Winter Blues

by Ed Meyer

posted on February 3, 2022 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Horse Racing, | Comments Off on Winter Blues

Today most of the country is under sleet, ice, and some heavy snow. Sound fun? Only if you’re a polar bear.

For those of us in racing, days of cancellations are days with no pay. – Nobody likes the cancellations for a day of marquee racing or claiming events. It sucks to call the races anytime.

In the Northern Kentucky region, “Ma Nature” can be a wicked gal. – Turfway Park has a Tapeta surface and the track is always fast. –  But, if the wind chill hits 10 degrees with those 30 mph winds. It can get pretty nasty for human and equine athletes alike. Numb fingers, toes, and faces while the wind tears you apart like a Ginsu knife. Talk about earning your daily pay. Plain and simple, it’s just not safe and better to call the races for safety.

There are many factors horsemen face. A long trek from southern Kentucky, medications four hours prior to the race, and hauling a small crew in the back of a trailer make for a long day at the office. Only to find out once you pull into the track that the races have been canceled. – There are texts, calls, and emails for those on the road and anything to save the connections time and work. – But you sometimes miss folks that have made the long trek for nothing.

Some tracks cancel for conditions of the track. – Take Oaklawn Park; when it is 8 degrees one day and 40 the next. – When snow or ice hits these parts of the country, they are not equipped to handle the conditions. – So, you just try and communicate with trainers and owners and allow them to save precious time shipping with the hope of keeping costs in check.

So, when you’re mad your favorite oval isn’t going to run. Remember, the connections and all involved aren’t making any money either. – It’s safety first, and before you’ll know it you’ll be rooting for your favorite oval soon enough. Just put on your fuzzy pj’s and binge-watch the past few Breeders’ Cup days. You’ll be in top order in no time flat.

May your winners be many and your photos few!