A Sonny Day

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 16, 2022 in General Discussion, Horse Racing, WinningPonies.com | Comments Off on A Sonny Day

I walk into the jocks room, clock in, and gab with the valets, clerk of scales, silks man, and riders just coming into the room. The energy of what awaits is quietly in the background as the buzz of getting ready is underway.

I would shake hands, give a big hug, or just say “hello” to the jocks as they head back to ready for the day’s races. In only a few minutes I spoke with the 6th all-time winning rider in history, a rider who has overcome personal demons to not only make it back to ride but do it in fine fashion. Many others who are trying to make their way up the ladder and others who are happy to still be riding horses as they’ve seen their better days. – Then, in walks a smallish fit young man. Sunglasses on, and a big smile on his face. You would assume he is one of the many; but his only distinction was just a couple of weeks prior he shocked the world and won the Kentucky Derby. No, it’s not Belmont, Keeneland, Churchill, Saratoga, or Santa Anita. This is another morning at Belterra Park outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Sonny is the kind of guy you’re only a stranger once. – Big hearty handshake and a hug. That’s Sonny. – July 15, he made his final trips around the Belterra Park oval. Today, he is heading to hang his tack in the Gulfstream jocks room. Good riders weren’t meant to stay in the small pond, it’s natural to spread your wings and ply your trade at the next level. – I think Sonny is ready to start his new journey.

When Sonny would walk slowly into the winner’s circle, I would mention “it’s rainy outside, but Sonny in the winner’s circle.” Hence began what he would refer to having a “Sonny Day.” – Just a little fun and celebrate the winning ride of a great jockey. – The room is pretty competitive, and no rider can be overlooked as a possible winner. That’s what makes the game exciting.

A new day and great opportunity for a Venezuelan native, a devoted family man, and a rider who has his name etched in history forever aboard the 2nd biggest longshot in Derby history to Donerail in 1913 who scored at 91-1. Rich Strike was only 80-1. Not a bad price for a $2 win ticket!

Sonny, on behalf of friends, fans, and fellow riders, we wish you the very best on your new journey and can’t wait until Pete Aiello calls you into the winner’s circle. That my friend will give a new meaning to a “Sonny Day.”

Give a listen to this incredible video from YouTube. – Enjoy!

(1675) Rich Strike SHOCKS the world! Montage edit of 2022 Kentucky Derby – Race and Reaction! – YouTube