Is She Good Enough?

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 7, 2009 in General Discussion | 2 Comments >>

This Sunday in the Clemente L. Hirsch at Del Mar, the fog will start to clear, the rain will go away, and the arguments will start.

Zenyatta will run in this heat. There has been enough talk about her and her ability to run on synthetic. I have also heard enough about staying in California.

She probably won’t come East, and there won’t be a throw down on a neutral track. Rachel has shown she is the real deal. She has faced the boys, and raced on many surfaces. I have been a big believer in watching these two gals get down and make it happen. But, after further thought, I feel she is one-dimensional. If Zenyatta was as good as they believe, she would have been shipped to face R.A…..

Jess Jackson is making his case for her Horse of the Year campaign without going to Santa Anita. That is a tall order, and a big mountain to climb. But I think she is well on her way to getting it done.

How will history treat this rivalry? How will we look at it at the end of the year? I guess you have to factor in who is moving around, and who is stepping outside her boundaries. Rachel has run and won on poly. But Zenyatta is being questioned about having the ability to move where the big girls play. This will be the story of 2009 for racing. Just think, the 50-1 shot from New Mexico winning the Derby means nothing compared to what could have happened between two female horses in their prime.