Kicked Out

by Ed Meyer

posted on October 30, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

The NYRA is not playing around. Just ask Jeff Mullins….. I think the stance they are taking is a little strong, and maybe should be rethought.

Mullins is being barred from New York tracks for six months. He was charged for giving one of his runners an unknown substance. He was caught lying about it, and is standing in the corner.

Jeff Mullins is a very good trainer. That does not give you a “get out of jail” card. I think instead of not allowing him to race, I think it should have been tougher. Allow him to run, but make him test before and after races at his cost. Force him to be on-call to assist other trainers if needed with their runners. Have him give speaking seminars about training, and what not to do…. Get him out of the corner, and put him to work.. This would be a more suited punishment, and I guarantee he would learn a bit about the Big Apple…..

OK, he has a checkered past. Many do, and time has forgotten all.. I would have put his feet to the fire, and made him go to work for NYRA. I would use any good he could bring to the table and share it with others. Make it tough. I bet he will find a person to deal his runners. He will “sell” them, or some type of magic… He cannot transfer any of his runners, but there are ways to get around the teacher when they are not looking.

I would make him an example. Let it be known to all. The more time he is away, people forget his transgressions. Keep him visible, and make him work off his punishment. I think that would be a better suited way to deal with these problems.