Three Ways to Be a Better Gambler

Wouldn’t we all like to know the “secret sauce” of finding winners ? – The answer is pretty simple, and it would surprise you just how easy it is. For years I’ve been a believer in positive vibes and enhanced focus. You won’t find me sniffing incense or chanting, but you will find me looking for ways to evolve and elevate my game. Players who are satisfied with their current habits may win in the short game, but in gambling it’s all about the long haul.


Being a gambler is more than just plunking down money and hoping you get to have it back. The negative outlook is bad juju for punters, and your thoughts are what guide you. Maybe it’s time to take your game to the highest level. Not a place where you are drinking champagne and smoking big cigars waving your arms in the air. – This is about finding what ails you and fix it. It’s your money and it’s your time. The waste of both is a gambler’s sin, and your path to the higher level of you depends on how much you’re willing to sacrifice to find your best. You have good data, a solid bankroll and a love for the sport. But it’s time to fine tune your mind and get you into the place where winner’s live.


1.) – No more lying to yourself. – Don’t justify the bad with a plethora of excuses. Be honest, and keep notes on your gambling habits. Getting to know yourself is an important element in gambling. I have many friends who are good handicappers but bad gamblers. They have a winner or two and grab a beer. They start talking about the big score and presto ! – They have embarked on the journey of self deception. – Did you ever notice the professional athletes you admire never talk about themselves and give up their success to a higher power ? They have transcended the “me” and have evolved into an introspective thinker. – This leads to handicappers keeping a quiet place in their mind and not deviating from the plan. No matter how bad their run of luck, they continue to break down what is working and what they are doing wrong. – The many big time players I have ever encountered keep winning and losing to themselves. This minimizes the distractions.


2.) – On your way to the track, or when you fire up your computer. – Start off earlier than needed and find some time to meditate or think quietly. – Be grateful for the opportunity and start off with a positive outlook. You will not win the big score until you visualize yourself doing the work, making the plans, and executing the process. It’s not a difficult path, and one where you can easily start today. Be grateful for the opportunity, find time to focus, and stick to your plans and no second guessing. – I had a sweet (7-1) shot yesterday with a good rider at a small track. I really liked the horse and was going to make a $5 win bet to get the night rolling. When the final decision time came, I started looking at a (2-1) shot who looked good but had a small percentage rider aboard. I figured I could catch that (2-1) and build from there. The last twenty minutes handicapping for value was all for not as the (7-1) shot drew off in mid-stretch and my (2-1) couldn’t be found with a search warrant.


3.) – What’s your goal ? – Playing until you win more is a short term goal, and it usually goes south by the 4th race. – You should stick to betting no more than 5% of your bankroll on any wager. This allows you to have action and protect yourself for the later rounds. When players make an all-in run it will score from time-to-time, but the long term winners are ones who stick to their money management plans. As you win, that 5% will grow as your bankroll is swelling. – I have a rule about doubling my bankroll. If it is $20 or $2,000, anytime I double my bankroll it is time to wind up the day. What more could you ask for ? – A 100% return on your money is a good day, and you can watch a few races and make a few very small wagers to have a little fun action. You have to decide on a small amount to play and try and sharpen your skills. – Your real handicapping is done, and a $2 win wager on a runner is a good way to enjoy the game and possibly add a few bucks to your bankroll. – Allow yourself to win and don’t cut yourself short. You’re better than you think, and if you employ a little restraint there’s no telling how good your game will be.