The Happy Horseplayer

As the countdown to Breeders’ Cup is only weeks away, the H.H. is thinking about the long run to the starting gate. – It seems like only yesterday we were watching races at Churchill Downs for the first glimpse of the year. Then we focused on Gulfstream, Fair Grounds, Oaklawn, Santa Anita, and onward. That’s the circle of racing. Just as we see it come to an end, it starts all over again. – Nothing better!


Keeneland / Belmont / Santa Anita / Longchamp

There were some incredible races this past weekend. – Think of it as the last glance of real runners with a Breeders’ Cup dream. – Be sure and go back and catch the races from these three tracks and pay close attention. Trainers like to target particular times of year to peak and move on to the BC. Now, that’s not to say the early bird “Win and You’re In” prize winners should be overlooked. But if you look at this past weekend’s races, they have played a big springboard into Breeders’ Cup winners.

A good watch of the races with some notes may go a long way for the big weekend. – It gives some of the biggest names in racing a perfect timeline to run, ship, and get ready for the next step. – Just go back and take a gander at the historical preps that have produced some of our biggest winners. – It pays to take a look at all of the winners and what preps they have won, but this weekend holds a great deal of water.


Gabbing about gambling

I was yacking with an old friend last night. – He just qualified for Las Vegas for the big contest early next year and this isn’t his first. – I always enjoy our talks as he loves to dive into the answers behind the curtain. We spoke about the importance of jockey agents; have I run across many professional gamblers, and a bevy of other topics. – Just two guys talking about the sport they love.

I told him the best advice I received was from a lifelong gambler from New York. He was in town to visit an old friend and it was my pleasure getting to meet one of the biggest and smartest players. – My job was to take care of big players and keep them coming. – As I went back and grabbed him a DRF for today and tomorrow, he could not have been any happier. ” You always know what the players need, Ed. Most people in your job just walk and guess. You give us what we need and venture off. You know how to be there but allow gamblers to do their thing.” 

I shook his hand and asked him a question. – “If you could tell me two things to make me a better handicapper, what would they be?” – He had plenty of time before the first race and was glad to answer a young man wanting to take his game to the next level. – “First, limit your exposure. That means limit the number of times you go to the windows. When you go, make it count rather than betting every race. – Two, if you’re going to go to the track three days in the week, take the entire bankroll and choose the one day that best fits your gambling desires.”

My buddy just said, wow! – It was right there and I’ve never even thought about it. – Bet fewer races but the ones I play go stronger. – Instead of going every day trying to make a retirement bankroll, limit the times I go to the batter’s box and play stronger. – For a friend who is a handicapping machine, I was happy to pass along some old fashioned wisdom from a friend from my past. –  We both continued our chat and said he was going to run a computer test on some data from the weekend. He wanted to see what he missed. – When they give him his gold watch and party he’s gonna’ be one dangerous ‘capper.


Well, that’s another month heading towards Breeders’ Cup. – Be sure to check back for free selections and Breeders’ Cup doings. – Until then, best of luck from your friend The Happy Horseplayer!