by Ed Meyer

posted on January 13, 2011 in General Discussion | 4 Comments >>

Barrett McCulloughOn 1/7/11 the heavens opened up and gave the McCullough family a bundle of joy. God smiled sweetly, and young Barrett McCullough was born to Mary and Kevin with a lifetime of happiness ahead of them.

I wanted to write about young Barrett’s arrival, and even his birthday has a gambler’s note. He was born on 7/11…If you’re a craps player, you know the significance of these two numbers. If you hit either of them on the come out roll, you are a winner! He came out on this day, and the lad is off and away from the gate nicely.

First, let me tell you about his parents. Kevin and Mary are good people. The kind of folks who could savor a cocktail, and enjoy conversation on many levels. I met Kevin through a friend, and both of theses guys are VP’s in the banking industry.  Racing runs deep in Kevin’s life. His father introduced him to the sport of kings, and they enjoyed the game. To this day, Kevin continues to produce a “Green Sheet” for the Kentucky Derby, a labor of love his late father Jim created for fans from every walk of life. Kevin carries on that torch with his own losers and excuses, but it is something that we await each year to arrive in the mail.

When I was an interim track announcer, Kevin came up to visit me in the booth. I knew how much he would have loved to have a turn at the mic. For a man who never called a race, he blew me away, and did an incredible job. He even made a return a week or so later, and brought up his girlfriend Mary, and gave another incredible call. If banking gets too boring, this guy has some talent.

Mary is a beautiful young lady, and he has definitely overachieved. He must have caught her at a weak moment, as they met in Las Vegas on 7/11… Once again, the lucky numbers that denote a winning roll.  They married at Santa Anita on Breeders’ Cup Day on 11/7…. Once again, the lucky numbers.

So, young Barrett Alex McCullough at 7 lbs / 10 ounces (almost 7/11) arrived on 7/11 this year. The lucky numbers appear once again. I am sure he will make many trips to the races, and have many wonderful stories about his father who loves the races. Barrett is healthy, and mom is doing well. I look forward to the day that I see this happy family together at the track. If ever the wagering gods converged and were giving us a hint about lucky numbers, I believe the McCullough family is a winner. Welcome, Barrett! Can’t wait to see you at the track soon…