Live Sporting Action to be Enjoyed!

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 2, 2020 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, News, | Comments Off on Live Sporting Action to be Enjoyed!

It’s that time of year when the “Boys of Summer” take the diamonds. We start talking about our favorite football teams gearing up for fall-time fun. Even high school sports are on the shortlist of games not being played. So, what’s a sports fan to do? How do we get our fix of action, excitement, and thrills galore? – I’ve got an idea. Let’s go to the races!

Once upon a time, it was baseball, horse racing, and boxing. These were the “big three” that were attended in mass and followed religiously on radio and TV. – Baseball is being canceled left and right due to COVID, and boxing matches are being shown in replays. So, what’s a fan to do? – I’ve got it! Let’s go to the races!

When you arrive at the races you’ll see hotwalkers coming up the track all decked out in masks. The paddock personnel is all protected by facial gear, and when the riders come out they all must have a mask when leaving the jocks room. When they’re in the room, they and everyone associated have total mask protection. Hand washing is at a premium, and the room is full of dedicated staff to disinfect and clean as people work. So far, so good.

Racing is alive and well. We began as a precaution to race without fans, and only after careful consideration have the states allowed fans to return. – Now, there are some states where fans can’t attend due to COVID numbers, but they’re getting there. – The only game in town where total precautions have become the norm is alive and well. If you doubt the sport, just grab your program and head out to the races. You’ll see dedicated men and women putting on the show for one of the greatest sports around.

Fans are back, and we’ve taken every precaution to keep the sport safe. When you hear the Kentucky Derby getting ramped up to have fans on-track, you should reconsider coming out to see the live racing action. Your grandpa did long ago, and the game continues today.

You’re greeted at the door offering you a mask if you left yours at home. There is a bevy of announcements reminding guests to wear masks and properly social distance. – We want you to enjoy the sport, and keep everyone around you safe. That’s horse racing at it’s best.

When racing was considered one of the “big three” of sporting action still holds true today.  But, now it’s one of the only sports being conducted safely. – Riders can’t jump from state-to-state picking up mounts, and this has seemed to slow the spread greatly. In Ohio, you can only ride at one of two tracks to be eligible to climb into the saddle for safety. – If you do decide to come across the nation, you have to complete quarantine and have a negative test to return. – Sounding good yet?

Thoroughbred racing has been around for centuries, and we’ve encountered many obstacles only to come back stronger. States communicate extensively, and if there’s a problem, they pull the plug on the sport until the game can be conducted safely for guests and participants alike.

For the folks who miss a day at the ballpark, we feel your pain. If you were looking forward to football season kicking off we stand optimistically. But, in the meantime. Make a trip back to one of the original “big three” sports from long ago. – You’ll see extensive safety measures, program ads reminding you to be safe, and a bevy of announcements to make your day a winner. – Go ahead, come on out and enjoy a day with the fans (at proper social distancing of course). The horses are ready, the riders are climbing into the saddle, and the only thing missing is you! – We’ll see you at the races for some one-of-a-kind heart-pounding action. What are ya’ waiting for? It’s almost post time.