Bankroll Builders

The preps are in the books and the trail points to Louisville. You’ll want to keep up-to-speed on how the last workouts are going, and who may encounter a last minute problem. It happens every year as someone defects; is under-the-weather, or an injury is discovered. This year has many handicappers scratching their heads, and not many have a single runner to play. This may be the year where we get a little something extra if we’re lucky enough to cash. – Here are some ideas to keep in mind when you dig in and handicap.


Gang up on them

We hear about syndicates where people pool their money and take a shot. I’m a big believer in the group effort, and this year looks like a good idea to spread out a bit. Before you put your money in the hat, be sure to designate a team of at least two, no more than three handicappers to design the wager for the group. Now, before you get your self in a tussle. It makes good sense as it’s impossible to please everyone with the wager. – Designate the handicappers, pool the money, and jump on the wagon for the group win. – If it were up to me, I would want two members of the group making the wager. Let them do the work and don’t try to sway anyone. – You can always make a few smaller bets on your own and the big ticket wager has a bigger reach to nail down some big numbers.


In the Money

Toss any runners who did not finish in the top three in a Grade 1 or 2 event. This has always helped me downsize some runners and if you have to have them in they always make a nice boxcar price to finish your trifecta or super.


Three Weeks

Pay close attention to runners who made their last prep 21 days prior to the Derby. This has happened 16 times since 1929. – It may be impossible to find that perfect 21 day space, and use your best intuition with the number of days. Trainers always have a plan for the Derby trail and they want their runners peeking for the big day.


Unlucky Posts

Many trainers cry themselves to sleep if they draw the rail. Tell that to Ferdinand with the late Bill Shoemaker as they came right up the fence. The rail is tough as runners have to break and get into position as the track veers a bit inward and then takes a dog leg right. – Once upon a time many would worry about the auxiliary gate posts. They have won 5 of the last 9 editions. – Number 17 is the tough luck post as it has never produced a Kentucky Derby winner. – Records are meant to be broken and bad luck streaks don’t last forever.


Exacta Time

If you don’t like the bet think again. The average payoff is $822.26, the highest was $9,814.80 in 2005, and the low was $31.00 in 1997. –¬†You better believe I’ll have an exacta brewing for this day !


California Dreaming

The left coast runners have a strong presence in the Kentucky Derby. They account for 4 of the last 5 runnings and look to have a couple tough guys this year.


Betting the Derby is one of the toughest events of the year. There are no connections not giving their “A” effort. The prestige of winning makes all of the money, early mornings and worries worth the trouble for all involved. – I would start my homework by following last works, shipping to Churchill , and any unplanned illness that may crop up. There are so many that have the credentials, and this may be the toughest I have seen in years. – You are in the right place and should look no farther. Winning Ponies always comes with the heat day-in-day-out. On the marquee days the E-Z Win Forms rise to the occasion. Winning Ponies is tried and true and the numbers speak for themselves. You need the proper tools with any job and having your E-Z Win Forms in hand gives you a distinct edge. They have $2,805,862 in exotic payouts to date. – At the time of this entry there are 15 days to the Derby. You have plenty of time and go back and watch replays right here on the Winning Ponies site for both the Oaks and Derby. You can see the point standings and begin the process. You’ll want to spend some time before getting in the ring for the biggest day of wagering. The pools will be swelled and the payoffs can be sweet. – Winning Ponies is your one-stop-shop for all of your Oaks / Derby needs. You’ll have free selections to build your bankroll, blogs about the sport of kings, and the Winning Ponies Internet Radio Show with John Engelhardt. You’ll hear from the biggest names in the sport and be in the know. What more could a handicapper want ? – Start by taking a look at the FREE replays on the site, and put the finishing touches on one of the biggest weekends in racing. – Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies !¬†