Talking Dirty

There is nothing like a little “dirty talk” to get your blood pumping. But if you’re expecting a wild tale of college girls on spring break, you may want to adjust your settings. In Lexington, Kentucky there are three things on the topic of discussion list: 1) The Kentucky Wildcats, 2) Keeneland Race Course, and 3) The Kentucky Wildcats.

It all began on October 15, 1936, when Keeneland hosted its first day of live Thoroughbred racing. Their goal was to create a race track unique in structure. It would be a community project, a nonprofit venture in which proceeds would be returned to the racing purse money for horsemen and improvements to the facility, with any remaining profits to be donated to local charities. Most importantly, they wanted to create a race track that would carry on Kentucky’s Thoroughbred tradition for future generations. You can find more about the glorious history of Keeneland on their incredible website. But, it seemed like the world would came to an end when Poly Track was installed at the track which was known for speed. It was a learning curve for handicappers, and the track continued to flourish as the new surface was in place for the safety of the sport. There aren’t many who can squabble with that decision, but it sure made my spring and fall trips cut back a few times. When it was announced that a “state-of-the-art” dirt surface would be installed. The smile on my face could be seen from the moon.

With any changes, handicappers are a cautious sort. It takes time to gain the trust and belief of a Thoroughbred handicapper. There is no other form of gambling like the pari-mutuel playground, and the players are loyal and true. But there was going to be a “waiting period” where we examine every nuance of the surface. How would it play wet? Would it be a speed favoring oval as in the past? Or, would there be a five year learning experiment as with poly? Winning Ponies hit the ground running, and it appears to be a seamless transition. Here are a few items of notice from the E-Z Win Forms that need to used when handicapping Keeneland:


10/11/14   –    Race #5

If you go back and examine in the “results” area, you will see the E-Z Win selections, and how they fared. Now, not beating my drum, but very few services show how they did. This race is a perfect example of how to use the data to make your day a winner.

#7 – Attain (54 /54) – (4-1) closing odds. The first 54 is the Last Race Rating, and this gives you a solid insight into where the runner fits in the race as far as competition. This was a rating was the highest in the field, and the second 54 is the Composite Rating showing how your runner has been doing the last three efforts. This was also the highest in the field. With both of the highest figures, you would assume this was the morning line chalk. This was not the case, as he was installed (7-2) by the morning line odds-maker. He actually went up in value, and all you had to do is follow the predictions.

Now, you’ll want to see if your runner has a solid work over the track. He had four shown over the Keeneland oval, and his last was a bullet work to show readiness. You can find this in his E-Z Win prediction, and all you have to do is expand the data to see full past performances, equipment changes, rider and trainer stats, and up-to-date workout patterns.

Go back and check daily to see how Winning Ponies is doing. You may be getting a late start, and you notice the E-Z Win selections are sizzling hot. You download the rest of the card, and you’re only charged for the races used. How sweet is that? I have never been allowed to jump on board when the winning team is on top.  That is until I started using the E-Z Win Forms.

On this day, the speed looked good going longer distances, and stalkers and closers held sway in shorter distances. The turf has always been kind to closers, and this season is no different. All in all, the track has been playing fair all meet long. As far as the human connections, John Velasquez is winning (39%), Julien Leparoux is ITM (64%), and Joe Rocco Jr. is smoking as a new comer with a (42%) ITM clip. The trainers you need to keep your eyes peeled for: Mike Maker, Dale Romans, Bill Mott, and Mark Casse. When you see any of the above connections team up together, it may be time to dig into your E-Z Win Forms and make your way to the windows. What are you waiting for? It’s almost post time!!