by Ed Meyer

posted on September 21, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

I love to read articles and blogs on racing. It gives me another perspective, and I never take an opinion for or against. I just read, and take it all in. It is the opinion of someone, and needs to be respected. With that in mind, I find myself for the first time taking a position and scratching my head.

With total respect for the writer, I have to ask you in the kindest of words, what were you thinking when writing about Alan Garcia?  To the point just a bit further, what were the folks responding to the article thinking?

I have watched racing for many moons. I love New York racing, and have found Alan Garcia to be one of the next with an appointment for the bigger stage, wherever that stage may be… Maybe it was in Dubai, when he out rode Frankie Dettori down the lane…

There were many references about him being jaded, and not caring anymore… How can this be true? Do you really follow racing?  This guy is very talented. He was five behind an ultra-talented Ramon Dominguez at Saratoga.

OK, he didn’t win a G-1 race at Saratoga. So what??? It is extremely tough there. Maybe the toughest colony in the country, if not the world. The trainers are all loaded for bear, and it is not like some boutique meets, where a couple of big names ship in and hold court.

I also read about the fines and the misuse of the whip. Do you remember a guy by the name of Angel Cordero? He was as tough as nickel steak. He didn’t take the game lightly, and rode every race like the Derby. But we didn’t think any less of his skills.

I kindly disagree that he is complacent or bored. I think he is at the top of his game, and I look forward to seeing his best in coming years. So, that being said, I still love to read and learn. I think your readers feel the same. Those who are passionate have an opinion about the game and what is said about the players. I think Alan is a great addition to any colony. Just make a call to any track, and ask if they would love to see him taking mounts at their track…