Undercard Value

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 29, 2010 in General Discussion, Handicapping | 1 Comment >>

Money!For the big days in racing we get caught up in the big events. But, the real value may be found in the undercard races.

I like to use Pick-3’s and Pick-4’s on the big days. If you use the tier levels to find value, the guaranteed pools may be worth the wager. You may overlook the guaranteed pools, and in my opinion, you may be leaving an additional 20% on the table for payouts. I have watched this for years, and now I see the effort is worth chasing. Many folks like to play on the weekend, and no matter what the guarantee, it is worth a ticket. But, before you get involved, make sure you play at the smallest level possible.

I had a pal who came running up to me after a big score. He was getting $980, and he played it three times. It was tall cotton for my buddy, but he played $2 tickets. For this little ditty, he got to fill out the I.R.S forms. Always play at the smallest level possible. If they offer a $1 wager, take it.. If you are playing supers, go the dime route and keep pushing repeat.

Keep yourself out of the I.R.S line, and go ahead and stretch out and make a ticket or two. The tier levels have shown me good value, and it is not always in the third tier. I have found top tier runners that are 20-1 or better. I also look at all of the levels to balance out my handicapping. These days are good for playing, and you need to take advantage of the day.

Just have a money plan, use the lowest denomination wager, and don’t be afraid to seek out advice from professionals. The big days offer value as all runners are trying for the big money. I have found that it is better to seek guidance from those who follow the circuits and play everyday. There is no way you can walk in cold and fire them up. WinningPonies is a solid service to depend on. The exotic numbers show how we are doing all year long. You can peruse the testimonials, and take a look at the free selections. Add all of this up, and you will find yourself having a winning day!