First Time Player / Free Saturday Pick Four Selections

I started the day with optimism and energy. Right now, I feel like I have gone 12 rounds with the champ. I stayed up late and got up early, and the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms took it to the house ! – I made a few bets, and our pick four hit but sustained a loss. But the curious lady who sat next to me asked if she could see something with the horses names. I showed her my E-Z Wing Forms and she liked them. “Are the best horses in order of selection preference ? ” – Her hubby subscribes to an on-line service that is expensive, and he talks on the phone all day working with others to see how they interpret the data. She gets to sit there, wait patiently, have lunch and people watch. That was until today, as she wanted in the game.

She had a basic knowledge from watching her husband, and liked boxing exactas and betting a horse to win. Her wager was $20 per race, and here is a glimpse of how she did boxing the top three selections and betting the top one to win:

Race #1 – #3 -Bling is my Thing / #1 Tier selection = $22.40 to win.

Race #2 – #9 – Cary Street top selection, and #3 Irish Surf = Exacta paid $27.40

Race #5 – #3 – Chitu / top selection and second selection #11 – Bahamian Squall = Exacta paid $54.60

Race #6 – #5 – Hootenanny the top selection won and paid – $14.00

Race #7 – The top three finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd. = Exacta paid $14.20

Race #8 – #4 – Lady Eli the top selection paid $6.80

Race #9 – #10- Untapable the top selection won and paid $5.20 to win

Race #10 – #7 – Jimmy Bouncer the top selection won and paid $7.00 to win.

Her style of playing cost $200 for the day, and she cashed in for $151.60 – The day was pretty chalky at times, and she had learned the first step of using the data. – She was elated, as now she could get in the game and enjoy the races. She did lose $48.40, but she admitted she’ll start examining the data closer, instead of making five second betting decisions. Even though she lost a few bucks on the day, a new player was created. Give someone a winner and they cash for the race, show them where the winner’s come from and you’ll create a lifelong racing fan. – Her husband lost over $700 on the day…….


The betting syndicate had the pick four 4X, and lost money today. Speed looked good, and chalk was on the menu. Our bankroll stands at $1,132, and we’re ready to take our dose of ” Bet-it-all” and shoot for the moon. No matter the outcome, this should be a great day.

Race #9 / The B.C. Turf = #11 – Chiquita, #7 – Flintshire, #12 – Main Sequence, #9 – Hardest Core, #1 – Telescope

Race #10 -The B.C. Sprint = #11 – Baaken, – #4 – Secret Circle, – #7 – Mico Margarita, #5 – Private Zone,  and #2 – Indianapolis.

Race #11- The B.C. Mile = #5 – Toronado, #12 – Seek Again, #14 – Karakontie, #7 – Kaigun, #2 – Obviously

Race #12 – The B.C. Classic = #7 – Bayern, #12 – Candy Boy, #8 – Zivo, #13- California Chrome, #11 – Tonalist, #4 -Moreno, #5 – V.E. Day, and #2 – Cigar Street.

Ticket cost = 5 X 5 X5 X 8 = $1,000 for a $1 ticket and $500 for a 50 cent version. We’ll use the 50-cent version twice and $66 to win on #5 – V.E. Day, and #2 – Cigar Street for a total of $1,132.00

There is a 100% chance of rain overnight and a 60% chance of afternoon showers. Now more than ever you’ll need the E- Z Win Forms. – Speed was solid today, and tomorrow can change on a dime. Having the change of weather tab can allow you to stay one-step ahead of Mother Nature. Just click the change of track conditions tab, and you’ll receive a new set of E-Z Win Forms tailored to fit your needs. The big day demands we come prepared, and there is no better weapon than Winning Ponies.