Great Ideas

by Ed Meyer

posted on March 10, 2011 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

I have been reading some cool ideas, and the creative juices started to flow. I guess when I read, or hear about a plan to better our sport, I get giddy like a little kid. I think we could all stand to have a dose of that, and maybe we may have some different results.

Have you heard about “Night School”? Jeremy Plonk and Joe Kristufek are doing an incredible job of addressing issues in handicapping. The show can be seen on Monday nights, and you can access it by visiting your favorite track site, and tune in. It is spectacular, and these two guys really know the game. Great idea, and it will help players from all walks. Check it out, and I think you will agree.

I began my own thoughts, and some of them have been mentioned before. But, take a gander and see if any would be of interest to you:

  1. As soon as an inquiry or objection pops up, the state steward will appear on the in-house TV program which goes out to all outlets. They will explain why, and how much of a penalty the runners face. This will make the game transparent, and will give us a visual reminder that the sport is being policed. This will go along way, and it shows the importance of having an in-house program as a communication vehicle.
  2. Make it a point that the NTRA meet with all tracks. Not to collect dues, but to answer questions and make suggestions about dropping the takeout as an industry. Let’s all work on this together, and show the players that we hear them, and it is time to act. If it doesn’t work, then we can always go back and turn it back up, because that is definitely not going to please patrons. Give takeout a long thought. It may show players that we are doing all we can until better days.
  3. Have on-track or OTB handiacpping sessions. Bring in trainers, vets, and riders to address the groups. Have a breakfast for the works. How about an invite party for 100 of your top players and a guest to enjoy finger food, free handicapping info, and some special drawings? You can rotate the list every month, and get your core players involved. Let’s build on what we have, and then we can market to new demos….. Don’t overlook the daily player. Please don’t make the mistake of “open the doors and they will come.” Treat them like royalty. They are, they pay your salary.

Food for thought. Not every idea is gold, but I once read that if I miss on 99 out of 100, and hit a homer with #100, it is a winner.