Good Move!

by Ed Meyer

posted on May 30, 2009 in General Discussion, News, Other Events | No Comments >>

By now you have heard that Rachel Alexandra is not going to run in the 141st Belmont Stakes. A wise man once told me the answer can be yes, no, and wait and see. We have our answer, and we’ll get to wait and see just how good she will be in the future.

R.A is one of the finest fillies I have ever seen in action. A response from a member made a great point. She had the look and feel of Ruffian. She ran on the hook, or just off of the pace. Both gave their all every effort, and now we will be able to see her mature with a little rest.

The 1 1/2 at ” Big Sandy” can be grueling. The race does not set up for downtown closers, and runners will have to make their moves earlier than usual. You can count on rabbits, stalkers, and off the pace monsters. They would have never given her a breather. But now, we can rest assured that she will eat, romp, and come back rested with a lot of racing luck.

Kudos to Jess Jackson for making this decision. It is not my opinion that counts. It is that I am a true fan in every sense of the word. I would have hated to see or hear of any problems. She won by over twenty in the Oaks, and held off the late charge of the Derby winner. What else can we ask from her right now?

There will be plenty of races down the road. If she retired today, look at it as if she retired the champ. But I think we have not seen the last of her efforts. Mr. Jackson paid a hefty sum, and stepped her up and won. I think he has a few more plans for her, and at the end of her career she will be bred to Curlin. Just think, we will be watching “super horses” for years to come. The bloodlines from this marriage will have an effect on the game for years. But in the meantime, get some rest young lady. You surely deserve your time down.