A Winner In Hand…

Too many times we take for granted the winner at hand. – You know, when you start talking jib-jab about him only paying $6 and you should have looked for the 20-1 shot. – Well, he didn’t win and your horse did. – What more do you want?

I have a good buddy you’ll hear each and every Thursday on the Winning Ponies Internet Show. ” If you found $6 on the floor wouldn’t you bend down and pick it up?” – You bet! – He has been saying this for years and it is about the players who won’t take that for-sure runner that looks like gold. He and I teamed up for six of his 33 years of doing TV handicapping. – Players would walk past the set and say those wonderful words. ” Well, he only paid $6.” – Who cares. I’ll take it.

Normal players will take the easy winner versus the longshot loser. – If you can make a profit and move onto the next race that is sweet money! – Taking a short price when you’ve come up with no other feelings in the race is no crime. – The silly thing is to try and beat them. Take what you can get.

Now, I’m not saying bet the chalk every race but sometimes there is no other move. – Not paying attention can beat you every time. – There was a big-time handicapping contest and my buddy was doing well. – The rule of thumb is to stay away from the chalk especially when you have a nice lead like he did. – But in this short field race at Golden Gate, he played a 2-1 shot and told me his bet. – ” What are you doing? Everyone has the 20-1 or at least the 7-1.” – When his horse drew off by daylight and paid $6.20 I never really gave it any thought. – When he won by $5.20, that 2-1 shot won him the contest ( along with some nice price runners). He told me he couldn’t see any other move and why just toss the possible winner? – He was right.

As players, we need to learn to take a small price runner that looks like a lock and go after the trifecta or make the pick-four into a pick-three. – I know some bettors who would rather toss them and shoot for the moon even when they have that glaring sparkle of a winner. – The next time you are about to skip the logical winner just due to price. Re-think the move. – Your friends may call you a “chalk-eating-weasel” as they litter the floor with 30-1 tickets. That’s okay. You can just turn the page and move on to the next a race a few dollars to the good. – Take what you can get and be thankful. – The game is long and anytime your bankroll can use a little bump. Go ahead and pull the trigger. – Best of luck from Winning Ponies!