and for the rest of their days, this was still the talk of the table.


The Dream

Gamblers can remember with exact detail any dream that involves winning money. – Tommy had a bad month. He lost his grandmother, mother, and best friend. – A real tough scene to say the least, and you hurt for the man even if you didn’t know him. Tommy looked lost for the longest time. You would see him from time-to-time and he wasn’t the same guy. – I saw him at a summer track and noticed he lost weight, had a bronze tan and sported a sweet hat. – It made me wonder if this was the same guy. – He had a table in the clubhouse and always had a gal with him. Kinda’ made you wonder if he found D.B. Cooper’s money or hit the Irish sweepstakes. – But one day the truth found it’s way to my ears. – “Tommy had a dream according to the waitress. – His mother came to him in a dream and told him everything was going to be fine. This will pass.”  – I dismissed it as crap until he won our track handicapping contest and had a monster IRS ticket according to the mutuel manager. – Tommy ran into me one day and I asked him how his luck was going? – “Great, Ed. Ever since my dream I’ve had the year of my life. – My mom came to me in a dream one night and told me everything was going to be fine. It’s been gold and diamonds ever since.” – After hearing, I walked away with the biggest smile and felt good for the man who lost so much and still found happiness.












The Happy Horseplayer

The stockings come down from the chimney with care, and the holiday traffic is out of your hair. – Well, you get the idea. The holidays are over and it’s time to start counting the days for marquee races and the road to the Derby. Spring is only 73 days off, and the Derby is a mere 117 days. But not to worry. It will be here before you know it.


Ringing in the New Year

I’m not much a party goer with hat and horn up all night. – I’ve always been a homebody that watches football and the ball drop at midnight. – This year like many others was spent with my son and having some last minute goodies before the yearly diet kicks up. – Many moons ago, we began telling each other what we’re grateful for and what we’d like to see happen in the New Year. This was heartfelt and loving while we talked into 2019. – For me, it is being grateful for so many things. Family, friends, and being able to see both. Having a new job in racing where I’ve had the opportunity to see another side of racing. – Health that allows me to enjoy all of the above, and having the opportunity to write about a game I love dearly. May your year be filled with health, wealth, and happiness. – And as always; ” may your winners be many and your photos be few.”


Plotting out your plan

Let this be the year where you make plans to visit a new track. – Don’t put off this task as many have changed or disappeared over the years. – I still kick myself for not getting to see Hollywood Park. – We flew over and I could see the beauty as we we were landing. – Bay Meadows is gone, as well as Beulah, Calder, Rockingham, and my personal favorite River Downs. – If you’ve been thinking about making the trek, do it this year. – Nothing like a visit to a quaint little oval or a county fair meet. Just go and enjoy the racing in all it’s splendor.


New Shooters Stepping Up

Santa Anita is unveiling its new wager called roulette. – According to the

  • Two dollar minimum win wager with customary industry-low 15.43% takeout
  • Horses (minimum six-horse field) will be placed into one of three groups, Red, Black or Green
  • In most cases, the morning line favorite will be part of the Red Group
  • The Green Group will be comprised mainly of longshots
  • The three Groups, in most cases, will not have an equal number of horses
  • Whichever Group contains the race winner, wins that “game” of Horse Racing Roulette
  • In the event that ALL betting interest members of any group are scratched or declared non-starters, betting on the Group Bet pool will be stopped immediately and all Roulette wagers made on this particular race will be refunded.
  • In the event of a dead heat for first between two or more divergent Group members, the Group Bet pool will be distributed as a profit split (place pool) or, if there is a triple dead heat with as many Group interests, the pool will also be distributed as a profit split (show pool).

Horse Racing Roulette will be offered on all races with a minimum of six runners throughout Santa Anita’s upcoming Winter Meet. Fans are encouraged to carefully consult their racing program prior to wagering.


I love new wagers and the idea of appealing to newbie players is a great way to bridge the gap. – Players will try their hands at simple new wagers and over time learn more. Great idea! – I’ve always liked this idea but sometimes getting players to try their hand is tough.

In the spirit of having a new wager. How about the Horse Race Lottery? – For a 25-cent quick pick or a chosen number. The game will be based on the exacta numbers in every live race for the day. – Example: The 1 and 2 run exactly that way for ten races. Add the 1 and the 2 and it equals 3. Multiply that for 10 races, and it is 30 – If you had 30 in the HRL, you win the pool or split it with others. Sounds easy enough, and I could see this wager being bought quick-pick style on all machines like a lottery ticket. – If no player hits the HRL it is a 100% carryover. – Nobody will pay attention until the HRL is over a couple thousand bucks and then you’ll see the quick-pick plays add up. – I see the game having a lottery and keno feel. – I could see new players buying a couple bucks worth and regulars take a stab at two. Easy game, has a fun feel and there is no real handicapping. You can buy a few tickets and enjoy the races with a cold beverage or two and keep tabs on what numbers have won. – Get players in cheap with the possibility of hitting for a sweet playoff and you have a new wager!


