by Ed Meyer

posted on September 10, 2010 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

Man, how many times have you heard this statement at the track or OTB? If you get beat at the wire, it is part of the grand scheme of the “Fix-It” masters. You know, the people in the know who blow you out of the water….

I like to think of it as the conspiracy theory… My dad is a big part of this club. Hell, he may even be the president… He thinks that rider who has not ridden for two years has been thinking and waiting on how he can make the big hit on a Thursday night for $4,000 claimers.

Think about it… The money is too big. Now, if you can say that they are fixing the race for a handful of dimes, go ahead and jump…. If you head out west to Nowhere Downs, you get what you get… It is ruled by three farmers with a $400 win pool that is posted with a chalkboard. Stick to the circuits with a name, and at least ten players have heard of. Never play a track that is not on the simulcast network…..

Now, back in the day, I have been told point blank by racing officials, workout boys, and all others that they would have made $300 for the win, and got $500 to hold… You make the call when it is Christmas time, and your family has no tree…. I don’t believe it happens now as you will get banned and fined. There is just too much money on the table….

So, next time you hear some rootie poo crying in his beer, know it is just that …… The race game has come a long way, and the future will look bright again……