Top O’ The Morning To You!

by Ed Meyer

posted on March 17, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

The best part about being a horse player is that every day brings a new opportunity to win. This comes from a gent who is up at the crack of dawn on St. Paddy’s Day to have bangers and mash, and his first green beer before 8 a.m.

He was telling me stories of the luck of the Irish, and I have to say if this holds true, I want to be Irish even if for a day.

His granddad would take him to the track on St. Paddy’s Day, or to the local bookmaker when he was a child. They would sit in a cramped back room filled with older men smoking and drinking while they read their Daily Racing Forms. Oh, to be young again he said… Listening to the call of the races from the wire service many moons ago would bring a tear to his eye.

Hell, this is his 84th St. Paddy’s day, and he has been celebrating each and every one the same way. I’ll be 90 proof before noon, but you can bet I will have at least a couple of winners before 1:30.

His granddad was a butcher, and this was his day off; no matter what day it fell upon. He was written a note to be out of school for a family emergency, which would begin at first post. The track in New England would bring a day of action followed by a few more beers. Dinner followed at home, and there was a recap of the day’s events. Good or bad, they were always talked about during dinner.

Too bad he said.. It only comes once a year. I could do this at least a hundred more times a year… No matter what is running, or where they go. You can bet a beer will be in hand, and a day where everyone can be Irish for the day.

Come to think of it, Mac was right… I think I’ll be Irish today as well.. The bars open early, and the food will be plentiful. Add in a day at the track or OTB, and this is a day made in Heaven.