Tournament Time

by Ed Meyer

posted on February 26, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

It was just a few days ago, and I am already looking at the next tournament date. That is the blood that drives the contest player. It only takes just once, and you can’t win it unless you get in it…

On February 19th-21st, the stage was set at The Orleans casino. There were over 680 players who came to lock horns and take their shot at the big prize.

This contest is a solid event, and sent me on my way to do battle. Well, the big check went to another, but the enjoyment lasts a lifetime. To be able to sit for three days, and play with people just like yourself, is a real bonus. You get to meet new friends, connect with old ones, and feel the rush.

I have been playing in contests for a few years, and I looked forward to this for months. Day one was filled with chalk. You got it, chalk eating weasels.. If you like 6-5, you were in heaven… The only trouble in¬†contest play, is that I take big prices. It makes sense against such a large crowd. It makes sense against any crowd. There were many who ended up with zero. Now, at $1,000 per entry you would have to say that there is a method to the madness. Stick by your guns at all times. If you pick three 3-1 shota to win and place, and I have one 15-1 winner, guess who is ahead.

Well, with one day in the books I had a few place tickets. I also had 4 thirds, but this was a win and place contest only. You get 11 plays from various selected tracks, and shoot the moon….

Going into day #2, things started looking up a bit. I was just gathering steam, and then the show tickets started rolling. I had 4 on this day as well.

The final day came upon, and I was like a cowboy ready to draw at high noon.  The best feeling that a horse player can have is that you are never out until the contest is over. For me, it came and went. But the memories will last my lifetime. I had my shot, met some really cool people, and did what I loved to do most. You can bet on one thing, and be a winner for sure. I will be back, and looking for the the gold ring once again. Thanks to for sending me, and the info they sent me was solid. I was trying to hit the big balloon payoffs, and they get tough sometimes.