As January rolls on the marquee races will start rearing their heads. – Enjoy and get out and play.- You can’t win it unless you get in it.  – Until next month, The Happy Horseplayer wishes you a New Year filled with plenty of winners.









New Year’s Resolutions – 2019

by Ed Meyer

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New year 2019 background Free Vector




It’s that time of the year when every gym will be packed, and more health food and vitamins will be sold. – But, it’s a new year and we want to start off on the right foot. – For gamblers, bettors, guests, and players, we have a list we usually keep to ourselves. Not me. I want to put it out there and remind myself to make better decisions as a racing fan who likes to bet. For better or worse, here’s my list to make me a better handicapper! – Winning Ponies would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year filled with health, good luck, and happiness! 


1. – I will bet only the tracks I follow. – No more impulse bets on a stake race I don’t follow. No more betting a strong race card just because it is part of the Triple Crown (Pimlico). – If I can stick to my knitting I may see a little better return in 2019.

2. – I have stayed away from handicapping contests for some years now due to entry costs. – I may not be playing in the million dollar contests, but there are plenty for small money which are a great deal of fun. – I used to hold my own, and 2019 will see me toss my hat back in the ring. – I sure miss seeing old friends who still love tournament play.

3. – I’m going to keep better track of my wagers. – You keep track of calories, steps in a day, and time spent on Social Media. Why not keep track of how much you bet and how much you won or lost? – It only makes you a better player and helps you manage your bankroll.

4. – My horses-to-watch list is going to get more attention. – It is impossible to remember when a runner had a bad break, forced to take up, or just needed more ground. – Trip handicapping is a lost art among handicappers, and now more than ever we have app’s, free sites, and stable mail. – I’m going to clear my list and start off strong for this year.

5. – Take someone new to the races. – If we take a new person to the races, or bring an old friend who hasn’t been in awhile. We’ll rekindle the love affair for handicappers. – Many moons ago this is how we learned the love of the game. – Go ahead, make the effort. I’ll bet they love it!

6. – This past year has been one of reflection, personal growth, and happiness. – Enjoy every race win or lose. Remember the many wonderful people who are no longer here to share the love. – Find the beauty and pageantry that only racing can provide. – Fall in love all over again.


I’ve loved racing as she has been my muse and first true love. – Take the time and make 2019 the year you fall in love all over again. – Share your knowledge, handicap with old friends, and find time to go with new ones. – I can’t wait to see what the new year holds, and I’m already counting the days until the road to the Derby is in full-swing. – Best of luck my friends, and enjoy each and every race. – I’ll be right there with you, and I’ll be the guy with the smile on his face and sparkle in his eye.

Christmas Wishes

by Ed Meyer

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As we enjoy our time with family and friends take a moment or two for reflection. – A time to remember those who are gone, but touched out lives in countless ways. Every horse player has a set of beliefs, and I’ve always believed there is more prayer at the races than the Vatican. – But, I digress. – This is a time of gathering with those we love and friends we cherish. – Winning Ponies wishes you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


I wish for the safety for rider and horses alike. – As in all sports there is a dangerous side. – Over the years, I have gained an extra respect for the athletes who ride. They are going 40 mph on a 1,200 pound animal. – Pound-for-pound jockeys are the best athletes in sports.

For the many tireless folks on the backside. – Cold, snow, heat, and rain doesn’t stop them for caring for the horses. – I was  watching works and chatting with a trainer friend. ” Ed, the horses eat before I do.” – These simple words have stuck with me for many years. – God Bless the hardworking men and women who care for the horses like they are their children.

Support the game, or it may face tougher times. –  Racing gets a bigger piece of the handle when you come out versus betting from home. – The “takeout” is split between the horsemen in the form of purses and the track to pay salaries, taxes, keeping the lights on, and improvements. – If every person who lives close enough makes two more trips out to the track, the bottom line can be affected in a positive way. – We want racing to continue and making this small gesture can save the game we love.

