Random Thoughts

by Ed Meyer

posted on January 29, 2010 in General Discussion | 1 Comment >>

Everyone has them, and for those that do not, kick back and take it all in. You will have time to get back to work, write your novel, or make dinner. Take a moment and reflect.

Today I was asked by a friend, who is going to be on a panel, if I had any thoughts on racing issues. My first was to do something for the players. Cut back the % for IRS tickets. It is 300-1, and it cuts into the handle by taking away money for taxes. The takeout is high enough, and players need a breath. I would make it 1000-1, and only tax players wh0 win over $2002.00 for a $2 wager. This will keep the pools up, and allow players to have a fighter’s chance to stay away from the taxman. Think about it… We never take the player into thought, and we want them to come back… Give them what they want. A fair deal ……

I have a few friends who are going to play in the NTRA contest in Vegas. Most have gone before, but one is making his maiden voyage. He asked me for any advice, as I had been lucky enough to make it out there. I told him to arrive one day early, get your room set, learn the lay of the land, and know the rules and get your handicapping materials. You will be rested, and will have a jump on over 100 of the 301 players who arrive hours before the event. He called me today after winning $3,000 in the racebook, and eating at a nice steakhouse. He is off to his room to do his homework. I think he is going to have a great time, win or lose….

Mike Gill. He has been asked not to enter horses anymore. The racing community is seeing something out of the norm and is kindly asking him to step back. He has been a money machine that wins like rain. But, at what cost is winning worth risking? His runners have been called into question about breakdowns, and many feel he is running too much. How can everyone be wrong on this issue? No digs against Mr. Gill, as he sounds like a savvy businessman. I have never heard such a public outcry for anyone to leave. If he leaves, it should make many happier and his horses safe. If he stays, some state will allow him to run, and at what cost will all this be worth it? He has plenty of money, won an Eclipse Award, and etched his name in history. The wagons are circled, and his best bet is to walk away for good. Winning is not worth putting it all on the line. Many riders want to go home at the end of an evening, and other owners don’t want to see more breakdowns. In the time of Thoroughbred racing today, we are doing a much better job of policing ourselves than waiting for a judgment to come down. Just do the right thing……