Half Time in the Wagering Year

by Ed Meyer

posted on May 27, 2011 in General Discussion | 4 Comments >>

It is time to start taking inventory. No, not on how many boxes you have or why you didn’t do your work project. One where you take a look at your methods, and find your madness.

I get a lot out of talking with folks and knowing what makes them tick. It is like handicapping with multiple bankrolls, and it allows me to find a weakness in my wagering armor.

With the Triple Crown winding down, many people could lose interest. Or, they could be backing that chalk for the third time hoping for lightning. But, as for me, I will be playing a price runner. The Belmont races will give you a glimpse of some local runners, some that may offer a price, and could light up your wallet.

I did fine in the Derby, did you? – No bragging, but just taking stock on how I was doing for the seasonal specials. – The Preakness was a race where I became even more of a believer, and an upset occurred. I wouldn’t have had it, but after speaking with around 100 folks, they all had Shackleford. Sounds like he should have been 5-2 and not 12-1. This was a tough race to digest. But, it helps to put it behind us and start again….

Something I have heard from serious handicappers was that they failed the money management test. When they were up, the greed bug bit and a $20 player was now playing $50. Or, after a day of moderate play, the horse they waited for comes along at a square price, and they back off on the bet that would win the day. The overall answer: everyone wanted to better the way the money was handled.

The race is far from over, and the Belmont could be a an excellent opportunity to cash. The races are getting stronger each weekend, and you can find value everywhere you look. All it takes is a little work, patience, and most importantly money management.

Good luck!