For the many who are no longer with us. Keep them in your thoughts next trip to the races. – If they were fans, make a token wager on their favorite number, horse, or jockey. – I was reading on social media how a friend honored his comrade with a trip to Aqueduct before attending the services. – It’s what they agreed upon, and he kept his end of the bargain. – He left before the last race, and looked back at the results to find his friend’s favorite trainer won the final race of the day. – He knew he was watching over being with him in spirit. – For me. I had a friend pass away this year. Good guy. Loved to drink more than bet, and always had a smile on his face. I remember one of our last conversations. – ” Ed, I just wanna go back to the track and have a few beers.”  – No worries. Before I start everyday at Belterra, I think of my friend and how he loved standing in the sun swilling a beer and betting the ponies. He’ll always be at the races in my heart.


From your friends at Winning Ponies, we wish you a Safe and Happy Holiday Season! 

I’ve Got a Horse Right Here

by Ed Meyer

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Image may contain: 3 people




We all get the golden question ” who do you like today?” – I have a good friend who loves to bet but doesn’t have time to sit down and handicap. – ” So, Ed who do you like at Gulfstream on Saturday?” – I looked over the card and gave him who I liked. – They didn’t do poorly, but I did have a bad case of seconditis. – If I only turned him onto the Winning Ponies this day he may be sending me a fine bottle of wine for the holidays.

Gulfstream is going to get better by the weekend and as January creeps around the weekend stakes will be super. – That’s the best part of racing I enjoy as the stakes start the official road to the Derby. – My friend is in the holiday spirit as he received his bonus a little early and wanted to play some ponies this weekend. – My picks were good, but not up to snuff with the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms.

He bets $20 to win on my top pick and I make him a nice three horse exacta box. – Now, if I would have used the top three selections from Winning Ponies. His day may have turned out a little different.


Race #1 – #7 – She Loves Me = $5.80 to win would have brought him $58.00 – It was their top selection. 

Race #2 – #8 – Erasmo’s Dream = $5.00 to win would have yielded a crisp $50 bill. – Top Selection.

Race #5 – #6 – Sir Anthony was the top pick and paid a whopping $53.80 to win, and the exacta paid $210 with the top two selections. – He would have won $748 !

Race #6 – #1 – Blue Sky Venezuela = $6.60 to win for a sweet $66 payoff.

Race #9 – #8 Capala Temptress paid $10.00 and the exacta with the top two selections paid $48.80 – This would have cashed for $148.80

Race #10 – #7 – Dream Pauline = Paid $5.40 for an additional $54.


At the end of the day, he would have been a much happier camper – My picks hit the board and didn’t do bad. –  But there is nothing like cashing your voucher at the end of the day for some real cash! – I sent along the website and told him if he really liked money to check in with what the E-Z Win Forms had to say. – We’re all decent ‘cappers but when you find a source that will make your day a winner why not use that handicapping tool? – He is signing up today after I forwarded him the payoffs for Winning Ponies and I don’t think I’ll be getting his call as much. – That’s ok. I want him to win and they have shown a profit for years with easy-to-use E-Z Win Forms. – He could have paid for Christmas in one day following the E-Z Win Forms.


Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies, and a Happy Holiday Season to you and yours!


Race Track Time Machine

by Ed Meyer

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I was sitting in my office looking out the window. – We are six floors up and the flurries were whizzing past like a snow globe.  It was a winter-wonderland rolling through my mind. – It took me back to days gone by and memories they held. – Just staring out the windows overlooking the track had me thinking about the incredible adventures I spent there. With 21 minutes to post the memories came flooding back. – Kinda’ wish there was a time machine of sorts that could take me back to days of yesteryear.


I wish I could climb in the time machine one more time for a night out with my dad and papaw. – Oh, how I loved tagging along in the backseat hoping to get to make a $2 place bet. – It was these trips that grew my love of racing.

I can remember with laser precision my grandpa walking across the parking lot where I was working just to say “hello.” – I was his first grandson and my last memory of seeing him at the races.

How I would love to see my Uncle Don come out to the races to watch my horse run. – He was a man of few words but his affection could be felt just in his presence. – He would travel out with my dad and both had as much fun as I did owning this cheap claimer.

All of my first dates were at the races. – I figured if they could stand the ponies we had a pretty good shot. – Thanks for sharing your time. – I think about them often.

The big winners over the years meant more than money. –  Just getting to go back and celebrate again would be a gift.

To the many fans who became friends. – When you work at the track you get to know people. I had the distinct honor of really getting to know many. – I walked through the racebook the other day and those faces are a memory. – I can remember everyone, and would love to go back when race tracks were packed. The swirl of humanity and energy of the track was wild. People coming and going and lines at every teller station. It was the place to be. – I would love to go back on a busy Saturday and see some folks that have been gone a long time. – Great memories I’ll cherish forever.

