What’s On My Mind ?

I’m sick and tired of reading ‘telephone tough-guys” who smack the sport. I wish I could put a bow on top and make it look pretty, but that’s just not the case. There have been a few things on my mind, and I think some folks may agree. If not, I’m sure they’ll disagree and bring a fresh perspective. – Every so often you have to purge the old ways that stagnate, and allow a new fresh approach to sweeten the air. Without further ado, here are some things on the mind of this handicapper.

Betfair / Exchange wagering = This is the greatest thing since they mixed Jack and Coke. As a player, I can’t wait until this extends well beyond the boundaries of New Jersey and punters will enjoy this new toy. – I love the idea of “laying” a wager or locking in my odds. Sounds too good to be true, but I think it will take way too long to trickle down to the rank and file players. – We can’t get them to come out and enjoy $1 beer, free bands, and cheap wagers. How in God’s name will they lock into odds, or begin to understand the “in-race wagering ?” – They won’t. – I applaud the idea and I think a small percentage of players are going to do even better, but what is the plan to extend to the masses ? – I sure can’t wait, but after the first few days I have heard nothing but problems. But that is to be expected when rolling out any new product. I love the way TVG has embraced this and explains every nuance of the process. – Maybe a tutorial video on the main site ? – How about players having the ability to email or text the talking heads about how to use this new gem ? – All thoughts are good and the plan is the future of wagering at a lower takeout. – I can’t wait, but I’ll watch for awhile.

Track cancellations = From time to time tracks have to cancel. Mainly it’s for track conditions, but sometimes it is for the rare electrical problem or tote issue. There have been two tracks that have cancelled for a few days, and it is completely for the safety of the horses and riders. – The track doesn’t make money when they’re not running, and who can argue with the decision to take every precaution to protect the participants ? – I’ve been reading a few articles and I would like to file the responses under “what were you thinking.” – There are the caring folks who understand things happen, and even though they find themselves inconvenienced. They understand the game and the occasional setbacks. – Then you get the original telephone tough-guys who attack; the hot dog vendors, the casino / racino operators, the poor conditions of the brand new facilities, and my personal favorite the track announcer’s ability. – Now, what does any of this have to do with the track needing added work ? – Nothing. – Some folks have an agenda and want to slam anyone to make themselves a celebrity behind the curtain. – I’m a big boy and most of the crap is just tossed, but I’ve read some folks making royal asses of themselves. Ease up and talk about the issues at hand. The game of racing could use all of the support possible, and when opinions are welcomed, some see this as a forum to bitch about personal agendas. Sad but true, and if you look over the sites that report about cancellations, some smart asses see this as a soapbox to bitch about something completely off topic in an anonymous shield to protect them. – Follow along, read the entire article, and chime in when you have something to say. In these days and times, you never know. It might even be a “longshot,” but it could be the guy or gal in the next cubicle talking bad about the industry they work. – Get on board racing fans, leave the hot dog vendor alone as they can’t control the track conditions. As Mom used to say, if you have nothing to say, say nothing at all. – Safety is paramount in every sport, and I really doubt the slot machines or announcers have made the track have slick spots due to rain.


The $12 Million Dollar Pegasus Cup = You have to admit, Frank Stronach makes things happen. – If this race can be put together, this  may attract world attention. I for one would love to see it, but before I buy all of the stock I can, I want to find out more about the idea. According to the Paulick Report; Here are some additional details on the conditions of the race, according to Jack Wolf, the Starlight Racing founder who has been retained by Frank Stronach to be CEO of the Pegasus World Cup:

–The race is nine furlongs on dirt (Wolf said the distance was chosen as a way of getting both mile and a quarter horses and milers who may stretch out an extra furlong)

–In addition to the $7-million first prize, second place pays $1.75 million, with $1 million to third and $250,000 each to fourth through 12th place.

–4-year-olds and up carry 124 pounds

–fillies and mares allowed 3 pound weight allowance

–3-year-olds allowed 3 pound weight allowance

–Southern Hemisphere 3-year-olds allowed 3 pound allowance

–horses competing without race-day furosemide (Lasix) allowed 5 pounds

The date is a quiet one on the sports calendar (it’s the weekend before the Super Bowl in Houston) and placed midway between the Breeders’ Cup Nov. 4-5 and Dubai World Cup in late March.

It’s also early enough in the year that a horse committed to enter stud that breeding season could make the Pegasus World Cup his final career start.

Wolf said he is hoping to land a network television deal. In addition to the prize money, participants would share in 100 percent of the net income from pari-mutuel handle, media rights and sponsorship.


I would love to see this come together, and as always it seems like all plans have been made to accommodate as many runners as possible. – It sure would be nice to have the world’s richest horse race in the United States, and who knows this may be the start of a big beautiful day.