Three Tips to Make Handicapping Profitable

by Ed Meyer

posted on October 12, 2021 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, | Comments Off on Three Tips to Make Handicapping Profitable

Everyone has a solution or an idea. We all have at one point or another tried to find that “short cut” to success at the windows. But, after reflecting on the process for years. There is no short cut, only putting in the work will help your overall game.


  1. Start keeping notes. Just like in high school there was a rhyme and a reason for taking them down to examine later. – Take notes on how much you bet each race and how you did. How much did you start with as a bankroll?  Troubled trips with horses. Bad starts, trapped in along the rail, jockey didn’t get them out of the gate. Use these as a guide later to build a “horses to watch list” and you have made the first step in being accountable. The process has begun.

2. Limit the number of tracks you play. By keeping it between one and three. You will allow yourself to keep            control of your betting. – Now, once you have found your couple of tracks to play. Eliminate and highlight                the races you’ll want to bet. Don’t like maidens? Toss them out. Love turf races, highlight them to handicap.            We try and take on too much and it overwhelms us and causes our bankroll to be up $20 bucks and down            $40. – Take away the races that aren’t your cup of tea and focus on the races you have an opinion on. This will          allow you to plan ahead and focus your money.

3. Every race does not get the same amount wagered. You will have some races where you make a small bet            that fits your goal, and others where you go a little deeper and reach in the jeans and pull out the greens. – Every race is a potential to build a bankroll or it is time to make a move to make the day a winner.


So, what have we done? – You have started keeping records and building a list of troubled trips. This is a long standing tradition of every great horse player. Trip handicapping. – By limiting your number of tracks to follow you’re going to narrow your focus on how you’re going to spend your bankroll. Money management is key, and you need to be a good handicapper and an excellent money manager to win on the day. – By handling each wagering opportunity as a separate venture, you examine “Is it worth what you’re putting up for your return?” –  These are solid starting points and nobody is an expert at every type of race. By eliminating the number of races with a detailed plan and be aware of what you’re spending in regards to what you could win. You have taken the steps to making your game better. – Just be patient. It is a process and it takes time. In a short spell you’ll start seeing you won’t feel as tired at the end of the day by handicapping a ton of races and you’ll stick to your strong suit.


Best of luck, and let us know how you’re doing. Handicappers need to share what is working and keep your game evolving. See you in the winner’s circle!