Tuesday at the Races

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 19, 2015 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, WinningPonies.com | No Comments >>

I was sitting around the house and had an itch to play a few races. We had dinner reservations and I wasn’t going to be able to hang around all night. That was probably a good thing, so I dialed up Winning Ponies and downloaded the E-Z Win Forms for Indiana Grand. – I follow the races there, and had a crisp $100 burning in my ADW account. After downloading the data, I decided I was going to do a two-three bet place parlay, or until I was summoned to get in the car.

Indiana is a good bet on a Tuesday night, and sometimes you’ll catch some of the “big name” trainers and riders stopping by for purses that are swelled from the racino end of the business.  Anytime you can bet some solid action on a Tuesday, it makes waiting until the weekend that much shorter.

Race #1 – Claiming $5,000

#3 – Tax Breaker (6-1) = The runner was the top tier selection choice and showed the dropping in class icon and owned the best Composite Rating in the field. Since the number represents the last three races, I had good confidence this would be a good first play. The change of riders to Francisco Torres (20%) sealed the deal and away to the computer I went.  = $100 to place, and he ran second and paid $3.60. – The place parlay survived round #1, and now the bankroll is holding at $180.

Race #5 – Claiming $10,000 N2L

#12 – Reid Collins = Another top tier runner, and he owned the best Last Race Rating and Composite Rating in the field. He sported the “layoff of 180 and moving up in class icons.” Switching to Malcolm Franklin caught my eye and it was getting close to post time and she was starting to give me the cue it was time to go. = $180 to place on #12, and he won and paid $4.20 to place. – My new bankroll that started at $100 was now at $378. – Not bad for killing some time and enjoying a few races. The E-Z Win Forms carried me through and turned what would have been guess work into a targeted attack.

Off we went to dinner, and she asked if I did any good? – ” Well, I won a few bucks, and I’ll pick it up again tomorrow.” – ” Good, you can pay the check.” – I guess even the E-Z Win Forms don’t have an answer for a guy who talks too much ! – Best of luck, and I’ll be shooting out a few free selections later in the week for Saturday. So be sure to check back in, and whatever you do don’t tell anyone you had a good day before heading out to dinner !