What Am I Doing Wrong?

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 26, 2013 in General Discussion, Horse Racing, WinningPonies.com | No Comments >>

Every horse player enjoys looking back and remembering the big score. How the day was just perfect, and you could do no wrong. So, the million-dollar question is how do we tap into that mojo? Why not have your secret sauce ready to roll with every wager? I don’t know if it is more magic than science, but here are a few things we can do that may allow our R.O.I. to jump a bit.


  • Never play with scared money. I know we have all heard this maxim, but it does hold true. “Scared Money” is when you are playing with a short bankroll, or using your bill or mortgage payment to gamble. If this has been the problem, just stop… Start taking that $25 you allotted for playing the races, and stick it under the mattress. Next week, do the same.. Try this for about a month, and all the while keep tabs on the ponies, and make “mental wagers.” No out of pocket dough, but you are staying in tune with what you love. Right about now you are asking why should I try this? You have started building a sizable bankroll, kept copious notes on the races, and dropped back into a zone where you are not playing on emotion. After you take this month away, let me know how you do at the races. Did you enjoy yourself? Did you have any success?? Did you feel more relaxed not worrying if the lights were on when you got home??? This one month away has gotten you in the habit of keeping notes, paying close attention without worry, and most of taking away the burden of playing on scared money.


  • Remember the past, and prepare for the future. I am guilty of talking about wins so old they are past the legal limit of actually picking the winner. We need to always be on the notice of what’s coming next. “Failing to plan is planning to fail,” according to John Wooden. But for the horse player, there should be a fine or punishment for failing to find time to handicap before going to the track.


  • Follow no more than three tracks. No more… Not doing this is called “Tap Dancing,” and it is against the law of common sense. Keep your focus tight, and you’ll be in tune with the game.


  • Never gamble, attend the races, or talk about horses on the phone to the “Negative Nellie.” They have an excuse why they are getting beat, and they can suck the life from your day with their crying.


  •  Go in with an optimistic attitude of having a great day. Visualize that big winner, and how good it feels. You have to see it before anything will change.


Right about now many would see this as obvious and of no use. If that is true do you know of anyone, or even yourself for being guilty of doing any of the above? There is no magic mojo, or three headed rabbit’s foot that is going to give you every winner. You have to actively want to be a part. If you go through the motions and bet, I would have to say that going to the car early is in your future. If these fit, your welcome. If not, let us know what you think. As gamblers we are always in pursuit in being a “better bettor.” Just use your head for more than a hat rack. It is the greatest show in the galaxy for me. I want to be as good as I can, and keep my focus no matter what the outcome.


Good luck from your friends at Winning Ponies!!