Santa, the Easter Bunny and Hot Tips

We listen to the people who hang at the bar and talk about the real hot horse in the feature. The groom betting his weekly check at the windows with a halter hanging over his shoulder as we crane our neck to hear the inside scoop. – If you had to choose one of the above which has the best chance at being real ? – Go ahead, give it your best shot !


There is no way one man can fly around the world with a sled full of toys. We stopped believing right about the time we didn’t get our Red Ryder BB gun as we would have “shot our eye out.” – Santa lives in the North Pole dressed in a full coat; how could he stand the heat of India, Africa and Saudi Arabia ? – And the capper that seals the deal. How many fat men can slide down a chimney ? – The end result there can be no Santa.

Easter Bunny

First off this guy gives me the creeps ! – How many bunnies are 9 feet tall and hop around the world delivering our favorite candy without a large bag ? Did you ever see a picture of him with one over his shoulder ? Me neither. – There can be no such animal.

Hot Tips

If you had a secret that could make you a great deal of money would you share it with many others to drop the price you stand to gain ? – No way ! – Why would others hanging at the bar putting in long hours tell you for the low-low price of free ? How many people in your life have shared a lifetime of hard work give you a hot tip just for the asking ? – The answer is none. It only makes sense.

But there is an answer that will give you an edge. It’s not a secret, and available for all to use. – You’re right here and don’t need to go any further. Winning Ponies does this for a living and the rewards are strong. We are in the business of helping you break down the race and use the Winning Ponies data to make your day a winner. – There is no such thing as a hot tip and I have worked at five different tracks. How many people have you known think they have no chance and are out to lose ? You can’t pay the bills with running poorly and you won’t be in the game for long. We have eliminated Santa, the Easter Bunny and now Hot Tips. – They aren’t real and can’t be trusted. – But one thing you can trust is Winning Ponies:

  • Easy to use color coded tiers that show how the race will take shape
  • The E-Z Win Forms can be used by seasoned gamblers and new players at first glance
  • Handy Icons that draw your attention to details that sometimes elude our handicapping
  • Full past performaces with rider / trainer details and winning percentage numbers
  • Tier levels that show how the runners match up with the rest of the field
  • All info is in real time and you’ll get results, scratches, changes in track conditions as they happen
  • The change of weather tab allows you to adapt to the weather to get a brand new set of E-Z Win Forms for FREE if the track comes up muddy, sloppy, or off the turf for NO additional cost !
  • You are only charged for what you use versus many others who charge one price no matter how many races used
  • There are stories, blogs, free selections, the Winning Ponies Internet Show bringing you the best names in racing to keep you up to speed with what is happening
  • Free handicapping contests, free race replays, and results posted as soon as the race is official to see how the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms are doing on the day


You might as well bet with the most reliable system for horse racing. – Winning Ponies wants to prepare you for your day at the races. With over $3,751,025 in exotic payouts to date, why would you look anywhere else ? – Winning at the races takes preparation, and let Winning Ponies do the homework while you decide how you’ll use the data. – Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies !