Weekend Warriors

It’s that time of the year when horse players turn into a beast. Yep, they go from a mild-mannered Joe to a mega dollar betting machine. I am all in for a good wager, and the Triple Crown offers some unique opportunities to make money. Just think it out, and treat the weekend like you do every other day of wagering.

The crowds are getting thick at the track, and you can tell that Preakness -madness is the driving force. Just think, if the Derby winner rolls to the winner’s circle. The place will fill-up in a matter of minutes. There might be mutual machines in the men’s room as everyone loves to be a part of history. I call these folks “weekend warriors,” and they come out in full effect. They love the dollar beers, the indie bands, and the glitzy glamour of a state-of-the-art casino. Add all of this up and you have many folks betting who have no idea of what do with their bankroll. This is where Winning Ponies can help. While you drink craft brew, and people watch, you’ll have the most comprehensive wagering tool that can make you a winner. Talk about having an edge. Warriors, take it from me. Enjoy your day, and have a secret weapon that will keep you up-to-speed with the Joneses.

The Triple Crown is a special time for racing fans. There are so many good handicappers who could use that boost to get them over the top. To be a real handicapper, it takes a great deal of time. Many have full-time careers that do not allow, and others have family commitments. Nothing wrong with either, and I applaud your focus. But, the big race is here, and there is an incredible card that can offer some blockbuster payouts. It takes you back to when you would spend hours pouring over replays and keeping charts and notes. This is where Winning Ponies comes in handy for this Warrior. They would love tom follow the races everyday, but cannot take the time away from life. This is where they dial up Winning Ponies and find themselves armed with the same if not better material they would have created themselves. Every good team depends on each other, and to be able to reach out and have the best info out there allows you to be that player again. Winning Ponies does not try and do your job, so just let us do ours, and we’ll keep you up-to-speed just like the old days.

No matter what type of player you find yourself, it’s great to reach out and get the best in handicapping material. This allows you to stay connected to the game you love without putting in countless hours of following the races everyday. Leave that to us, and we’ll do the leg work while you focus on making money. Stay away from data that is created two or three times a year by folks that claim to “crush, or break the bank.” If it were half true, they would be doing for every track in the nation everyday. Winning Ponies keeps you prepared to play when you want to play. We want you to enjoy the sport and make it a profitable venture. We are here when you need us, and we’ll be ready when you want to win. – Best of luck this weekend, and be sure to “bet with your head and not over it.”