Another Day At The Races

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 26, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

Today started with a bright summer morning. Clouds quickly appeared, and rain was on the way. You could feel winds blowing, and today they were special winds of change.

Early this morning, a group of loved ones had been working with me for a get together. I made sure we had a program to commemorate the event, and announcements would be made by our track announcer detailing the folks of the group.

Many people came from near and far.  I met a couple from Ireland who were in their eighties. It was their first time at the track, and they commented on how beautiful it was. I was just hoping the rain would hold off just a little bit longer.

The pastor came in and we began. Today we talked about the life and the loves of Mike Currigan. He was eighty-three when God called him home. He loved coming to the races, and his final wish was to have his ashes scattered in the winner’s circle. He was among friends, and goes out a winner. It was at this time the clouds opened up, and it looked like the sky was crying. Good luck, Mr. Currigan……

Later in the day, an old friend of mine brought his new baby and wife to the track. It would be young Quinton’s first time at the races. He slept in grandma’s arms, and had the look of an angel. He was attending the races, but wasn’t going to be wagering today. He was with his father, and I would bet that he will be making many treks to the track over the years. I just hope I am lucky enough to see him grow to be a strong, young man. Today we were all winners, just sharing the day with Quinton…

The thoughts I drove home with were different than usual. Sometimes I replay races in my head, and think about how I could have done things differently or relish the winning day.

This drive would focus on the end of life, and the beginning. One went out just the way he wanted; surrounded by friends, and going to the place he chased for years: the winner’s circle.

Another showed me the beginning of the race. How precious life is, and how we should enjoy every moment along the way. We all come into the world not knowing our fate, and how long we will stick around. Just like racing, the uncertainty of the outcome made the trip all that more exciting.  At the end of the day, I smiled on the way home.  I’ll chalk this one up as a winner.