How to Play Turfway Park

by Ed Meyer

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All tracks have their own little nuances. – Speed on the rail, closers from the back, and middle stalkers rule. – The Polytrack is a whole new animal versus what you’ve been playing all year on dirt.  – If you follow a few rules and keep your eyes peeled for the connections. You may find a winter wonderland as the temperatures take a nose dive.

According to Martin Collins Enterprises;

Approved by the BHA and developed specifically for fast work, Polytrack is scientifically proven to minimize the risk of injury and provide a consistent, secure surface for horses to perform to the best of their ability.

Its unique capability of providing consistent going, in even the most extreme temperature variations, makes it a winning choice for racetracks and training gallops all over the world. In fact, Polytrack is used at over 20 racetracks and on 250km of training tracks across the globe. Each Polytrack surface is bespoke and designed for the climate and level of use it is to withstand. But every single mix is manufactured to the same specification, ensuring the material is consistent throughout, for a world-leading racing and training surface that supports optimum performance.

That being said, the surface is very safe. – The times can vary quite a bit. – At Turfway Park, you’ll see the temperature drop 15+ degrees in hours as the sun goes down. Night racing can be a bit chilly and the windchill plays a big part in being forced to cancel. – You have to take the safety of both equine and human athletes into consideration at all times.

If the weather is under normal conditions look at the color. If it is darker there is a good chance of the water trucks making a few rounds to keep down any dust or fluffy kickback. – This is when the track may play quicker as it is tight. Horses seem to grab a hold of the surface and can dig down to run quicker. – If it is a lighter grey and the temperatures are cold. It may be loose and speed will hold up better. – Before making your first wager check in with the weather report for Florence, Kentucky. It is a mile away from Greater Cincinnati Airport and you’ll get a good report.

If there are horses running at Woodbine, Arlington, Presque Isle, or coming off the turf. Give them a good look before betting. – Synthetic runners who enjoy the surface take to Turfway as it is manicured and kept up throughout the day and night. Turf runners seem to glide over it smoothly.

Pay close attention to the charts on how the races have been playing. – After four days of live racing. There have been 32 races. The top number of winners have come from –  13 from Churchill / 5 from Indiana Grand / 4 from Keeneland. – Riders to watch  / John McKee, Euclyn Prentice, Rafael Mojica Jr., Rodney Prescott and the new rider from Brazil Luan Machado. – Trainers to keep an eye peeled on / Mike Maker, Wesley Ward, Jack Sisterson, Kim Hammond, Genaro Garcia, and Jeff Greenhill.

The races have been won by runners who were no more than 3 to 4 lengths off the pace and making a move about the 3/8th’s pole. Go ahead and play a runner on the stretch out in the distance as speed and stamina seem to carry further. – Be vigilant and watch how the track has been playing. Keep tabs on the weather and look for hot connections. – It may be one of your best weapons at the windows.

Watch as the TV crew picks up runners working out strong prior to the race or ones who get away from the pony and settle out. By going back and watching the charts closely you’ll start picking up runners to watch and connections to play. – It may be cold outside during the meet, but the action will be red hot. Just pay close attention and be on the lookout for big outfits who ship into Turfway. They’re coming here for a reason and it may help you find a few more winners! – Best of luck from Winning Ponies!