Derby Bound Characters

by Ed Meyer

posted on March 3, 2009 in General Discussion, Kentucky Derby | No Comments >>

Every year there is someone that makes the news. This is a bet you can make and win with ease. Right now, Rick Dutrow is somewhere, wiping his brow and laughing as the newest chapter unfolds.

After The Pamplemousse destroyed the field in the Sham, his trainer, 70-year-old Julio Canani, was busy letting the badger out of the bag. This guy could be the next person of the moment to watch.

Do you remember the old “Andy Griffith” show ? Otis was the town drunk. He was as harmless as a fly, and more entertaining than Aunt Bee at the pickle competition.¬† This part may now be played by Mr. Canani…

He can ride cows into town, sing until Barney and Andy from L.A pick him up for disorderly conduct, and keep giving everyone nicknames along the way. This is good stuff, and you have to say it is more fun listening to this than last year’s drama.

The big twist is that Julio Canani may be sitting on a real tornado. He wins the Sham Stakes in record time, and gets 90 proof along the way… Now, I like to hear a story about an old time horseman, and this guy fits the bill.

His only downer will be that he has to appear in court on May 6th. The good news is that the Derby is run on May 2nd. If he wins, Andy and Barney may have trouble finding this guy with a search warrant!

In the end, we have a regular guy doing regular things. No big talk, and he has a real nice runner. I think Julio may be coming along at the right time.¬†Just when we need a blue collar winner who came up the hard way, and has paid his dues. Good luck fella’, and call Yellow Cab if the mood hits you again on Derby Day….