Three Things to Break a Slump

by Ed Meyer

posted on June 14, 2021 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, | Comments Off on Three Things to Break a Slump

No need for a four-leaf clover or looking for a pretty stone. You don’t have to turn three times and hop on one leg. – We sometimes think it needs a magic trick. You know; When you couldn’t cash a place ticket in a match race? Those days. But not to worry, help is here!

When you find yourself in a downward spiral; just stop. Yes, stop. I know it sounds easy, and it is. Just take a break for a few minutes, and allow yourself to watch what’s around you. You’ll start immediately slowing down just by taking these needed few moments to collect your thoughts. – As in life, if we just take a short break we can reboot ourselves into a better frame of mind.  Sometimes these few moments allow us to back off for a bit and examine how we’re betting. I’ve used this a million times. Sometimes I came back stronger, and other times just took a needed break.

Cut out the distractions. No more talking on the phone with work while trying to make wagers. – Don’t get caught up in someone’s drama of losing while you try to push forward. This is a sure-fire way to lose your bankroll quick. Keep your mind on the task and stick to your knitting. It’s the little things like fiddling with your phone checking Facebook that have you thinking about everything but the task at hand. Eliminate the distractions for a shot at a good day.

Start small. If you usually bet $10 bucks, make it a $5 wager. – 8 out of 10 times you’ll win betting smaller. Don’t think of it as not winning as much, but rather keeping in the game for the next wager. – The only time I kick it up a notch is when I’m winning and using house money. Many times I had good money tied up in bets, but when I made a smaller ticket I did pretty well. We tend to put unneeded pressure on ourselves and by dropping back a bit we can get a clearer view.


I know everyone has an answer or a remedy. – I’ve been playing horses for over 30-years, and these are some of the ideas from my playbook. Most are just common sense, and if you take an introspective moment you’ll find yourself making better decisions on your way to a winning afternoon. – Best of luck, and leave the rabbit’s foot at home…