Blizzard Downs

by Ed Meyer

posted on February 4, 2011 in General Discussion | 1 Comment >>

Don’t you just love when your favorite track, or most of the country is snow-bound? It kinda leaves you in the dark, and sometimes looking for your daily dose of action. But, here was an idea that I kept on the back burner just for this time.

I made a VHS tape of twenty races. They were from varied tracks and did not show the odds or post parade. They were in the gate, and each person would wager $5 on each runner they liked. There was a program that was made, and to mix up the lot, I tossed in some dog races and harness.

The evening had plenty of action every 15 minutes. Beer flowed, the game was on, and guys gathered to get their bet on…. There was a $10 side wager for those who cared to take part in a “winner-take-all.”

I have made about ten copiesĀ of these over the years, and you have to entrust one person who will be the track, or banker… He or she knows the winners, does the payouts, and runs the show. They must keep the lid on the results, and this will make for one heck of a day. They usually evolve into a card game, and fun for all.

So, as I am watching the cancellations and blizzards that roll from coast to coast, you can plan ahead and get ready for a great night.