Did You See That ??

by Ed Meyer

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Your horse is waiting for a spot along the rail and the pack is ready to make the turn for home. – As the leaders switch leads and horses begin to make their move, your runner dives to the rail and shoots through an opening. – That is until you see your rider take a stronghold and stand up in the irons tapping on the breaks. – He gets his momentum back and finishes 4th in an eventful race. So what’s a player to do? – Easy. Come back with both fists filled with cash next time out.

Watching race replays can be worth its weight in gold. – Sometimes you’ll catch a little glimpse like this and come back ready and waiting. – If you read the comment line in the DRF or program and it shows nothing special. It could have been missed or the chart caller may not have seen the race as you did. – Making notes and keeping a tab on the runner coming back is important. There are plenty of free stable watch sites and they’ll email you anytime they work, enter and run.

Many players just toss their tickets on the ground and move on. – A short memory can be a blessing in gambling. That is the case most of the time except when you see your pony get a troubled trip. – It wasn’t the fault of the rider, because if they didn’t tap on the breaks they would have run up on heels causing a spill. – You had a bad trip today but it holds the promise of a better payday next out.


Keeping tabs on troubled trips can pay off in the long run. – You may have witnessed a little glimpse into your betting future. – Becoming a student of the game can make you a better handicapper.

I was charting horses for quite a while. My notes were solid and they were really sharp. You need to keep your eyes tuned to what is really going on instead of what you were hoping for. – Notes were taken and bankroll waiting. – I went up to the Arlington Million with the promise to myself only to play the races in Chicago as there were some super turf races. – As I walked in I glanced up at Saratoga on the big wall of screens. – It was raining and I just took a glance as the horses were coming onto the track. As the post parade was jogging past there was a runner I had been waiting for since the first week at Belmont. He had a troubled trip over a sealed sloppy track and here he was at (6-1). – I kept walking and wanted to stick to my guns. – That was all good and well until I walked past the betting windows. – I made a large win and place wager and he drew off to win by 7 at a sweet (8-1). – I broke my rules but made my weekend. – I made my notes and waited so why not make the wager? – I’m glad I did, and dinner was on the house for a couple days. – Oh, what a weekend!