Time Served

by Ed Meyer

posted on September 17, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

I always wanted to get into racing when I was younger. I always felt there were two doors that one had to pass to be accepted into the game. One, was to be related to a higher up who passed you along quickly and made room for you at the big table. Two, was to start at a very small job and work your way up. I have known people who have done both. But when I worked my way from the parking lot as a young man, I wanted to help others prepare for the future.

When I began my career in marketing, I found out there was no internship program. I could not believe this, and wanted to make it my first goal, to get the ball rolling to reach out and help others.

Well, the project is four years old. I have seen many young people come in unprepared, and leave ready to work. I cannot take all of the credit. I just shared my experiences, and they provided the rest. It was they who did all of the work. I wanted to reach out and share anything I could. To give someone that boost, was a mix of the “golden spoon” entry and the “hard road” servitude.

I have made more contacts, and watched more young people ready themselves. For this, I take great pride.  I had the chance to be around some of the best people I have known.

This is just not a racing story. If you are reading this, you can apply this successful program in any walk of life. It doesn’t matter if they follow your trade. The main focus is to better prepare people for the world. I have watched it work first hand, and if you are reading this and want to find that magic doorway, pick up the phone, drop a resume, and make contact. You may be surprised.

My hope is that each and every one of them will surpass me at whatever level I reach. I told them all at the end of each year: “It would be an honor to work for you someday……”