I Gotta Horse Right Here!

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 11, 2010 in General Discussion | 1 Comment >>

I gotta horse right hereHow many times have you been going along, and a pal at the track approaches you with the whispering voice of good things to come?  I would guess that it is over a thousand for me, and it continues to grow.

Tips, steamers, hot-things, locks, good things, and the inside scoop. These are just a few of the names used to give this info a face. The whispering tone of a friend, or it may be the loud squawk of a player proclaiming his victory in advance.

I have just one question… If it were so good, why would they be giving it away for free? Because everytime a player plunks down a deuce to win, it hurts the odds. These little nuggets of doo-doo are just like a mirage…. Forget about them, and move on… For the one that wins, there will be fifty that get dusted. I wouldn’t take those odds for nothing.

I have found that people tend to share the speculation, as it inflates their value as a handicapper. That free tip is about as solid as what you paid for it… But, we still continue to listen. Hoping, and waiting… We remember the one hit, and forget about the hundred losses. But, still we continue.

Now, for the real things… They are never whispered… Do you know why?  They are kept under lock and key for the inside company involved. I have seen and heard of many over the years, and the folks do not deal them out to the public. It is for their enjoyment, and a few close friends. It does not get out… It is not meant for public ears, and the whispering fools who chase shadows and believe in the big winner…..

They are usually about 7-2, or around that price. You will hear it from a top notch trainer who you may get to know if you work in the industry, or if you are part of the media that advertises their success. They know how to play the game, and there are no whispers. I have had trainers, and a few owners give me this inside magic. For the real scoop, they hit about 20% of the time. The losers have a story, or a bad health report after the fact. The info does not come along every day, but it does come out. So, if you would like to believe in fairytales, Santa, or the Easter Bunny… Get in line….

My advice. Study for yourself, or seek the guidance of those who give out selections for a living. If they do poorly, they will be out of business. So, there are no shortcuts my friends. Just put in the time. Seek the right people with a high percentage, and employ a strategy for money management. Be patient, and bet with your head. I think this will work out better in the long run, or you can always head out to the barn area and hear a tip or a sure thing from stall to stall….