My treks with my dad have slowed. Partly because I work at two tracks within our driving range. – We would talk horses and he would play speed horses with cheap jockeys. – He wasn’t a big bettor and was looking for a price. – ” I’m going to be on the lead and they’ll have to catch me if they can.” – I heard that so many times and would love to hear them more. – We drove down to the Keeneland contest a few weeks ago and enjoyed my time playing the races with him. – For the many photo finishes and close calls, we enjoyed the time spent together. – Thanks, dad. I love you.

I met two of my best friends at the races, good friends to this day, and many professional acquaintances. – I wouldn’t trade any of these memories for the world. – I can recall every hot tip, bad beat, and great time. – I’ve had the opportunity to work at five tracks. Two of which could be the same under a new name. – I loved every second and still do. There’s a magic that goes along with working at the track. The energy from the old days has declined due to players betting from home and increased competition. – If you’re lucky, you can still hear the roar of the crowd and thunder of hooves. That will never go away for real fans who love the game.

As the horses are nearing the starting gate, I get in position to watch the race and relish the opportunity. It never gets old. – If you haven’t been for awhile take the time and head out for some races. Take someone new or hangout with some old friends. Fall in love all over again and enjoy the ride. – Trust me, the memories last forever.



How to Play Turfway Park

by Ed Meyer

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All tracks have their own little nuances. – Speed on the rail, closers from the back, and middle stalkers rule. – The Polytrack is a whole new animal versus what you’ve been playing all year on dirt.  – If you follow a few rules and keep your eyes peeled for the connections. You may find a winter wonderland as the temperatures take a nose dive.

According to Martin Collins Enterprises;

Approved by the BHA and developed specifically for fast work, Polytrack is scientifically proven to minimize the risk of injury and provide a consistent, secure surface for horses to perform to the best of their ability.

Its unique capability of providing consistent going, in even the most extreme temperature variations, makes it a winning choice for racetracks and training gallops all over the world. In fact, Polytrack is used at over 20 racetracks and on 250km of training tracks across the globe. Each Polytrack surface is bespoke and designed for the climate and level of use it is to withstand. But every single mix is manufactured to the same specification, ensuring the material is consistent throughout, for a world-leading racing and training surface that supports optimum performance.

That being said, the surface is very safe. – The times can vary quite a bit. – At Turfway Park, you’ll see the temperature drop 15+ degrees in hours as the sun goes down. Night racing can be a bit chilly and the windchill plays a big part in being forced to cancel. – You have to take the safety of both equine and human athletes into consideration at all times.

If the weather is under normal conditions look at the color. If it is darker there is a good chance of the water trucks making a few rounds to keep down any dust or fluffy kickback. – This is when the track may play quicker as it is tight. Horses seem to grab a hold of the surface and can dig down to run quicker. – If it is a lighter grey and the temperatures are cold. It may be loose and speed will hold up better. – Before making your first wager check in with the weather report for Florence, Kentucky. It is a mile away from Greater Cincinnati Airport and you’ll get a good report.

If there are horses running at Woodbine, Arlington, Presque Isle, or coming off the turf. Give them a good look before betting. – Synthetic runners who enjoy the surface take to Turfway as it is manicured and kept up throughout the day and night. Turf runners seem to glide over it smoothly.

Pay close attention to the charts on how the races have been playing. – After four days of live racing. There have been 32 races. The top number of winners have come from –  13 from Churchill / 5 from Indiana Grand / 4 from Keeneland. – Riders to watch  / John McKee, Euclyn Prentice, Rafael Mojica Jr., Rodney Prescott and the new rider from Brazil Luan Machado. – Trainers to keep an eye peeled on / Mike Maker, Wesley Ward, Jack Sisterson, Kim Hammond, Genaro Garcia, and Jeff Greenhill.

The races have been won by runners who were no more than 3 to 4 lengths off the pace and making a move about the 3/8th’s pole. Go ahead and play a runner on the stretch out in the distance as speed and stamina seem to carry further. – Be vigilant and watch how the track has been playing. Keep tabs on the weather and look for hot connections. – It may be one of your best weapons at the windows.

Watch as the TV crew picks up runners working out strong prior to the race or ones who get away from the pony and settle out. By going back and watching the charts closely you’ll start picking up runners to watch and connections to play. – It may be cold outside during the meet, but the action will be red hot. Just pay close attention and be on the lookout for big outfits who ship into Turfway. They’re coming here for a reason and it may help you find a few more winners! – Best of luck from Winning Ponies!