Who Do You Like Today ?

by Ed Meyer

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The car was parked and the trek to the doors began. Sometimes we would jog in and Dad would catch the first race. Along the walkway were Daily Racing Form booths, tip sheets, and the occasional fan trying to sell general admission passes to make money for the double. The doors would swing open and the sounds would grab your attention. It had the feel of the stock exchange floor, and the swirl of humanity was a vortex of action. My brother and I would slip under the admission chain as we were under the age of being charged as Dad would meet us after he greased through the turnstiles. It was post time, and the boys were at the track.

Over the years I have observed every kind of tout, tipster, and sheet to be sold. – ” Sullivan here, Sullivan. – Had the Daily-Double yesterday and three winners. Sullivan here.” – If I live to be 100, I’ll never forget the older gent who stood on a platform stand barking the power of the Sullivan tip sheet. – There was the Kentucky Handicapper, The Green Sheet with the ultra popular “Finger” selections and the smaller sheets that came and went. – Horse players craved the info and there was no such thing as a computer, cell phone, and even the fax machine was a decade away.

The Racing Times made a bold bid to find it’s foothold and with Andy Beyer as publisher and it had more than a puncher’s chance. After a brief stint, it closed down the presses as the Daily Racing Form held sway since 1894. – Players have always craved information. Any edge could be the difference in a winning day or walking to the car early. Handicappers are cagey sorts at best and they are creatures of habit. – For as long as racing has taken place there are the hushed whispers that can be heard on the backstretch or near the betting windows. Everyone has an angle, and if they gave you the winning magic, you can bet your last dollar they’d be right back after the race hoping for a couple bucks. As a young player I fell victim to my own stupidity and can even remember the first steamer that came from the horse’s mouth to my Dad and I. – ” His name is Cornwall Bob, and he doesn’t win I’ll give your money back.” He’s still running somewhere back in the days gone by at old River Downs.

Over the years I’ve watched sheets come and go and others rise to prominence. I guess it all depends on what you’re looking for. Most sheets are printed 48 hours in advance and tell you who to bet. They don’t take account of weather or changing track conditions, and they’re still out there today. Horse players have always sought the edge over the public, and there is nothing flawed with that plan. But it just depends on where you look and what your looking for.

I met the folks at Winning Ponies in 2008. – I was immediately taken with how they made the their product attractive to new and seasoned players alike. That in itself is a pretty tough task. Winning Ponies doesn’t tell you bet the #2 or you’ll have a losing day. They break down the races with color coded easy-to-read tier levels. They show you how the race will take shape and which runners hold an advantage. Very straight forward comments in the handy icons catch your eye and the complete past performance have all the info a player could want. – If you’re a player who enjoys stats. You can toggle over the jockey or trainer and you’ll have every stat about the runner and the connections. – Who is doing well this meet, how does the rider and trainer team up, and every angle under the sun. – For a racing fan who wants to glance over data to see how the race takes shape and dig deeper from there. You may have just stumbled onto a great handicapping tool for you.

It’s been since 2008 and I’ve enjoyed every moment being a part of the Winning Ponies team. Over the years I’ve met players who show me their secret weapon, and more than you’d believe it was the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms. – The late-great Damon Runyon doesn’t have to be completely right with “All horse players must die broke.” – With information like Winning Ponies at your disposal I can see many winning days in your future. Less than two months into the year they have scored with $1,291,218 in exotic winning payoffs. If you haven’t given them a try there is no better time than now. – Winning Ponies offers an Internet radio Show bringing you the biggest and best names in racing, stories, free selections, blogs, free handicapping contests, and offers that are sure to fit your needs. – So what are ya’ waiting for ? It’s almost post time !