Thoughts For 2011

by Ed Meyer

posted on December 29, 2010 in General Discussion | 2 Comments >>

Gamblers, punters, or anyone who enjoys making a wager will make some pledge of change as the ball drops, and Dick Clark will make his annual appearance. We can’t help it, and no matter what you say, it will cross your mind right as you see 2011 on the screen for the 1st time.

I first started doing this when I could read the DRF. I thought I knew so much about racing, and looking back, I hadn’t even opened the book. But, here are some personal thoughts to consider before you can be ready to begin to comprehend gambling.

This is not a must, but I have found that the very best in the game have gone broke many times. I can name three that you read daily, and some that you hear call races, and you may think they are the best the game has to offer. There is something about being down and out that either brings out your very best, or will destroy your will and want to play. For me, the drive is a fire. Sometimes it slows to a warm ember, and other times it rages out of control.

I have learned patience. My dad loved to tell the story of my grandpa who was a plumber by trade. He loved the ponies, and when he would go broke, he would drop back and stay away for awhile. No bookies, or betting on the cuff. He stayed away and fished, worked side jobs, or fixed things he had put off. This was his way. Papaw has been gone for over 20 years, and I can still smell his cigars. His way of recoiling the urge was to stay busy, and know that you will have another day. I guess he will never be published, but his ways were right.

For me, I play very few races. I have found that diving into a card and trying to pick every winner at every track was a loser. I have dropped back even farther as of late.  I played two runners the other day. A friend of mine carried the bets, and said you made $30 profit…. It wasn’t the money. I am glad to know that patience is allowing me to cleanse my ways. I have found out so many times that forcing the issue only leads to going popped. Just wait, your time will come back around…

I am tired of hearing excuses. I have a few pals that blame everyone from the ticket seller to the smelly men’s room… If you look for excuses, you will find them. You can’t get taken out of your game by another coming up and talking. Take the epic comedy of “Let it Ride” where Trotter is hounded by his loud mouth pal who always talks his plays into the ground. No blame, and only you can take yourself out the match. I used to be a believer that someone else held your mojo, but that has changed. You are the only determining factor of what will be in your wallet.

So, looking back here are a few things that players should think about:

  • Patience will payoff in the long run. You will have your day, so just do your homework, and prepare for the day.
  • Play fewer races, and watch and scout runners in other races for future trips. You can just bet more on fewer trips to the plate. Do the math, and you may agree.
  • Stop the blame game. Don’t find others to fault for your loser. If you look hard enough, you can blame everyone for everything.

Good luck!