What Do You Want for The Holidays?

by Ed Meyer

posted on November 25, 2008 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

We have been hearing about ADW’s and all of the problems surrounding this issue. It all boils down to greed. Here is an idea to get things started again. Think about it….

First, get all of the horsemen together with track management. Just like they have for the last 100 years. Skip the THG (Thoroughbred Horsemen Group), who is standing by like “Big Brother”, to ensure a square deal. They have done without them for all of these years, and our game is dying by the day. Just read any rag about racing.

Come to an agreement. Have the tracks and the ADW’s have an open book meeting. All cards on the table, and guns left at the door. Be sure to have the Horsemen sit close to the books, and have the HBPA look over them. They have for years, and we have survived. Let them see the profit / loss statement.

Now, the H-men want more money. Don’t we all….. Now let’s have a sliding agreement. If we handle $100 million, they share equally in: marketing, advertisement, website costs, mailings, customer service, payroll and any costs associated with the ADW. Now, once we hit the $200 million mark, we give each of us an added percentage. It is called aspirational business. You want to aspire to the next level to make more money. Not just the H-men, but everyone….

Now, once we get to the bonanza round, we all share in the gravy equally. Sound good? It is…. The H-men claim they put on the show. Well, the tracks give them a place to perform… The ADW, well they take on all of the costs and give away cuts of the prize money after doing all of the work. What kind of business model is this? Offshore outlets have been robbing the H-men for years, and now they want to take it out on the tracks and the ADW’s. Not good business.

Let’s put it behind us….get an agreement, and start making money. Act like a partnership, and moreover take the game to the player. How about a New Year’s gift? At every track, every customer who wants one, can get a free phone. It has ONLY the number of ADW’s for the player to choose, and can get results from any track offered. The best part is that it is free…. Go ahead and reward your customer. Put the game in their hand. Give them only phone access to wagering, and let them have free results. See how it turns out. What do you have to lose? I want that bet a phone call away. Make it easy. We owe it to the player. They have suffered enough, and now they get appreciated.

I gotta go; the third race at Belmont is running and I have to call in a wager.