Breaks Of The Game

by Ed Meyer

posted on June 18, 2009 in General Discussion, Other Events | No Comments >>

I have read a couple of stories and a blog about Summer Bird, winner of the Belmont. The story always has little differences, and his was no change.

Chris Rosier was the only guy that sat atop Summer Bird. The big boys’ agents always start calling when the big races are at hand. This story was no different.  Thanks to trainer Tim Ice. He had faith in his rider and workout boy. Early in his career, I can remember him on the Kentucky circuit and riding in Ohio. He was a little full of himself, and man did it show. It wasn’t until he hooked-up and married a woman who humbled him with a good home and kids. Funny how that works….

Well,  the rider can join the ranks of many who have been pulled off to ride a big name. Trainers have the final say-so to a great degree. There are bill-paying folks called owners who see the big money on the line and start wondering what it would be like to have a hot hand in the saddle that has proven themselves. I have personally known many that have been pulled off, even though they may know the horse better than the “name” rider. I have read about many former stars that are given second, third, and twentieth chances to get it together. Maybe so, but they have a history that is proven.

Kent Desormeaux is a fine rider. He is a settled journeyman that is not distracted by the big lights or the purse money that could be a life changer for the smaller guy. When the money is on the line, and history is calling your name, you always want to go with a proven name. What would you do?  If your runner does well, you get a handful money, and have a date with the breeding shed for mega-bucks down the road.

Rosier rode his first G-1 in the Arkansas Derby, finishing third. He has changed his tune, has a wonderful family, and is battling diabetes due to struggling to make weight. The guy is definitely a winner. He came into town a punk kid, and now he is a man that gets bigger mounts. We just hope that it is not a long spell before he gets another chance. I like to think about a saying I once read. “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” I sure hope we see him in the big race soon……