Good Days, Bad Days, and Everything in Between

by Ed Meyer

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We’ve all had them and if you’ve ever made a wager on an horse race I’m sure you have a phone book full of stories of the bad beats, big wins, and the “if-only” wagers. – The last one fits under the heading of bets I would have won if only I would made the bet. For years we have all yacked on and on about these days and when the video world caught us up with proof of the past the memories come flooding back. – Sit back, grab a cool drink and take a peek at a few races that are on my list of “I surely won’t forget that one.”



Storming Home


The year was 2003, and I went to the Arlington Million. – I had never been, and heard great things about the track. – The stories are all true, and I fell in love with the place from minute one. – I made the trek and went up the night before. I checked-in and caught the last three races at AP. I was up $300 before studying for the next day ! I stopped over to the OTB parlor and had some dinner. – Great food, and the place was packed. – I was betting Mountaineer and I have to say I normally don’t play the signal. After three races I was up $500 ! – This was incredible and I couldn’t wait until the big day of turf racing. I was rolling, and I wasn’t going to make any wagers except the Arlington card. – Then as I walking in I looked up and saw the Saratoga signal, and there was a horse I had been waiting for since the Belmont meet. – I made one good bet, and PRESTO ! – I was up $1,400 ! – This day was going to be one for the ages. – I had enjoyed winners all day long and had multi-race wagers, big win and place money, and every exacta and tri covered with my (9-2) shot. He had my favorite rider aboard, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. – The race set up in the best way possible and I stood to make the biggest score of my life. – When I looked up the race on You Tube, there is a version set to music right at the wire.





I was never going back to Arlington after the horrible loss that cost me a hunk of winnings and I almost lost my favorite rider. That is until the next year. – I started off the same way but the winnings weren’t as large. A great day brewing and I loved a runner by the name of Powerscourt ridden by a young lad by the name of Jamie Spencer. – I had all of my winnings going on the race, and it looked a great deal like the year prior. – He was (5-1) and I couldn’t get enough bets down. When they turned for home, I started counting my money.