Dinner Delivered

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 25, 2010 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

Dinner Delivered

I came back after a hot day at the track. Not at the windows, but it has been steamy across my neck of the woods. I know I am not the only cry-baby out there facing the heat, but it does take its toll. If you don’t see me eat lunch, it is hot….

So, a delivered pizza sounded like a dream come true…  When the pizza man came to the door, he recognized me from the track and he began to talk shop. I don’t mind, except the pizza box was even starting to look good…. He was an older gent, and I have seen him  for years. I have a rule of thumb. If it means enough for you to take the time to tell me about something, I have enough time to listen…

He began about the Instant Racing machines that are headed to Kentucky. I live in Kentucky, but I work in Ohio. I want the industry to survive, and there is no such thing as boundaries for me. His opinion was that he and his many friends would not ever bet a machine. They hated the idea of them, and said more colorful terms about the issue. He said he hoped they failed. He was a horseplayer, and he didn’t care if they ever did well. He only came for the horses.

I heard out my new friend, and it was at this time I had to speak a language where he could hear me. I told him that they were going to give the tracks hope. Without them, there would be no chance at showing the state how much money could be generated for the coffers. The Bluegrass state had to start somewhere. The past week’s show would have given him a better perspective, and I gave him the bad news.

As he hoped for failure, the track would be closing their doors. His favorite place would be gone, and it may not be back. For these past 60 years, he will have to say goodbye. So, I asked to try them out. Get others involved, and tell as many people as you can about how much the tracks are trying. Go the other route instead of wishing for failure.

He looked at me, and I think this hit him hard.  Hopefully, he will try and give it a roll. It is in his hands to play a role in saving his track. I know one man does not make or break the bank, but it has to start somewhere. Give it a try, and take an interest in your oval. If you’re not careful, you may not be able to sit with your pals and bet ponies all day long.

As he headed back to his new car, as an aged pizza delivery man doing this to get out of the house, I realized that there may still be trouble on the horizon. I don’t know if the mindset of the present demographic can see beyond 1972 when things were great. I sure hope he gives it a shot to keep the game alive. But first you must adapt a bit and have hope. Get rid of the negative thoughts, and dream for the future.