The Big Ticket

by Ed Meyer

posted on March 23, 2022 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, | Comments Off on The Big Ticket

There is nothing like having a shot at the big prize. Usually, a pick 4, 5, or pick-six. -I have been watching pools this winter and sometimes they are definitely worth the shot. But, taking a shot at the big pool comes along with a large ticket cost. – “You can’t win it unless you get in it” as the old saying goes. After further review, maybe there could be another option at keeping your ticket costs in check.

I love the 20-cent base minimum as it allows players to chase the prize pool at a smaller chunk of change. I have seen players who normally wouldn’t touch the bet jump right in and take the plunge.

How about following the ADW idea? – Have a selected group of handicappers who will put together a large ticket and even a few smaller ones. – Now, here comes the fun part. You can elect to take the plunge with various amounts. – You can make it a $10 minimum per entry into the “Big Ticket” and they would receive a piece of the winnings if hit.

You could have your track announcer, on-track handicapper, and a chosen player who plunges the pick-six bet and design a ticket. – Use $2,000 as a base and players could buy in for as many $10 shares as they would like. – Once the pool is covered there will be no more acceptance of wagers for the “Big Ticket.” – This allows bettors to get into the wager at a smaller price and still have a shot at a sweet payoff.

Tracks and OTB’s could make this happen very easily by having the pool tabulated by Tote and for each winning ticket, you would get 1/200th of the pool for each $10 wager. You can wager as much as you want and for players on a smaller budget, you have a shot at the monster payoff for a small piece of your bankroll. – Sound like fun? You bet it is!