Speed Thrills

by Ed Meyer

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We live in a rapid-fire world. Phone in hand with a device not far away. The speed of modern convenience has put the world at our fingertips. We are used to 197 channels, on-demand, 24-hour food delivery and Amazon Prime delivering the world in 30 minutes.

We used to wait, watch, and wager on nine live races over three hours. – We thought life couldn’t be any better. Well, times have changed and we better get with the program.

Slot machines, VLT’s and a plethora of rapid-fire machines are putting us out to pasture.  Slow just won’t go anymore. People want action every second if possible; and even then they want it quicker, brighter, bigger and better. How can we compete with that?  With this in mind; give it a think and see if any of this works.


Speed up the game, people have short attention spans.
It’s the main reason baseball struggles. – Too slow for the desire of the “now I’m bored era.”
How about borrowing an idea from harness racing? – Have a race behind the paddock in holding to hit the track in ten to twelve minutes as soon as it’s official. – No waiting, just blazing action coming your way. – Talk about having a mainline adrenaline rush. – The entire card run and done in about two hours.
Now before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s make sure we’re prepared with safety.
How about two sets of valets getting silks ready and tending to the needs of the riders?- The track crew works the track, the ambulance is there already, and you can have two sets of an outriding crew. – Can you see the game picking up speed yet?
Instead of players searching for an “impulse play” waiting on your live racing, they’re getting ready for the next race. – Real handicappers come to the track-ready and the rest will enjoy the fast-paced action.  New players will love the red-hot pace, and think of your audience in simulcast world. They’ll be glued to playing your signal as it comes up every ten minutes or so.
Speed is the name in gaming. – It started with jitney bingo and skyrocketed to the stratosphere. – This may not be the panacea, but racing needs to pick up the pace to stay in the running. – You’ll go to the movies with your date for two hours. You’ll listen to your favorite band for two hours and wish for more. – Would you enjoy watching and wagering on a full race card in the same time?